How to remove backup Mega.

How to remove a program that is running on my desktop that I have not installed called mega backup.


Mundaplackel wrote:

How to remove a program that is running on my desktop that I have not installed called mega backup.

Not sure how it is associated iphone or Apple, but you run the Task Manager and stop the process/program

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  • How to remove backups Time Machine to a specific drive

    I can't find how to better use Time Machine in my situation. Here is my configuration:

    I have a 6 TB external drive dedicated as a Time Machine backup. It backs up my internal drive as well as the three external drives (A, B, C). Player "A" is always connected and is constantly supported, but readers 'B' and 'C' are linked only from time to time to archive older files.

    I recently made a few changes on the disc 'B' and left connected so it was saved, but Time Machine tells me I don't have enough room... it seems he's trying to save the whole 1.3 TB of data rather than the 15 GB or if I've changed.

    I'd like to time Machine would be just delete old backups from the 'B' drive specifically, but except that, what I would do is manually delete older backups for just the "B" drive get rid of enough space to do a new backup, but I get an error when you try to delete the files off the backups. How can I get rid of backups for a specific player?

    Thank you!

    Visit Time Machine FAQ of Pondini helps with Time Machine. You will use the Time Machine application in your Applications folder for managing backups. There is an excellent explanation on the site linked above that explains how to remove backups or backup files.

  • How can I remove backup Mega?

    I have accidentally downloaded a program called Mega Backup. When I try to delete it, I get a prompt that says that I can't remove it because it is currently open. I closed the program and checked even through the force quit option and don't see anyway to close this program in order to remove it. For this program closed and deleted any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Please and thank you.

    CPT Mike.

    Activity Monitor allows you to locate and force the application to quit. After that, you can delete it.

    Use the monitor activity on your Mac - Apple Support

    Beware of fake Adobe Flash "installers".

  • How to remove backup iCloud ghost?


    I had a problem with iCloud: there are some "backup" data (801,1 MB) stored in my iCloud I can't remove.

    How can I get this space back?

    Thank you

    Here are some screenshots (in Italian) for you to help me understand the problem:

    Running iOS 9.3.2 on iPhone 6 (64 GB) and OS X El Capitan on MacBook Pro 13 inch Mid 2012

    I had a similar problem after than my iOS updated. My backup would not be complete, he appeared as 0 k, the other upward showed up to 0 KB and I don't have an option to remove my existing back upward.

    I turned off back upward and while I don't then have an option to remove my previous upward, the previous upward (0 KB) disappeared on his own. I could then turn upward back, Ko 0 return up to did not reappear and I could start and finish a new upward.

    Some have reported that once they turn their backs on the wide, the previous upward (0 KB) does not or only in the affirmative, he reappears when the reverse is turned back on (even if they are then able to make a new backup as much as they have space).

    It seems that in some cases KB 0 backup data is corrupted and indeed takes space in the cloud and it seems not that it can be removed by the user, if that's what happened in your case, contact the Apple support, (change the country if needed) they were able to remove the data corrupted for some users. If this link does not work for you, select 'Support' in the black menu at the top of the page and choose "More products" on the page that appears.

  • How to remove backup datesafe dell

    code wander 5001

    Contact Dell support.

    Try to remove from the Add/Remove programs.

  • How to remove backups of standby


    I am on 11203 and that you want to delete the backup of the previous day, but rman backup doesn't count that as a backup of the previous day. I think it is because backup is still in the 24 hour window

    I want to delelte all backups have taken yesterday between 12:01 to 23:59 and like ot know the command

    RMAN > delete noprompt backup is complete before "trunc(sysdate-1)";

    using channel ORA_DISK_1
    specification does not match the backups in the repository

    RMAN > delete noprompt backup is complete before ' SYSDATE-1';

    using channel ORA_DISK_1

    specification does not match the backups in the repository

    June 10 at 11:31 test_jghtuvx1.bkp

    10 June 11:42 test_jghtuvx4_.bkp

    June 10 at 11:43 test_jghtuvx5_.bkp

    June 10 at 11:44 test_jghtuvx6_.bkp

    June 10 at 11:46 test_jghtuvx5_.bkp

    June 10 at 11:47 test_jghtuvx3_.bkp

    June 10 at 11:48 test_jghtuvx9_.bkp


    Select sysdate, trunc (sysdate), sysdate-1, double trunc(sysdate-1);

    06/11/2015 13:54:22 06/11/2015 2015/06/10 13:54:22 10/06/2015

    You ask rman to delete backups completed before June 10, which will take place 9, day before yesterday.

    The trunc or - 1 user but not both on sysdate.



  • How can I remove application Mega backup that I installed when I thought I was the update for adobe flash download. I've got El Capitan.

    How can I remove app Mega backup of my desktop computer. He got installed when I thought I was downloading an update for adobe flash.  I closed the application them tp mpved ot trash, but he would not accept it stating still open app.

    "MegaBackup" is an application of unworthy of trust-storage cloud or perhaps real malware. I have not tried to make this distinction. To remove it, please start back up all the data (not with the MegaBackup himself, of course). Then take the steps below.

    1 Select the elements of the connection tab in the users pane and groups of system preferences. Remove all elements with a name starting in 'MegaBackup '.

    2 log off or restart the computer.

    3. slide the MegaBackup application in the Applications to the trash and empty folder.

    Note that you cannot delete any application trying to drag its icon from the LaunchPad or the Dock. You must open the Applications folder in the Finder.

    You may have installed ad-injection with MegaBackup malware. If you don't see unaccustomed pop-up in a web browser, ask for additional instructions.

  • How to remove the windows vista backup

    I have 2 drives, C: (69.2 GB) all system files. D: (65.7 GB) a backup & my data. I want to install a new s/w of 12 GB in D:, but its low memory(10.5MB) showing. I tried to delete the backup, but his does not work. I tried diskcleanup, but still the same problem persists. I checked, there isn't any extra file to D:. It's just because of the backup. Can someone please tell me, how to remove the full backup.

    Hi kisna234567,

    ·         You get the error message?

    The main objective of the Windows backup and Restore Center is to save the data either automatically in according to the schedule or manually when you want to save data. It is not designed to replace the old data with the new data. Just backup and Restore Center totals with new data every time, and would not remove the old files.

    You can backup the old files and folders to storage device as the external hard drive, CD, DVD, USB flash drives and removes the backup files of the computer. You can format the backup partition.


    ·         Formatting a volume will destroy all data on the partition. Be sure to make backups of all the data to save before you begin.

    ·         You cannot format a disk or partition that is currently in use, including the partition that contains Windows.

    ·         Quick format is a formatting option that creates a new file table, but do not completely overwrite or erase the volume. A quick format is much faster than a normal format, which fully erases the existing data on the volume.

    Follow these steps:

    (a) open computer management by clicking the Start button, select Control Panel, click system and Maintenance, click Administrative Toolsand then double-click computer management. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    (b) in the Navigation pane, under storage, click disk management.

    (c) right click on the volume that you want to format, and then click format.

    (d) to format the volume with the default settings, in the format dialog box, click OK, and then click OK again.

    For reference: create and format a hard disk partition.

  • RMAN backup files are still exist for a long time, how to remove?

    Dear Sir;

    I use the script below to do a daily backup, however, there are several rman backup files are still exist and consumes HD size, how can remove these files in daily? some files dated Feb, MAR, Apr,

    = Daily RMAN script =.

    RMAN target / < <!
    level incremental backup = 0 as compressed backupset database format ' / u15/rman/full_backup_%U.rman';
    backup ARCHIVELOG all not saved 2 time format ' / u15/rman/arc_backup_%U.rman';
    current backup controlfile as ' / u15/rman/control_%U.rman';
    delete archivelog all backed up 2 times on the peripheral disc is completed before ' sysdate-7 ";
    delete noprompt obsolete;


    Thank you and best regards


    Before running the command obsolete report, run:

    RMAN > crosscheck backup;

    Kind regards.

  • If time machine is incremental how it removes previous versions when the disk is full, without breaking the chain, so do not be able to restore all changes since the first full file

    If time machine is incremental how it removes previous versions when the disk is full, without breaking the chain, so do not be able to restore the file with any changes made since the full backup first file...

    If the TM drive storage is full TM automatically deletes the version the oldest files for the new incremental backups can be made. Thus, in this case you cannot restore the versions that TM deleted because it takes more storage.

  • I found the show/hide button toolbars, but you should know how to REMOVE toolbars that appear on this list?

    I found the show/hide button toolbars, but you should know how to REMOVE toolbars that appear on this list?

    Is attached a screenshot of my screen with the context menu to show/hide tabs. I want to delete some of them and let others. Please help me to know how. Thank you!

    Hmm, maybe this "one-time" imported into the new preference? Try this:

    (1) in a new tab, type or paste Subject: config in the address bar and press ENTER. Click on the button promising to be careful.

    (2) in the search above the list box, type or paste the cust and make a pause so that the list is filtered

    (3) double-click the preference of browser.uiCustomization.state and the content must be highlighted in a small dialog box.

    (4) copy the whole line and paste it into Notepad and save it as a backup.

    (5) in Firefox, click on the button '3-bar' menu > developer > Notepad. Remove the comment that appears and paste data preferably, that must appear on a long line. Click on the "Pretty Print" button to make it more readable.

    So I hope that you can spot the extra toolbars and change them out, taking care to preserve the commas between the elements.

    I don't have the extra toolbars in mine, but I copied and pasted back this spaced format and Firefox was able to handle it well. I went into customize and moved a button, and when I left, Firefox has rewritten the preference set as a single line. Assuming that yours works fine, then you can get rid of the backup from step (4).

  • How to remove all the songs in a playlist of my itunes library?

    My request here is, is it possible that I can select all the pieces that I have selected in iTunes and delete all of these songs in my iTunes library. To clarify I'm asking not how to remove and individual songs or how to remove a playlist, I want the songs within a time to be gone, or deselected somehow.

    Basically, I recently bought a new laptop and I've been moving all of my music from the old laptop to the new aid, sticks of memory of 8 GB that I don't have an external hardrive and would rather not pay for someone else to come and move the contents of my hard drive from one to the other. On my previous laptop, I had a playlist containing all the songs I want on my phone for synchronization purposes, as I had too much music to store it all. For reasons to keep this playlist and without having to build all over again I first transferred the music in the playlist of phone. The problem is I now want to transfer the songs that aren't in that playlist aswell, but I can't find anyway to select only the titles so that I can drag them into my memory stick. I can't delete the songs in the playlist one by one as there are almost 6000 titles in there then, obviously, that would be very time consuming.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give

    I would recommend before you do anything destructive with your library you backup your iTunes for Windows with SyncToy library. It is also the tool I would recommend that you use to transfer the library to a computer, first back up and restore then (in a folder empty) to the other machine. Doing it this way means that you get the sides play heads of prosecution, playlists, date added, and that you don't have to erase and reload your content. It also ensures that you have a backup! Hard drives external are quite cheap and you should not skimp. That said, if the two computers are on the same network, you can use SyncToy to copy the iTunes folder from one to the other, if you open the folder music sharing on a computer, so it can be seen from the other.

    As for the original question, Ctrl + A to select everything in a playlist. SHIFT-DELETE to remove it from the library. But I really wouldn't like that.


  • Portege M400 - how to remove the condensation of water?

    I received a second hand toshiba portege m400 mail and saw there probably a condensation of water trapped between the external display and touch screen behind her. because the screen in the upper left corner looks whitish. and the sender of the laptop said he wasn't there when he sent it. I have a picture of trapped moisture, for those who want to see it.

    so, I opened the screen by unscrewing. and I saw that most of the moisture is stuck between the external screen glas and one other layer behind him, which I guess, is the part of the touch screen. who looks inaccessible. These 2? the layers form the upperpart of the screen.

    the lcdscreen with all the electronics in this layer, form the lower part of the screen or if you want, cover. This part is now oke. He also had a condensation of water on it and I was able to gently wipe the little moisture of the lcdscreen without problem. This helped a bit with this problem.

    but moisture remains trapped between the part of the touchscreen layer and this layer of glass in the upperpart of the screen/cover.

    hoping to evaporate the moisture, I left the enlightened a bit more open for a day, I broke even the upperpart and the lowerpart of the screen. I applied a little of an infrared lamp, a remote backup heat. anything that did not help.

    * so, how can I remove the condensation of water? *

    * is there a way to remove a layer in the upperpart of the screen to reach the humidity? *

    Hello olekike

    Please don t get me wrong, but I'm afraid, you need professional with this Mr. help as I see that your question is not answered for days now, and I think that nobody here has a lot of experience with this stuff.
    View replacement OK but how to remove the condensation of water on the touchscreen is perhaps too heavy for us.

    I recommend strongly to contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. talking with the guys what we can do about it.

  • How to remove old calendar events

    How to remove events calendar 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 before December 1.


    Make a backup of your calendar. Calendar > File > Export > Calendar Archive...

    Type a. in the calendar search field.

    Your events should be listed from oldest to newest in the results column. Click outside the results column or use the "esc" key to eliminate search results. The results column must always be visible.

    Highlight the oldest event in the results column and click it. Scroll up to "before December 1" and shift click on this event. Press the "DELETE" key and your old events will disappear.

  • How to remove SpeedMax PC

    Like a fool, I downloaded PC SpeedMax.  I have been ubable to remove it "program and features".  Help!  This program has used a lot of available memory on my system.  Now, I can't do a backup.  How to remove "SpeedMax PC"?

    First, make sure the hour, the date/year & time zone are set correctly

    Set clock>

    Clear your Temp File/Cache. The cleaning system (compensation to all temp/tmp folders and included the content offline, clear the tif browser, delete cookies, do a disk cleanup.)>

    (Important: one of the normal steps in the removal of malware is to completely erase all temp files)

    Click Start > all programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup>

    Better and easier to use - CCleaner.

    Download the basic build (slim) via>

    The basic build (slim) does not contain the toolbar disgusted

    Cleaning DO NOT USE ANY Advanced options. TOUCH NOT THE REGISTRY. At least not for now.


    Download a FREE program called Revo Uninstaller>. It allows to uninstall any program completely, including the files of monitoring programs. works very well, that you should have no problem more reinstall after uninstall this program.

    Just don't allow the computer to restart if the part of Revo Uninstaller asks you if you want to restart now or later.

    Select afterwards and let Revo finish an orphan looking for registry entries.

    Reboot after Revo ends.

    UTC/GMT is 16:35 on Saturday, August 18, 2012

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