How to call the function cascade BlackBerry

I begineer in blackberry c ++.

I do two class is testobject and second in test .i call the onther text function average () and nexttext();

so please how to call this function.

// Default empty project template
#include "TestObect.hpp"


using namespace bb::cascades;

TestObect::TestObect(bb::cascades::Application *app)
: QObject(app)
    // create scene document from main.qml asset
    // set parent to created document to ensure it exists for the whole application lifetime
    QmlDocument *qml = QmlDocument::create("asset:///main.qml").parent(this);

    // create root object for the UI
    AbstractPane *root = qml->createRootObject();

    // set created root object as a scene

void TestObect::test(){

    qDebug()<< "****************Naveen";

I insert also declared in the header file.

Q_INVOKABLE Sub test();

then I create another test class.

 * test.cpp
 *  Created on: Apr 2, 2013
 *      Author: nksharma

#include "test.h"

test::test() {
    // TODO Auto-generated constructor stub


void test:: nexttest(){
    qDebug()<<"***********Next test*********"

test::~test() {
    // TODO Auto-generated destructor stub

error in the file namespace,

here in file herder

the namespace error

 * test.h
 *  Created on: Apr 2, 2013
 *      Author: nksharma

#ifndef TEST_H_
#define TEST_H_

class test {
    virtual ~test();
     Q_INVOKABLE void nexttest();

#endif /* TEST_H_ */

You have a space between the colon and the n in:

void test:: nexttest()

Another thiing, if you are using Q_INVOKABLE, you must declare Q_OBJECT in your front header file public:


If you're still having problems, try to clean up the project with Project > clean...

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    I think we can declare the variable txtVal of chain in the world or outside of the method and create the Set accessor method and the Get accessor.
    Then, we could try to access the value like this...

    value = "#{backingBeanScope.backing_FrgtPwd.txtVal} '"

    ~ Abhijit

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    thing_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, clicked);

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    but then your code inside the function wil has another error as he tries to use the object of the event, which will be null.

    Your first assignment had a some sense based on what you ask, but you seem to have twisted what you asked for and applied to the implementation of something totally different.  I can't say I know what you're up to at this point.  You should probably take a step back and try things right.

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    Include JavaScript to the jsff/jspx as page:

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