How to assign the WASD keys for arrows (the key mapping)?

To increase the rate to make source code, it is useful to use WASD rather arrow keys. It is useful for users of right.


Hello Jiri,

I recommend you to use external applications for the mapping of the keys.

An example:

I'm sure you can find many web-based applications that meet your needs,


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    How to assign the next value in the sequence directly in a variable without using a table TWICE in PL/SQL.

    BluShadow wrote:

    How about a quick test on 11g, just to see if you directly select a sequence in a variable is significantly better than the mark of DOUBLE.


    Nope... no obvious difference.

    This is because there is none: Oracle's SELECT sequence. NEXTVAL FROM DUAL under the covers. The direct assignment is just a convenient encoding for us, but it does not change the work that accomplishes Oracle.

    create sequence s;
    alter system flush shared_pool;
    l_num number;
    l_num := s.nextval;
    select sql_text from v$sql where parsing_schema_name = user;
    Report the number of l_num; begin l_num: = s.nextval; end;
    Select sql_text from v$ sql where parsing_schema_name = user
    Select double S.NEXTVAL
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    How to assign the temporary tablespace to a table

    temporary tablespace can be attributed to the user.

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    A lot of sites that use under the user name email address required. 24 characters is a lot of typing.
    My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium.

    Try the extension of cuts:

  • T440p how to assign the new function to a certain key?

    I have a T440p and I was wondering if anyone knows how to change the function of a key on the keyboard? I want to assign a different function to one of the 'F' keys Thank you!

    Try KeyTweak (re) Mapper tool or the same.

  • How to assign the different VTEP subnet for each grid of a group pool?

    The design guide NSX to use L3 access design, it is recommended to use the same number VLAN per rack, but with the other subnet

    10.66. < id rack >.0

    10.77. < id rack >.0

    10.88 < id rack >.0

    10.99 < id rack >.0

    If the client compute cluster spread on grids, then we will have a different subnet for each rack VTEP, something like (assuming that vlan 77 is for VTEP0

    < rack 1 >,,

    < rack 2 >,,

    During the preparation of the host, GUI invites you to assign VTEP for Pool DHCP/IP, looks like most of the cases we use Pool of IP, then for the compute cluster, how can assign us VTEP IP in a different subnet in a single group?

    Thank you


    You have two options:

    (1) DHCP using support on every TOR address suggest you. This is the recommended approach

    (2) DHCP then changing manually the VMkernel interface IP address on each ESXi host to match the required subnet - this is not recommended because it is not automatic, but is still supported

  • How to assign the button for quick access to text elements.

    Hi gentlemen,
    I can assign the button quick access or alt + tank to no push button giving etiquette like E & xit, then x is under broadside.
    but I want to use the access key to a text element as
    my name < text box for my name >
    I want under the name fast and if I press alt + N, then it should go to point text myname.

    You can use a push button and joint access required for which your key and keep the 1 height and width 0
    as soon as you press the desired key combination it will be press this button
    Then, you need to write on trigger when key pressed for this button to go_item('sss') where the sss is the destination text.

  • How to assign the ID of group for each group in the SQL query.

    Hi all

    I want to assign the ID of group for each group (group ID of series). I tried with the row_number function but did not work for my requiredment. Here is my sample data and my requirement.


    I want to get number of each column with ID group assign to it value. Here is my example output

    Col1 County Group ID
    A 5 1
    A 5 1
    A 5 1
    A 5 1
    A 5 1
    B 1 2
    C 1 3
    D 4 4
    D 4 4
    D 4 4
    D 4 4
    E 3 5
    E 3 5
    E 3 5
    F 1 6
    G 3 7
    G 3 7
    G 3 7

    Select col1, count (1) NTC (col1 partition).

    ROW_NUMBER() over (partition by col1 by col1 order) tbl_test grp_id.

    Please help me solve this problem.







  • How to assign the TAB sequence?


    Can someone tell me how to assign tab...? I mean if I have a few buttons and controls on the front panel are trying to view the login Panel; whenever I press TAB on the keyboard, I want that the selection of buttons & controls should be in order... Can someone tell me how...?

    See the order of Edit\Tabbing, and with the right button on the control of Navigation Advanced\Key

    See you soon!

  • How to assign the value to the application-level element


    I'm learning to APEX.  I use version 4.2.6.

    My question is, I set a text field called 'FINANCIAL_YEAR' in the login page.  I wanted to know how to assign this value to a text element of Application level (on page sent), so that I can get this value through at my request.

    Thank you


    anand_gp wrote:

    Yes, I created a 'text area' under 'HTML' in the 'Home' page  Who accepts the exercise of a table through LOV.  I intend to assign this value to a global variable so that this variable can be read in any of the application to filter the result set from different tables (not yet built the rest of the application).  To do this, I was intending to use "Shared components"-> "Elements of Application".  I'm still not quite sure how it works.

    Start by reading the documentation on elements of application.

    Go to the shared components > Application parts and create your G_FINANCIAL_YEAR item. Value Session State Protection Restricted - can not be set the browser so that the value is not editable by the user, falsification of URLS or scripts.

    On the home page, if there is not already a button to submit the value of the fiscal year, add one in the HTML area, with the Action as a submit Pageclick. Otherwise, you can do without the button and using submit Page in Page Action when the changed value select the parameter in the list so he can undergo.

    Then, in the section of the Page processing, create a calculation:

    Point Type: Application-level element

    Calculate Item: Application: G_FINANCIAL_YEAR

    Point calculation: After submit

    Type of calculation: Value of the element


    Run the application, select a value in the list of the fiscal year and submit the page. Review of current session state in the viewer of session state by clicking on the link of Session in the toolbar developer. Select the Elements of Application in the view list, and then click set. The element of your application and its current value must be visible. You can now reference value throughout your application by using the appropriate syntax.

    You should also consider if a default value (for example the current year) using a calculation Application from the point of calculation on the new Instance and coordinate the application point and part of the homepage using point application as the Source of value or an expression with Source page element, the value always, replacement of value that exists in the session state.

  • How to assign the file to employee in bulk

    Dear Sir

    1 list 1

    2. list 2

    We are facing the problem while assigning the list around more than 100 employees. is there a joint way Roster via dataloader/api. Seconldy, have an option through us can list defined as value by default so that the user create a list of attachment system used with them automatically.

    Thank you.

    Hi keen user,.

    I'm afraid that there is no public API.

    You can have the calendar set for the Organization and all employees under the Org would have planning by default.

    And then you can ignore it for some employees.

    If you have a different calendar for each person, then how would pass values to the API, if there was one.

    The tables that store calendar information-




    You can use the code if necessary - below




















    cac_avlblty_pvt. POPULATE_OBJECT_SCHDL_DETAILS (l_schedule_id, objectSequenceNumber, start_date, end_date, NULL);
















    See you soon,.


  • How to assign the IP address of the virtual machine on VMware Server 2.0.

    Hey guys,.

    I've been busy, actually not really busy, spent my whole day with this problem... I could just find the same solution I am looking for all the documents...

    I have a VMware Server 2.0 installed on CentOS 5.2, and I have 5 dedicated IP address or static with this server...

    Now, I created a VM with CentOS 4.7 for testing purposes, but I don't know how assing one of the IP address for this virtual machine.

    I want to just that my VM to be accessible from external internet connections...

    I have;






    assigned IP address. First of all it is belong to the main server dedicated, I would attribute the 220 IP to my VM, but how? It's worth it to me...

    Any help will be much appreciated...

    Best regards

    Sezer DEGE.

    silencegate wrote:

    This server hosted one of the DC in the United States

    Okay, that means, is not in your server room.

    Your computer has several available ethernet network interfaces: eth0, eth0: 0,

    eth0: 1, eth0:2, eth0:3. Which do you want to bridge vmnet0?

    Your server has only one physical ethernet interface. But there are multiple ip addresses configured on it. If you want to know, how it works and how it is configured, you can read this page.

    You need to reconfigure your network VMware Server 2 to fill the other or several networks. VMware Server documentation is explained on p. 222 and following. In fact, for linux, it is page 229 and includes 'ifconfig' to know what special device (eth0: 0...) what IP address, then run ' vmware - ' is used to assign the new configuration. But please read the documentation for more details.

  • How to assign the sequence attribute


    I want to create the new record in the employee table, but the emp_id column must be fill in sequence.

    There where I should write coding to do this next sequence val when I press the button to create employee.

    That means I want newly created record with following number based on the sequence.

    How to approach the issue?

    Please explain to me the steps to do this.

    Thanks in advance,


    The same logic as specified above, will work for you.
    Initialize the VO based EO & attach the employeeId of the bean attribute, you get depressed your condition.

    Kind regards

  • How to assign the value to the particular text box field

    Hi all

    My requirement is to call the Web service with the participation of the ADF page.

    The steps I did:

    1. I created a data control to the WSDL-based Web service.

    2. simply drag and drop the process, it is automatically created the form with the fields of entry, press the Process button

    3. when I entered the values and then process button, it'il pass web service values corretly.the is called with the values entered correctly.

    4 but when I try to assign the value of some other material that does not work.

    I am assigning value to the value field navigate to the properties of the particular field = "CRΘER."

    When I like what the value is displayed on the screen. But it will not pass the value to the web service.

    I think that the value is only the display on the screen. Stored not at the level of links. Kindly guide me in this.

    Thanks in advance


    Just the previous value placed on the next to put that into the first field level JSpx

    If not put a valueChangeListener and EL Expression to set the value

    Kind regards

  • How to assign the value to the variable of project in the Jython script


    I want to assign a value to the variable of project in the jython script.
    I tried to assign the following, but it is throwing some errors.

    < @.
    int noOfRecords = 10;
    #var1 = noOfRecords;
    @ >

    Can you please help me in this regard.


    Perfect! Good to know that!

    Please, don't forget to close the thread and assign the status to 'correct' or 'comfortable' to each response that helped you!

    Thank you

    Cezar Santos

  • How to get the value of viewattribute and how to assign the text field. URG

    Hi all,
    I created messagestyled text programmatically and I want the value of viewAttribute.
    I don't know how to define the instance of the view and display attribute.

    I tried this way, it is what is called the vo class but after that i dnt know how to set

    Here the code that I used...

    (1) I create the messagestyled text
    OAFormattedTextBean cctextbean = (OAFormattedTextBean) pageContext.getWebBeanFactory () .createWebBean (pageContext, FORMATTED_TEXT_BEAN, OAWebBeanConstants.VARCHAR2_DATATYPE, "CCText");

    OAMessageStyledTextBean ccidbean = (OAMessageStyledTextBean) pageContext.getWebBeanFactory () .createWebBean (pageContext, MESSAGE_STYLED_TEXT_BEAN, OAWebBeanConstants.VARCHAR2_DATATYPE, "CCId");

    (2) and I called the view object
    OAViewObject ccview = (OAViewObject) AM.findViewObject ("CmpnyDetVO1");

    (3) I want to set the view instance and viewattribute using code. This stage i dnt know how to define.

    (4) I want to know, how to get the value of the attribute to display and how to set the value to the messagestyled text field.

    I'm new to OFA. It's Urgent.

    Thanks in advance


    Import oracle.jbo.Row;

    OAViewObject ccview = (OAViewObject) AM.findViewObject ("CmpnyDetVO1");
    Line line (Row) = ccview.first ();
    Test String = (String) row.getAttribute ("");

    then to set the value of the text of messagestyled

    OAMessageStyledTextBean bean = (OAMessageStyledTextBean) webBean.findindexedchildrecursive ("CCId");
    bean.setText (test);

    Thank you

    Published by: Gauravv on August 4, 2009 09:38

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