How to install Win 7 on Satellite P300?

I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite P300. When I bought it, I had to this topic Vista Edition home premium. Now, I tried to install Win 7.
I have the DVD of Win 7 Professional but when I want to boot from the DVD win 7 it wouldn t accept and the boot PC always from the hard drive even when I changed it on the BIOS as it doesn t recognize. I tried with another Win 7 DVD to format the hard drive and install Windows 7 as the normal procedure, but Toshiba doesn't recognize any DVD Win 7, it acknowledges that its original DVD system (hddrecovery files that combines the win vista and all the drivers of Toshiba for laptop, as you know).

So, how to format the pc and install Win 7 (if you run the installer of win 7 on the computer I install Win 7 but I can t pc format and I still keep old files and I put t like) so please help me if you have a solution for that I thank you!

I installed Win7 on P300 s brother without any problem. I don't understand what the problem with your drive in Win7.
Are you using the original installation disc for Microsoft?

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  • Re: How to install Win XP for Satellite 1800 750 display driver

    How to install the video driver in my pc? Does not include the .exe archives.

    The pilot is Trident display Windows XP driver

    + The message was edited: link removed - too long.


    You n t need the exe file.
    You can install the driver through the Device Manager, you must simply point to the folder of the driver you downloaded and Win XP would take the necessary ini and dll files automatically.

  • How to install Win 8 on Satellite C850 after HARD drive failure?

    I have a PC repair business and a customer gave me a portable Satellite C850-1 kN which took a catastrophic hard disk failure (just clicking from the road).

    I replaced the hard drive and tried to boot from a DVD 8 Windows, changing the order of startup in the bios, however, it still gives an error message "no boot device."

    I see no way to turn off boot UEFI, it appears grayed out in the configuration of the bios.

    How can I reinstall Windows on this laptop?

    First, you must know that the (CSM/UEFI mode) parameter must be changed if you want to install the system supported UEFI not (Win 7 and higher).
    Win 8 and 8.1 Win are UEFI capable systems and you should be able to use the option to UEFI mode.

    What about the secure boot option?
    Have you found and have you tried to disable this option?

  • How to install Win XP on Satellite L640


    I have a Satellite L640 running windows 7.

    I need to use a software which is software XP, so I want to install XP on the L640.
    I have the Windows XP disc in the CD tray and I have chosen the CD/DVD as a source of start-up number 1 priority in the BIOS.

    The computer does not start from the disc, but goes directly from Windows 7.
    Is it possible to install Windows XP on this laptop?

    I do something wrong, or maybe it is a defective drive?

    Thank you, David

    As a general rule I don't see no reason why you shouldn't be able to install Windows XP Home edition, but what confuses me, is that you even could not start Windows XP Home edition Setup. Do you use the original disc of Microsoft?

    Start your laptop and press F12 to get into the boot menu. Put the CD into the optical disk drive, choose the CD/DVD drive and press ENTER. The same thing happens again?

    By the way: did you check the Toshiba download page if WXP drivers, tools and utilities are available for your laptop model?

  • Install Windows 8 on Satellite P300

    As usual rushed in and installed Windows 8 on satellite P300. What error - slow, loss of functionality. How to get back to Vista was preinstalled or is there a way I can fix it to run windows 8.
    Processor Intel (r) Core (TM) 2 Duo CPU [email protected] 2.4 GHz, 4.00 (2.99 usable) GB RAM 32-bit system, x 64-based processor.

    Satellite P300 is plu laptop comes with Vista, but also supported for Win7. Unfortunately, it is not supported for Win8 so, in my opinion, there is no sense to install Win8 on it.

    Win7 works perfectly on this machine so if possible use Win7 on it. in case you want to use original Vista, you must install recovery using recovery DVD image. This way only to s to have factory settings once again.

    The question is: do you have the recovery disk?

  • How to install Ubuntu Linux on Satellite C70D-A-111

    How to install Ubuntu on a Satellite C70D-A-111


    This video helps you out?



  • Can I install Win 7 on Satellite A50 101?


    I would like to know some information about satellite SA50-101,

    Is it possible to update with 7 OS

    I will very useful for providing more information to this topic.

    Kind regards

    You want to install Win 7 on Satellite A50?

    Here you will find detailed information about the hardware requirements for Windows 7

    * Windows 7 system requirements *.
    If you want to run Windows 7 on your PC, here's what it takes:

    1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x 86) or 64-bit (x 64) processor
    1 gigabyte (GB) of RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
    16 GB of disk space available (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)
    Graphical device DirectX 9 with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver

  • How to install Win 7 on a Win 10 computer which doesn't have a CD player

    I bought a new laptop of Lenovo win 10, but I can't not treat Win 10 so I bought a copy of Win 7 and want to install it but I don't have a CD player.  How to install Win 7?  I tried to look at the oem site but nothing seems to match back to Win 7, they all assume I'm going to Win 10, that I certainly do not.

    Otherwise I'll have to return the laptop because I don't live with Win 10, it takes too long to learn all the new shit and I'm not all media social hype apps that came with it.

    A little guidance would be welcome, please.

    Thank you


    Post proposed by the facilitator for the appropriate forum placed

    The first thing you need to do is to check if there is no Windows 7 driver for your model of Lenovo.

    I recommend also to dual boot, instead of decommissioning.

    In addition, downgrade rights are limited to systems that are preinstalled with Windows 10 Pro OEM. Other editions need to provide your own disc of Windows 7.

    There are ways you can download and create a bootable copy of the edition of Windows 7 you have.

    Option 1: Microsoft Windows and Office ISO download tool -


    If your computer is UEFI, they are normally the systems that come pre-loaded with Windows 8 or later, you need prepare the ISO for such a configuration file or you will receive an error during installation. The USB key must be formatted in FAT32 and use the GPT partitioning scheme. To do this, you must use Rufus, a small tool that you can download for free.

    Rufus - credit: Pete bastard/Akeo

    After installing Rufus:

    • Launch it
    • Select the ISO Image
    • Point to the file ISO for Windows 10
    • Check create a disk bootable using
    • Select GPT partitioning to EUFI firmware as the Partition scheme
    • Choose FAT32 NOT NTFS as file system
    • Make sure that your USB in the device list
    • Click Start
    • Close when you are finished

    Learn more about decommissioning:

    How Downgrade Windows preinstalled 10 for Windows 7/8.1

    How: Dual Boot Windows 7 or Windows 8 with Windows installed 10 first (recommended)

  • How to install win. 8 64 bits on my IBM Thinkpad T40 32-bit

    How to install win. 8 64-bit ISO on my IBM T 40 Thinkpad 32 bit dvd

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  • How can I install Win XP on Satellite U300-150 PSU30e

    How can I install win xp on U300-150 / model: PSU30e

    I try to start from the CD Win XP SP2, but don't can't detect any HARD disk.

    How can I do?

    There is no option in the bios to support SATA or IDE

    Please help me

    Hey Buddy

    You won't find any IDE or SATA settings in the BIOS. The problem is that you have not installed the SATA driver that is needed to install the XP on this laptop.

    Intel Matrix Storage Manager is the key!
    The storage manager should be included in the Windows XP operating system during the installation process using the F6 key.
    On the other hand, you could include the Storage Manager using the free app called nLite.

    Looking for a little to this forum. There are enough discussions and comments about this theme.


  • How to restore Vista on old Satellite P300?

    Sorry it's a long.

    I bought a new P70 to replace my old P300 that came with Vista and I now want to give it a new facility for the children to use. The problem is that I had partitioned the disk and had tested the betta and the version RC1 of Windows 7 before its release and he also had XP, now I can't get on the recovery drive holding the 0 key and did not have the repair option on the splash screen advanced when using the F12 key. I know that the Recovery partition is still there because I saw it when using a disk partitioning tool before you make changes and I'm deleting it.

    After what I read I think that drive hidden (EISA Configuration) that holds the BCD, stored options for the 0 key and the menu key F12. I made backup discs when I arrived at the origin of the laptop and checked well records, but when I went to use it, they have been declared as corrupt so the only other option I had was the images I made with another program but cannot boot from the disc I made and I guess it's because of SATA drivers Win 7 could not be started or until what I injected drivers, just do not remember how I got them in the disk imaging.

    So, if anyone knows where the option for the 0 key is stored, and I assume it's in the BCD himself, someone know how to recover it or re - write? The other option I can think is how the recovery partition is enabled and try to do otherwise. My oldest son has a more recent P300, is it possible to copy the BCD and its player hidden files to start mine? The other thing is when you restore from the recovery partition you need a Windows product key or is already stored on the recovery partition because I can never remember having seen one and I'm not one for my new P70.

    Any ideas?

    After these modifications and tests with your P300, you will not be able to use the HARD drive recovery facility more. This works if the laptop has only factory settings.

    Now, there's only one way to install the original use of Vista recovery disks. I m afraid you didn't create these disks, right?

    Anyway, Satellite P300 is well known to me and my brother has the same machine. We updated with new SSD and installed Win7 on it. It works like a rocket. So my advice to you is to install Win7 on this machine. All the necessary drivers, the tools and the utilities that you can find on the download page of Toshiba -

    If you need help with it let me know.
    One more thing: the product key at the bottom belongs to the original version of Vista and it cannot be used for activation Win7.

  • How to replace the keyboard on Satellite P300 - 20H


    I just bought a replacemant for my Toshiba Satellite P300 - 20H keyboard and I was wondering how to actually replace it?

    Any response would be greatly apreciated,

    Thank you, Sophie x

    Video on [] (2mins in) you "lever" off the coast of the plastic band that runs across the top of the keyboard and remove the 2 screws. I expect that the connector of the ribbon cable must be of the type where a hinged band (diff color to the body of the connector) holds the cable in place. It appears if the cable is fired and you push it when the cable is inserted. There is normally a line on the cable to show that you have completely inserted the cable and the cable is inserted instead. -Examine the original cable until you remove

  • I want to install Win XP on Satellite A305-S6905


    I want to downgrade my Vista to XP because of problems and slow down my PC...
    For example I can't download updates antivirus, games etc...

    I read in the forum that I need some kind of sata drivers and those I can do myself, but someone can help me with other drivers because I use this laptop for an hour and I know not what drivers there need.

    If someone could give me links to the necessary software, I would be very grateful.

    Thank you.


    I think that you couldn't find the right drivers XP because you didn t find on the right-hand page.
    Like you probably n t know that this series of laptop (Satellite A305) belongs to Toshiba from US and you have to find good drivers on Toshiba U.S. page!

    In addition, if you want to install Win XP on laptop thin, you will need to install the SATA drivers first.
    The SATA drivers are on Intel Storage Manager part which can be downloaded from the Intel and Toshiba page page as well.

    But if you don t want to install SATA drivers, there is another possibility to install the XP.
    Just access the BIOS and set the compatible SATA to AHCI mode.

    That s it.

  • How to install XP BIOS on Satellite A200 PSAE6E

    In 3 words... HOW to install XP Bios. I copy setup.exe to flash. and restart the operating system... Boot from flash? and launch setup.exe?


    BIOS must be run under Windows XP, because it is a version of BIOS WIN.
    The BIOS must be unpacked everything first, and then you will need to run the exe file.

    Notes; Don t run all the applications, while the BIOS update! Disconnect all external devices, but the adapter must be connected!

  • HARD drive replacement, how to install Win7 on my Satellite L850?

    Hello world

    I recently bought a Satellite L850 lappy and I want to replace the 750 GB HDD with a SSD 256 GB.
    This laptop never came with a windows 7 cd or its driver cd (not too worried about it as I can find it online).

    I wonder how to install windows 7 on this ssd? Download windows 7 image from a Web site (found this []) and just enter my product key when you are prompted as a whole to the top?

    I'm quite new to these new methods as my last toshiba laptop came with everything that I needed.
    Thanks for your time

    If your upgrade or replacement of HARD drive will be a success, you must install a clean version of the OS. How you will get is actually your problem, but it turns out that you must use the legal version and activate it using the legal product key.

    All the necessary drivers, tools and utilities that you can download at Toshiba support and download page under

    We can help you with the installation and the right installation order.

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