How to hide permanently, the tool group

How to hide, permanently, the tool Panel



This question for Acrobat Reader DC has already been fixed in the July update, please refer to this note of release hide the tools Panel in Acrobat and Acrobat Reader DC at all times.

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  • How to disable permanently the spell check in Notes

    How to disable permanently the spell check in Notes?

    Here are my steps:

    1. With the help of Notes in OS X 10.11.5, click Edit/spelling and grammar and then clearly the 2 options "check spelling as you type" and "automatically correct spelling."
    2. Close and re - open Notes.

    What I expected:

    only the two options "check spelling as you type" and "automatically correct spelling" is always disabled when Notes is reopened

    In fact:

    the two options "check spelling as you type" and "automatically correct spelling" is enabled once more

    Spell check in Notes for a reason any seems particularly disruptive and unnecessary. Any way to turn it off permanently?

    System text/keyboard/preferences and uncheck automatically correct spelling.

  • Qosmio G30-126 - how to hide/show the top bar?

    How active hide/show the top bar on the upper side desk, but disappeared how can I return it again?

    You want to have some Flash cards on top of the desktop computer?
    This isn't a problem

    In all programs-> Toshiba-> Utilities-> settings for Flash cards, you can activate this option!

    Check it!

  • How do I uninstall the tool zip

    How do I uninstall the tool zip

    That said, open Add/Remove Programs (or uninstall a program) applet in the Control Panel, locate the tools and choose uninstall.

  • I bought the upgrade that allows me to convert a pdf to a word document and after that the last update the tool option is not only comments, how can I get the tool option back?

    How can I get the tool option to return so that I can convert a PDF file to word

    First thing to try: uninstall and reinstall the latest version of the player.

    If this does not resolve the problem, provide information on your operating system, version Reader, etc.

    BTW did you connect with Adobe Reader [Preferences |] Adobe online services]?

  • How can I remove the tools constantly pane in Adobe Reader ms?

    I just installed Adobe Acrobat Reader DC version 2015 release and it has a very annoying

    bug/feature that I don't like.

    I have to keep remove the tool pane help using SHIFT + F4 every time.

    Is there a way to make this pane go away permanently by making this adjustment stick?

    This was not a problem in earlier versions of Adobe Reader.

    Please tell me how to remove this annoying aspect or issue an update to make this stick of parameter when opening PDF files.

    Thanks in advance.


  • How to hide/show the individual elements in a document

    I try to hide all items in a document (and store each original visibility state), iterate the elements preselected user and perform an export for each item in the selection (I've got this covered part) and finally restore the visibility of each new item state (where the initial visibility state storage is necessary).

    I found that I can browse all the elements in the document to help


    where i is the page element identified by the index of the i - th in the pageItems collection.

    What is not clear, however, is how to get the visibility of this element of the page state. Indeed, there is a visbilityVariable of property associated with the elements of the page, but when I try to 'control' the content with an alert message, I get "undefined".

    Is there the best ways through all elements in a document? Ideally, I would like all the elements of access regardless of the weather, they are elements of the path, group items, items of text frame or what have you. I need this collection in the State of visibility of each item read/write. Thank you!

    "visibilityVariable" is for "data-driven graphics", regardless of those who may be. Try the property 'hidden' instead.

    JoarBolstad wrote:

    Is there the best ways through all elements in a document? Ideally, I would like all the elements of access regardless of the weather, they are elements of the path, group items, items of text frame or what have you.

    Don't worry, you got it right first time. 'PageItem' is the global superclass of all the graphic elements. Starting from the ESTK help (rather, my version as well):

    PageItem class
    A page element object.

    Superclass of CompoundPathItem, GraphItem, GroupItem, LegacyTextItem, MeshItem, NonNativeItem, PathItem, PlacedItem, PluginItem, RasterItem, SymbolItem and TextFrameItem

  • How to disable permanently the tab "Search firefox help" which starts each session?

    An unwanted tab starts to the right of my home page whenever I start Firefox. I can close it, but it is up to each session. I tried to pin it as a tab app but it starts well, each session. It drives me crazy. I don't want and never did! How do I permanently remove or disable this tab (I still want the new tab '+' available)?

    Follow the suggestions mentioned in the following articles:

    Check and tell if its working.

  • How to hide permanently kb3035583

    I uninstalled kb3035583 and hidden. But Windows update if she and offering him.

    I don't want this virus on my computer. Anyone know of a way to hide permanently?

    KB3035583 has been revised & re-released for the 6th time on December 15, 2015.

    Whenever KB3035583 is reissued & installed via automatic updates, you will need to (a) uninstall it, (b) reset the Windows Update components & reboot, then (c) manually check the updates & hide again before to THE can download/install again.

  • Hi, how can I activate the tool on the android app?  I use a Samsung galaxy S tab. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Johnny

    How to activate the tool on the android app?  I use a Samsung galaxy S tab. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Johnny

    It is not a. You can suggest adding a feature here: Adobe Acrobat for Android - feature request/Bug Report Form


  • How always hide you the toolbar on the right side at the beginning?

    Whenever I run Adobe Acrobat Reader DC toolbar opens on the right side, even when I goto Vew = > show/hide = > tool pane, it wil still pop up at start and I have to hide.

    I don't want to eliminate the tool pane, just hide it until I need it, and then choose when it opens.

    I'm not effective with close every time I open a PDF file

    Hi jhnnyboz,

    First close the manually (view-show/hide-online component tools online) right tool pane.

    Now, go to the Edit menu-> preferences-> Documents-> uncheck "Open tools for each document pane.

    Click OK to confirm the changes.

    Relaunch the application & check if it works.

    Kind regards

  • How to hide all the empty fields on a page?


    I want to hide all the empty fields but to exclude tables as it messes up the table. He hides this empty cell with borders and the table does not look right.

    My script below works currently it hides all the empty fields on this page.

    Is it possible to exclude on the tables?

    Thanks to all in advance.

    function hideFields (myParentObject) { }

    var allChildElements;

    var intNumElements;

    var currentElement;

    var j;

    var temp;

    //Get the parent all child element nodes

    allChildElements = myParentObject.nodes;

    //Total number of items in the object

    intNumElements = allChildElements.length;

    //Loop through all child elements

    for(j=0; j< intNumElements; j++){

    currentElement = allChildElements.item (j);

    //If the element is another subform which we will call the new function recusively

    If(allChildElements.item (j) .className = "subform") { }

    //if (currentElement.layout = "table") {}



    other If(currentElement.className = 'subformSet') { }

    //If the objects are fields, then we'll want to hide their

    other If(currentElement.className = 'field') { }

    //Check to see if the field is a button - don't count buttons

    temp =;

    if (temp.substring(0,6) !== "Button"){

    If (currentElement.rawValue == "" | "") ( currentElement.rawValue == null) { }

    currentElement.presence = 'hidden';

    //Check Jugendherberge exclusion - boxes option

    other If(currentElement.className = 'exclGroup') { }

    / / hide the exclusion group and not the individual radio buttons

    If (currentElement.rawValue = "") { }

    currentElement.presence = 'hidden';

    { } / / end of loop for

    { } / / end function


    A table has a class name of the subform, but will have a property of page layout with the value of "table."  If you find one of these, then you sweep that subform.

    But you code seems to have commented, that didn't work for you?



  • Creator of Cloud Files - how to hide in the Navigation in Windows File Explorer pane?

    We do not use Creative Cloud Files and that you have disabled CC sync in settings files. However, even when we do this, the location of the "Creative Cloud Files" remains in the Navigation pane in Windows Explorer.  Y at - it information about how to hide this? We do not want that appears on users systems. (Currently using Windows 10 RTM, but this behavior also applies to Windows 8.1.)

    This has helped me solve the problem

  • How can I configure the tool move the tool by default when you open photoshop cc?

    Since I upgraded to CC PS I get the marquee as the tool tool by default when you open Photoshop. It is always used to be the move tool by default when you opened the first Psalm

    How can I reset this back to be the move tool and not the marquee tool? Thank you!

    How to set up the "move" tool for starting a Photoshop tool?

    You will see a script that you can configure for it.

  • How can I find the tools of Firefox button?

    I look for the 'TOOLS' button, I get nothing that tells me where to find

    Hi, you can temporarily reveal the toolbar of the main menu by pressing ALT. If you want to stay there all the time - right click at the top of the page (not on a tab) and tick/check menu bar. Hope that helps.

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