How to fill the tables preset in Word 2003 with the results of the tests?

Hi all

I have a simple test, where I measure different levels of DC, with a simple Vi which records test results to a text file.

These results in the text file, were manually typed in a test report, which is a Word document with tables, but I have now created a macro in word 2003 that can take the results to the text file and added to the precise lines and columns in my word test report file.

Issues, it is how can I get Labview, after he measured the levels of DC, write the results of tests on specific tables, lines and columns, in the Word document without any delete?

The attached photo shows a tables and the yellow cells showing the cells that must be filled in test results.

To LabVIEW: 2009


Tags: NI Software

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    • Error (7.3): PL/SQL: statement ignored
    • Error (7.32): PLS-00302: component 'COUNTRY_ID' must be declared

    Thanks in advance



    Hi user,

    Here is another method that you can try-


    ABC of the PROCEDURE


    v_print countries_t: = countries_t (countries_o('01','A',11));


    DBMS_OUTPUT. Put_line (v_print (1).) COUNTRY_ID | v_print (1). COUNTRY_NAME | v_print (1). REGION_ID); -you're accessinf the first element of the nested table, which in turn points to the object.


    In the sections of the declaration you have assigned values to the nested table.

    Kind regards

  • Someone knows how to fill a table more quickly?

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    And I reset the histogram when finished filling because I need to reset to see the changes for when I change (if necessary) camera exposure time. I have also attached my code.

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    For example - if the user selects A list item, the test item must indicate these values - 1, 2, 3, 4

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    No, it will display the values in a single line, separated by commas, as you showed in your initiall question. If you want to separate them into lines, use Chr (10) instead of «,»

  • Ideas: Insert an error code or give a brief description of what you are trying to accomplish or fix.__media center tv shows only tv in the Center 3 "inches of black on both sides how I filled the screen

    Television Media Center only one tv in the dark on both sides of Center 3 "inches, how do I fill the screen e-machines 600 GB

    Hello, Russell

    Windows Media Center will use as possible while maintaining the proportions of screen space. If you have a TV screen and watch a video 4:3 standard, it will keep the bars on the side.

    You can change the level of zoom in now the keys CTRL and shift and press 'Z' to scroll through the different zoom levels so that it fills the entire screen at your convenience, but keep in mind that you will not be able to see the full image if the proportions of the video does not match your TV.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    Thank you.


    Use live paint.

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    Inserting still images on a mainly video project causes the video still visible to the left and to the right in the background. What I am doing wrong?


    What version of Premiere Elements and what operating system is involved?

    Can I assume that the stills are on Video 2 video 1 video above?

    If this is the case, place the indicator of the timeline on the still, click on the still image in the editing area monitor to display the bounding box of the image.

    Then use one of the handles of the bounding box to scale the image to fill the monitor space just at the point where the image below is not seen.

    What is your predefined project?

    What are the properties of your source media? And, did you, yourself or the project define the project preset to match the properties of the media source?

    What are the dimensions in pixels of these photos that you import into the project?

    What effect you are trying to create with these stills? Just in case message... the content on the top rail will be visible and content on a lower rail just below it will not be unless there are areas of transparency within the content of the upper track. If there are areas of transparency within the content of the upper track, then the lower content of track appear across these areas. Looks like what happens for you. In addition, Premiere Elements represents transparency as black, not black.

    Please review and study and explain what your goal edition is here. For questions about the questions or the comments above, feel free to ask.

    Thank you.


  • How to fill a table/CompositeType script task?

    I want to be able to fill the table/CompositeType with input params that a user fills out.  Someone of you have sample code for this?

    Thank you


    Figured it out in case anyone else wants to know...

    entries = new Array();
    var jsObj = {name: 'provider - VirtualMachine.CPU.Count', value: '2'};
    inputs.push (jsObj);

    var jsObj1 = {name: 'provider - Cafe.Shim.VirtualMachine.NumberOfInstances', value: '1'};
    inputs.push (jsObj1);

    var jsObj2 = {name: 'provider - VirtualMachine.Memory.Size', value: "8096"};
    inputs.push (jsObj1);

  • How to fill the gaps with data?


    I have data points with a header that contains the ID that I have to report to each row of data.

    I want the ID of the Patient to fill the fields below the rank (where the "Obs" and sequential numbers are) until it reaches the next patient id and then do the same thing again and again until the end.

    Is this possible in a single SQL UPDATE statement?

    Thank you, Daniel

    It's data, it's a column:

    Patient ID = system 1000207 = LVS + ZDV + ddI randomization Date = 26/03/2004
    Patient ID = regime 1000751 = LVS + d4T + 3TC randomization Date = 25/02/2004
    Patient ID = system 1001379 = LVP + d4T + 3TC randomization Date = 17/03/2004
    etc etc.

    Do you have any column order?

    If not, how you will order the data?

    If you have a column for the classification, the described selection will give you the id of the patient in all lines

    select col1,
              regexp_substr(col1,'Patient ID=([0-9]+)',1,1,null,1) ignore nulls
            over(order by ord_col) s
    from your_table;

    You can then use the MERGER based on the ROWID of update...

    Published by: JAC on May 21, 2013 20:18

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