How to associate the audio file with progress bar

Hi all

I have a case in which I need to associate an audio file with a progress bar. What I want to do is to able to read an audio file that will say "Started process..." "Continuous on" process ends and it is and must be synchronized with the progress bar. Is it possible to do so.

Please let me know

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Ankit G

Are you referring to a LabVIEW horizontal/vertical progress bar that basically an integer U8 constantly wrote in it? Is it in a loop as it fills?

If so, there is a full range that allows you to listen to the signals. As you write the number of your progress at the helm, you can keep control of what the number is (structure of the event or case), and when it hits special values, you play special sounds. Here's a screenshot of this palette.

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    Kind regards

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    6. in the proxy, AddAction service > Message Processing > JavaCallout.

    7 select the resource and method. Click on submit. (Only static methods defined in the file will be displayed)

    8. you can test by logging the response since the Java file.

    I hope this helps.

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    Thank you.

    The association is done automatically: If you have a .lib file with the same name as the file .fp, in the same location as the .fp, CVI will use the .lib file as the program of the .fp file, even if there is also a .c file with the same name.

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    I really want to have to merge all the files that it will take me hours of work for nothing.

    Help please!

    Config: PC, Win10, creative cloud.

    Found a way to do it.

    Import each take different 4 as wav files, merge these four files, export the file merged into a new WAV and then import that wav file to synchronize with the video.

    It's a pain, it takes more time, but it works.

  • How to download the Csv file with column headers

    Hi all

    This is pavan, using Apex version 4.2.3

    I am trying to download the csv file I followed this link , and I'm able to download excel with headers, when I try to download with headers of this error "'ORA-01858: a non-digit character was found here where was waiting for a digital" I searched in google but could not find the right solution, "

    can anyone help on this please.

    Thanks in advance,

    Kind regards


    This article is 6 years old.

    You should study the solutions that are available for APEX 4.2: data loader or the 'Excel2Collection' plugin (which also manages the CSV files).

    Data Loader

    It is a wizard that generates an Assistant for your application.


    You will use the Excel2Collection (in a single process) to convert the BLOB in a Collection

    Then, in a 2nd address), you just do a "INSERT...". SELECT statement.  Add ' where seq_id > 1 "for files with a header.


    PS - Use the "EXECUTE IMMEDIATE" article is not necessary.

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    Please visit the following link Re: how to add audio in Muse (not in background)?

    Kind regards


  • How to replace the audio clip with each other instead of stack

    I'm editing a long track of narration in Audition, and I have to paste a small audio clip on narrative in several places.  I want the pasted clip to replace this part of the narrative, as it would in first.  What he does in hearing is battery clips, so if I choose narration for some reason, all the clips on the top of the narration are now moved behind her.  To get back them, I now spend the narration to an empty track clip, do the same with those who went behind and everything put back in the correct order.

    Is it possible to have the clip pasted to replace what you paste it above as it would in first?

    Thanks in advance for the help!


    With the help of hearing CC 2015.1 build

    No, unfortunately, if you work in multitrack view. An easy insertion function was requested to do exactly what you want but is not yet available.

    The simplest solution is to split the clip to where you want to insert the new plug. You can do this either by using the Razor tool or the shortcut Ctrl-K. Then when you place the new clip on top it will show melted shackled at both ends. If you select one of the parts of the original item, you can click on the edge and drag it to the appropriate end of the new clip (leaving a chained if you wish or not fade).

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    Hi all

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    If someone was able to get an audio file to play when the user clicks on a click box, as I describe it, without connection to another slide and without the help of a button? I don't want to use a button because the real object that is clicked is a box of nail on something else. The highlight box means that there is more information about the highlighted item.

    In addition, I don't want to create a branch to another slide, because they are really short texts of audio presentation bit, and I have three of them. I prefer to have interactivity on a slide, rather that force the user to navigate around.

    If anyone did what I describe and has ideas, I welcome them. At this point, I think a bearing with legend and play on the mouse on an audio file can be the best thing, except if the user moves the mouse out of the hotspot, the sound stops. Maybe it's not bad anyway, but thought I'd check here everything first before resorting to a reversal.

    Thank you very much!

    Hi Rick!

    Thanks a lot for your answer. Hmm... I think in my situation, workaround to reread the previous slide to reset the box click doesn't work. Before arriving at these interactive click boxes, the slide has other text and audio playback. Start the slide would re-read everything until the blade stops, then display the interactive elements. However, I think that something like that might work for a project where the interactive stuff "starts" immediately on the slide. It's simply not how mine is set up at this stage. I think that the legend of attached with audio reversal will probably be my best option right now.

    Thanks again for your response!

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    I started to learn working with SEDD. I have an existing ESD, now I'm suppose to use it to create documents. I created a new book and imported this ESD file to it. I can see all the items in the catalog of the element. But when I start to add items to the book and add a new document, the elements are turning to red. Referring to the User Guide, it is said EDD cannot be used directly and must be used with structured patterns. But I do not have these models structured with me. Can someone please tell me how to create these structured templates and how to use the ESD file with these models, and out of this problem.

    Thanks in advance.

    Although ESD exist in the form of a separate document, the only way that it can be used is when it is part of the model. As a model of structured FrameMaker, a structured model contains master pages, pages reference, character formats, paragraph formats, etc. IN ADDITION, a structured model contains a DSP. To add the EDD to your template file, or any document FrameMaker who will use it, open the template file and the file of ESD. Click anywhere in the template file, and then select file > import > element definitions. In the dialog box, select the EDD file as source and click Import. Then save the template file.

    To use the template file, open it and save it as a FrameMaker document, giving it the name you want. You can now create your structure.

    If you use a book, all documents in the book must use the same ESD. Open the template file. In the book file, select all the documents in the book. Then select file > import > element definitions. In the dialog box, select the template file and click Import. Once completed, all documents in the book have the same ESD. In addition, ESD is copied into the file of the book itself.

    You say:

    But when I start to add items to the book and add a new document, the elements are turning to red.

    It is is not clear to me what you do. While it is true that SOME elements of a book are in the book file, you cannot add a book of items in the folder (at least not as far as I know). In general, the book file, it encapsulates elements around the documents root elements in the book. You may need to update the book to get a part of the Red disappear lines. You may need to rearrange items in the structure of the book to remove the red lines.

    Hope this helps,


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    I have several PowerPoint presentations and need to do a MP4 video file for each of them. I know how to export the slides in still images, and I also have the audio files into individual mp3 files that correspond to each slide.

    I'm trying to understand the best way to get the slides and audio files synchronized in Premiere Elements.

    Yesterday, I imported all the images png and files mp3 audio in my project. But I had to individually add each image, followed by mp3, and then in the timeline manually stretch the image to make it last as long as the audio file. It was rather tedious and I have a lot of presentations with many slides to work with. I'm sure there must be a better way to make all this happen, no?

    Can someone help me out here?

    1. is there a way to make the clip of the image corresponds to the time of the audio clip?

    2. is it possible to import all the audio files and image (both given that they have the same names) and have PE automatically associate the image with the audio clip?

    Thank you, Derek

    1. you can place audio in Audio track 1 of the first timeline (timeline, no scene)

    2. then remove the image to where the audio file begins. Pressing the «»

    3. slide the end of the clip exactly where the audio ends. Whe you are near the end of audio with drag that he should just stick to it.

    4. the Group of the audio file and image together (right click and select a group after selecting the two together)

    5. Select the clip and make a right click and use the fade-in and out option. You can fade in the video and let the audio simply continue. This makes it look and sound good.

    6. place the audio file next and dedicated to do the same until all of them are made. Stage grouping is not necessary, but if you keep working with PRE, you could thank me just for her!

    I tried these steps as I was typing this post, I can't tell you for sure that PrE10 works as if it was designed JUST for this use case. So hoping you get to finish the project on time and with good quality!

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