How to disable the feature in the Tools menu in the form of purchase order.



I am Gerard and new in the oracle community.
I currently checking if there is a way where I can disable the function of currency to convert to the format of order?

Goal is due to is no longer appropriate in the current business of the user operation.

Would this be possible? And if it is possible, is there a problem?

Hope that can anyone help me on this.

Thank you very much.



Just give that an action of type message and the type of error.


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    Hey, Timo,.

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    "How to disable the Copy Document function in tools (Doc ID 360590.1)"

    This allows to limit the service to selected responsibilities:

    Copy of Document function cannot be excluded in the setup of the responsibility

    System administrator: Security > responsibility > define > tab: Exclusions of Menu

    Insert a new record as follows

    Type = Function
    Name = IN. printed

    NOTE: After above installation was done, the service will remain visible. However, when you click on it, the user will received message 'feature not available to this responsibility. Change the responsibilities or contact your system administrator. »

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    In the left column, click on Plugins. Set essential and unrecognized plugins 'never enable '.

    In the left column, click Extensions. Then, in case of doubt, disable (or delete, if possible) not recognized and unwanted extensions.

    Often, a link will appear above at least an extension disabled to restart Firefox. You can complete your work on the tab and click one of the links in the last step.

    Any improvement?

    (3) you can search the rest of problems with scanning/cleaning tools listed in our technical support article: Troubleshooting Firefox problems caused by malware. These scanners on request are free and take a long time to run. If they end quickly, especially if they require the payment you have a serious infection. I suggest the specialty forums listed in the article in this case.


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    Don't bother, I arrived at the solution of my car, you can do the following:

    Type "subject: config" [without quotes!] in the location Bar (address bar) and press ENTER to display the list of preferences, as shown in the photo #1 in Firefox 17 under Windows 7.

    If you see a page with the warning as pictured #2, this might void your warranty!, click the "I'll be careful, I promise!" button to continue (in fact, there is no guarantee that it is, it's more a joke to ensure that users are aware of what they are about to do). Uncheck the box to avoid the warning in the future.

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