How to get the Bluetooth works on Satellite U300-155 and Linux Kubuntu 8.04

I bought Toshiba Satellite U300-155 and I have Kubuntu 8.04 languages, but I don't see bluetooth when I turn it on.
How can I use bluetooth under kububtu 8.04?

Check if the antenna of your laptop switch is on. I think that the graphic tool should exist to manage the bluetooth. However if you're familiar with the linux console
Then, you can also try the following command to activate bluetooth:

sudo toshset - bluetooth module Bluetooth to connect to the USB bus
sudo hciconfig hci0 upward
sudo lsmod toshiba_apci-online background of access keys (+)
sudo tail-f/var/log/acpi
module installation sudo modprobe toshiba_acpi if not already available
Press + to turn Bluetooth on or off. Check the acpi log output
sudo hciconfig hci0 Bluetooth peripheral power

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    Did you try FN + F8 key combination that switches between the WiFi and BT?
    This should allow the BT on your wonderful X 200.

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    Maybe I need drivers - WXP is material unknown when starting up - might be the WLAN device - who knows.
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    Thank you Jan so far

    It's good that you will find yourself, I think most of us would point on your ad when you have users with a similar problem. Sometimes it s really useful to have users like you who will investigate their cases.

    I'm now long enough a Member here, but every time I have met people who have solved problems like that, then I must say how much I appreciate it. :)

    Welcome and good weekend

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  • How to get the BT works after removing the battery of BT on a Satellite A120


    I have a new satellite A120 and it had bluetooth...
    IT HAD bluetooth.
    I clicked by mistake on the prog to install for battery bluetooth... and it UNINSTALLED.

    Now, it will not install again. It just happens to 'Setup Bluetooth device', waits, and then comes back with the message "Please plug in the bluetooth device, then click OK" and bluetooth devices are in Control Panel or the system devices.

    What can I do?

    Objects of curiosity very it is, because you can't "Uninstall" a hardware system with just disconnected from the control panel. After that, it must be recognized by the system and reinstalled. Do you have a few unknown devices in your device manager.

    It might be trying to let Device Manager looking for new material, and then your machine you might find the BT card.

    See you soon

  • Need to get the bluetooth works on Dell Studio xps 1640 after upgrade to Windows 8

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    YAA dude, I have encountered the same problems with my studio xps 16, tried many things.

    Well, you can try to download the new driver dell wireless bluetooth dell Web site 4.0 module, go to Alienware laptops and look for driver windows 8, will file with a name of "Comm_Broadcom_Win8_X04_A01__Setup-39W36_ZPE", about 170 MB.
    It worked on my Studio XPS...
    a quick link for you, change to 64-bit windows 8, go to download and communication.
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    After that opening upgrade did not work. I remembered, there was a problem opening running on Yosemite and wanted to migrate to lightroom, maybe, but I have not had the time yet and already have hundreds of gigabytes of photos in Aperture.

    A magazine suggested to remove the opening of disc and reinstall via the App store to get the latest version that works apparently under El Capitan.

    Who did not work for me - I could not find in the App store opening. I initially bought Aperture for $200 on DVD, without going through app store.

    How can I get the latest version of aperture, so I can update my OS now and migrate from aperture far later?

    Probably not now - you must open 3.6 - maybe this will help you but I suspect that the time is over to get it - update to Aperture 3.6 after the release of Photos


  • How to get the ripple working, config.xml is not found

    Here a load of resources for getting started, but I just can't get anything to work as stated in the documentation, or the youtube video shows.

    I have various things installed, NodeJS, JVM, BlackBerry WebWorks, ripple in Chrome.

    To begin with when you use 'create cordova' layer of the project is different, cordova 3.4.0 I get:

    hooks /...

    mergers /...

    config. XML

    www/js /...

    www/img /...

    www/css /...


    But information to addresses such as don't show this provision.

    I'm supprised when I open the config.xml file in Chrome that it does not detect the XML XSD and ripple offers to launch itself.  If I navigate to file:///C:/Users/Username/RippleSites/myproject/ www/index.html can activate ripple but she complains the file config.xml in lack.  Services of ripple Start' provides no clue as to any error and no TCP server listening on port 9910.

    I guess BB10 doesn't work with a specific version of cordova, which uses a different type of layout of project that one 3.4.x uses.  How can I fix the environment to use the correct versions and also automatically prevent the upgrade within this environment?  Because I want to obviously NPM allows management version of the future module updates.

    How C:\Users\Username\WebWorks Project\project interacts with the ripple need to use a specific home project directory as well?

    See the Option #1 here for more information about enabling access to the local files for Chrome/ripple:

    That being said, the that training has been designed to be an emulator for the WebWorks 1.0 SDK, it relies on the features that have changed in WebWorks 2.0. For example, we leverage is no longer webworks.js, but cordova.js and webworksready changed to deviceready. In the end, there may be still some differences in the APIs, if efforts have been made to minimize any impact as he.

    BlackBerry 10 works with Cordova 3.1.0 and above (it may have been a few versions ago, but I don't remember exactly). Stay up to date with Cordova and use the latest version through the Museum is my personal recommendation.

    Note that if you use Cordova, you also need to install the NDK BlackBerry properly configure your environment variables.

    Note that the link to the above documentation referred BBOS, which is the platform of the inheritance (BBOS 5, 6, 7). BlackBerry 10 documentation can be found here:

    The www folder is root of your project that will contain all the files of HTML5. The other files are related to Cordoba and used for packing and manage your application is built.

  • How to get the 'factory settings' on satellite M30?

    I just tried to set my laptop back to the original configuration by using the restore CD. Unfortunatly just before the process an error message is displayed. There seems to be a scratch on the second CD, I guess that's the problem.
    I've been in touch with toshiba and they said they will send replacements but there is a delay, and it will take several weeks.
    I can't really afford to wait that long to get my laptop working again, are there any ways to get around this? I was wondering if I used the advanced option could I select only to install enough components to get it running, so does not require the second CD, or at least it damaged the part of the Conference on disarmament. It would probably be a temporary measure until replacements arrived.

    Any advice welcome.

    Thank you

    Hello Geof

    Restore CD provided you can install new OS. There is no option for any type of repair just clean OS installation operating system.
    There is nothing to do at the moment. Before the start of the procedure for recovery of the disk HARD will be formatted and in your case, it's already done. There is no chance to fix whatever it is, whatever that means clean OS can be done now.

  • How to get the old BIOS for Satellite P100-454?

    Hi all.

    I want to downgrade my BIOS of 4.7 to the original.
    But I have no file bios.bak more and I can't find any old BIOS on the Toshiba site.
    How and where can I get the old BIOS?

    I have a P100-454 runing Vista.


    When the new BIOS update came out an old is no longer available.
    What you can try is to contact nearest Toshiba authorized maintainer.
    They have access to the database of Toshiba and they can help you with it.

    Call and ask.

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    (Through this announcement on the forum Unity3D)

    In my view, that a change is necessary in the work of any code.

    Thank you


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    Text Entry Examples
    Text Area

    my javascript code looks like this:

    function save() {

    what I have to change to get this working? I don't get the "123", but when I change it is always '123 '.

    I believe you can use the .val property.

  • How to get the clouds control 12 c 3 release for linux x 86

    Hello people

    Oracle Cloud control 12 c Release 3 explains that agent for linux x 86-64 is not supported for Suse Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11 x 64-86 and it is recommended to install the agent for linux x 86 for this OS.

    I downloaded cloud control 12cR3 for linux x 86-64, but it is not agent for linux x 86 Installer.

    So, how can I get the agent for linux x 86?

    What should I download Oracle Cloud Control 12 c Release 3 for linux x 86, the software all the?

    Thanks to advice.


    You can download the Agent offline if your SGD server is not connected to the internet.

    You must consult the section mode offline - the same link " absorbent Management Agent software offline.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards


  • How to get the ID of a single data centre and the Cluster


    We have a product we need get the detail of data centers, Clusters, the Esx host and all Virtual Machines of a Virtual Center. And keep it in sync with the VCenter. I use a thread that queries the VCenter every 5 minutes and retrieves the data.

    We use Java VI SDK 4.0 for this.

    At the present time I am able to read all the details using PropertyCollector. But once a data center is renowned for my application, it is similar to a fact that a data center with the old name has been deleted and a data center with the new name has been added. For this reason, when data center is renamed, I remove entities for the former my application Esx host and adding new features to the ESX hosts in new data center. It causes a lot of unwanted things.

    So, I want to go get some unique Id of the dataCenter and Cluster, so that when a cluster/datacenter is renamed, uniqueId is always the same and my app will be able to know that it is just a change of name. And entities for ESX/VirtualMachine will be kept.

    Please, help me to know the unique id of the cluster/datacenter.

    Thank you


    Yes, there are supposed to be unique UUID generated by vCenter or ESX (i) and if you have not manually mux with values. The UUID is guaranteed to be unique within a given instance of vCenter.


    William Lam

    VMware vExpert 2009

    Scripts for VMware ESX/ESXi and resources at:

    Twitter: @lamw

    repository scripts vGhetto

    Introduction to the vMA (tips/tricks)

    Getting started with vSphere SDK for Perl

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  • How to get the jar file without knowing his name and any class on the inside?

    Hello, everyone!

    I would like to know if there is a way to get a reference programmatically in the original container without knowing his name and any class it contains. I mean by "initial pot" the pot that was called in the prompt, like this:
    java -jar jarfile.jar
    or in another way, in a graphics system. To be honest, what I really want is to get a reference to the manifest of the jar, but I know that if I can get a reference to the jar I can get a reference to its manifest file. Or if you know a way to get the manifest directly, it would also be useful. So, is there a way to do this?

    Thank you.


    Ah, so you want to find the calling class and get its source code.

    I managed to get the class calling on occasion, but this is probably a somewhat fragile solution. You must extend SecurityManager because getClassContext() is a protected method.

        private static class CallerFetch extends SecurityManager {
            public Class getCallerClass() {
                return getClassContext()[3];
        private static CallerFetch callerFetch =
                new CallerFetch();
         * Find the class of the code which called the
         * method that invokes this method.
         * @return The class of the caller's caller
        public static Class getCallerClass() {
            return callerFetch.getCallerClass();

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