How to remove backups Time Machine to a specific drive

I can't find how to better use Time Machine in my situation. Here is my configuration:

I have a 6 TB external drive dedicated as a Time Machine backup. It backs up my internal drive as well as the three external drives (A, B, C). Player "A" is always connected and is constantly supported, but readers 'B' and 'C' are linked only from time to time to archive older files.

I recently made a few changes on the disc 'B' and left connected so it was saved, but Time Machine tells me I don't have enough room... it seems he's trying to save the whole 1.3 TB of data rather than the 15 GB or if I've changed.

I'd like to time Machine would be just delete old backups from the 'B' drive specifically, but except that, what I would do is manually delete older backups for just the "B" drive get rid of enough space to do a new backup, but I get an error when you try to delete the files off the backups. How can I get rid of backups for a specific player?

Thank you!


Visit Time Machine FAQ of Pondini helps with Time Machine. You will use the Time Machine application in your Applications folder for managing backups. There is an excellent explanation on the site linked above that explains how to remove backups or backup files.

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    Accidentally, I chose my internal hard drive as a backup to the location for Time Machine. Now I use an external hard drive for this but somewhere on my drive hard it is a file left behind. I can't find! The problem is, I can't update my OS because it gives me the message "cannot be updated because the disk is used for TM backups.

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    Transfer from a backup will not work.  Adobe applications must be installed using installation files.

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  • time I want to copy a disk backup time machine on another nine drive and operate. Can I do this?

    Can I copy some time Machines began on a disk Seagate NAS is now almost complete on a new MyCloud WD and operate?

    A new Macbook Pro purchased 2 weeks ago was the first backup until the older Seagate and I want to continue on a new drive WD MyCloud.

    Is this possible? If Yes, any detailed wisdom on how to make available?

    Thank you

    You cannot "continue" a Time Machine backup to a different drive, but you can transfer a.

    Time Machine: How to transfer backups from a current backup disk to a new backup drive - Apple Support

  • How to set up Time Machine via a HARD drive connected to the USB port on the router?

    Hi all

    I have an Arris Touchstone Data Gateway DG1670A/TW for my internet / wireless which was provided by my ISP.  There is a USB port at the back of the router and I was wondering if I could connect an external HARD drive to save the two Macbook Pro that I have in my house through Time Machine wireless?  If Yes, could someone provide me the details regarding how to set this up properly?

    I too, was thinking about making a 4 TB HARD drive - 2 and wanted to partition so that half of it would work for Time Machine and the other half I would be able to store photos that I take on my digital SLR and are in Lightroom.  Could this be a problem at all? I partition? or Time Machine just to use the available space and delete older backups to make room for additional photos?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    A device third-party network attached storage (NAS) or a router is unsuitable for use with Time Machine.

    Apple has published a specification for network devices that works with Time Machine. No third party provider, AFAIK, does meet this specification.

    Apple does not endorse any device third-party network for use with Time Machine. See this support article.

    Network backup, use as destination an Apple Time Capsule or an external storage device connected to another Mac or a 802.11ac AirPort base station. Only 802.11ac base stations support time Machine, not older model.

  • Transfer only a single backup time machine to the new drive

    Old drive has Time Machine backups for macbook and iMac. A drive is not partitioned.

    New B drive has been partitioned and my intention is to transfer a backup to each partition.

    I can't drag the folder Backups.backupdb on the new disk as it will put two backups on the same partition.

    Can I create a folder Backups.backupdb on each partition, and then drag the backups in their respective folders on their respective partitions?

    Thank you.

    Try using disk/restore to copy the backup to a new location. Please note that this will reformat the destination partition.

  • Cannot access my backup time machine on external hard drive once I changed my hard drive

    Since I changed my hard drive on my mac pro book I can't access the time machine back up on my external hard drive. All the shows when I connect the hard drive, but I can't access it.  Any ideas?

    I use El Captain MacBook Pro (15-inch mid-2012),

    By changing the hard drive, you have also lost all preferences, including those for Time Machine. You can have success by cloning back from the old system to the new drive to get back them.

    Or, simply erase the backup drive, reconfigure Time Machine preferences, then let time Machine do a new backup.

  • Recovering data from a Time Machine to an external drive backup

    How to recover data from a backup Time Machine to an external drive?

    I use Time Machine to back up data (photos, videos) on an external drive (drive A) to another external drive (drive/B) separate that I use for Time Machine backups. After performing a backup, the external drive (drive A) appears in TimeMachine and can I recover files that are on the external drive (A) just as I can for the files that are found on the internal hard drive.

    I need to know what to do if I drop my external drive (drive A) completely and you want to recover the Time Machine backup on a new replacement drive?  When I disconnect my external drive (A) and enter the Time Machine, I don't find a way to access the files to recover.  Still... I know they are there!

    Using the Time Machine application in your Applications folder. Please visit Time Machine FAQ of Pondini for using Time Machine.

  • Remove the Time Machine backups in a certain amount of time

    I have an iMac in the House which is not backup because I have just updated to El Capitan, then now it says that the time Machine doesn't have enough space for a new backup (no doubt because my 200 + GB photo library moved to the new application Photos). Therefore, I need to get rid of some my time Machine backup. My MacBook Pro has almost 1 TB of backup files and I want to delete some, but I don't want to delete ALL my files backup, just in case I need something from him. Is it possible to delete the backups in a certain interval of time quickly, in order to keep all my backups and delete the 'old'? I know that you can delete the backups one by one, but the first backup of my MacBook was in 2014, and I don't want to have to go through 100 backups one by one to manually remove all the...

    Time machine records differences, so delete a backup may stop all your backups made subsequently. Here are some tips on how do it safely for ti:

    Make sure that you create the new full backup after the removal of the 'old'.

  • How to set up backup Time Machine with MacBook?

    Hello community:

    I wonder what is the best way to configure a Time Machine backup with a new MacBook.

    Because the device has only a USB port that is also used to load, I don't really feel comfortable that I can only backup wile, the MacBook is on battery. That doesn't seem fair.

    One possibility would be to use the adapter USB C AV that she can continue to charge the MacBook while being a USB hard drive is connected. But I'm not a big fan of having to deal with three cards for a simple task like a backup.

    Apple promotes wireless with the MacBook. One possibility is to use a (rather expensive) Time Capsule or a NAS that takes care of Time Machine.

    There are now hard drives wireless market. Does anyone have experience with these?

    I'd be curious to know how you do it.

    Thank you!

    Ideal for keeping backups Time Machine 'behind the scenes', you want to use the solutions SIN or Time Capsule. You can also use a 802.11ac AirPort Extreme with a USB external HD as well.

    Don't forget the partial backups will occur at least once per hour after the first full backup is made to take full advantage of what offers Time Machine. Although the connection of an external disk directly to the MacBook would potentially offer the best performance of overall data transfer, it must be connected.

    Unfortunately, I have no experience with hard drives wireless so I can't help you there. Because they would have to connect to the same network of Wi - Fi as the MacBook, all backups would go first the wireless AP, then, on this disc. I can only imagine the performance of data transfer to be a little dismal at best.

  • Is it safe to remove files from my macbook air now that I have set up my time capsule and backed up with time machine? My boot drive is full. How can I access files of my time capsule once they are deleted from my computer?

    Is it safe to remove files from my macbook air now that I have set up my time capsule and backed up with time machine? My boot drive is full. How can I access files of my time capsule once they are deleted from my computer?

    1 n ° put them on a regular external drive and the value of Time Machine to back up as well; the files you want to keep should be at least two disks in case one of them goes down.

    2. they will not be usable until the restoration.


  • Delete older backups time machine of trash

    I placed the old backups time machine on my full backup of portable 1 TB. Now, I can't empty the trash on my iMac 2009, I'm on OS X El Capitan 10:11:4.

    How can I remove the trash?

    I tried to place the basket by placing folders in the Terminal, in accordance with the instructions from apple support, but it does not work.

    Try to hold the Option key while trying to trash.

    You can't empty the trash or move a file to the trash

  • Moving backups Time Machine - the operation cannot take place because the backup item is not editable

    I want to change the external hard drive that I use for my time machine backups. I went through the steps listed here:

    Time Machine: How to transfer backups from a current backup disk to a new backup drive - Apple Support

    It seems to work correctly. I shot TM back and adding the new drive. TM is now backing up files on the drive up, but there is a problem.

    For some reason, TM has begun to put backups "freely" for lack of better in the external hard drive, and not in the backups.backupdb folder for a week, then returned to save them in the backups.backupdb > ComputerName > files from backups. So in other words, when you click on the hard drive in the finder, it opens the player and you see a folder named Backups.backupdb and then a bunch of mixed in which files are backups time machine named 2016-01-24-XXXXXX, etc.. When you go to the folder Backups.backupdb, there's a more random "loose" time machine backup file 2016-01-23-XXXXXX, and then another folder with the name of computers and in the folder are all TM backups except loose ones I mentioned earlier.

    It seems that TM is working properly now, but I don't know why he put the files from the first days outside the backup folder. However, when I do drag, I get the error:

    The operation cannot be completed because backup items is not editable

    I want to just put all the files in the right folder so that I can A) keep my disk organized and (B) ensure what TM can find everything correctly should I have to go back.

    No idea what is happening and how to fix it?

    Although the documentation Apple says you can copy Time Machine backups in the Finder, it is very slow and sometimes does not.

    This technique works only if the volume that you copy to the same size or larger that that you are copying to.

    First of all, please open the Time Machine preference pane and click the Select Disk... button. You may be able to unlock the settings first, by clicking on the padlock icon in the lower left corner of the window. Log in as administrator.

    Remove the volume you want to copy in the list of backup destinations. Then turn off Time Machine.

    Launch disk utility, open the built-in Help and search for the term 'Double '. Follow the instructions. All existing data on the destination volume will be deleted. That shouldn't be a problem, because you do not want to mix non-sauvegarde and backup data on the same drive anyway.

    If the volume you are copying has been encrypted by Time Machine, you must first unlock it. Click the release button in the toolbar of the disk utility window.

    Turn Time Machine back on and select the new volume as a backup destination. Alternatively, you can continue to use the old volume, if you wish. Both will be alternated when both are available.

    ATTENTION: If you copy the volume is corrupted, as shown by the ERD or first aid in disk utility, while corruption is copied to the new drive. Do not copy data from a damaged on a faulty disk volume. Put aside the reader and do not use until you don't know that you no longer need the data. Then securely erase it and bring it to a recycling center. Do the same if the restore operation fails with "disk errors."

  • Opening iPhoto library from a backup Time Machine in pictures

    I'm trying to make sure I have backups of all the photos of my old iPhotos library (something that I can open the individual files in the Finder, not just a copy of "iPhoto" Library). I turned on my old iMac that is not used much more to make copies, and when I open 'Photos' my iPhoto library is not linked. When I hold "option" at the opening of the Photos app, I see these options:

    I think I'm trying to access the old iPhoto library, so I click on it, but then I see this message:

    I tried to go to disk utility to repair permissions, but the problem persists. My next thought was to open an old Time Machine backup and try and open the backup iPhoto library, but when I do that, I see this screen:

    Any suggestions on how to access my old photos? What I am doing wrong?

    Thank you!

    Are these old libraries or backups Time Machine? TM backups cannot be opened directly, you must first use TM to restore the disk

    and where are these libraries? On the main drive or on an eternal drive? If on a DHM what format is and how is it connected?


  • Partial access to the backup time machine


    I tried to upgrade Yosemite to El Capitan, but failed. If the local bank staff did a clean install for me. Prior to this, internal hard drive for my Mac has been saved using Time Machine, on an encrypted external hard drive. However, Time Machine is unable to restore a back ups (shows the chronology of the previous backups, but the restore button is gray).

    However, backups are visible in the structure of the external hd directories. However, only some, not all directories are available. For example, I was able to copy Documents mailed to the internal hd hd, but Google Drive are not available. More detail in the attachments.

    My question is: How can I solve the problem just described and, in particular, to obtain access to directories that are blocked so far on the external hard drive?

    Indeed, you have a 'new' Mac... from the hard drive of your Mac "old" has been erased and a new operating system has been installed.

    Time Machine will allow you only to restore a backup, if you look at your current Mac made backups. Since you have a 'new' Mac... (who did not backup, Time Machine is concerned)... you can not use Time Machine to restore the data.

    Instead, use the Migration Wizard on your Mac.  It is located Finder > Applications > utilities > Migration Wizard

    Things could be a lot easier, however, if you take the Mac and your hard drive... with Time Machine backups... back to the Apple Store and let the 'genius' accomplish the task it should have done before.

    In fact, when you first turned on the new 'Mac', installation wizard should have appeared and ask you if you want to restore from Time Machine backups.  That would be the best way, and easier to make your 'new' look Mac as your 'old' Mac but fortunately Migration Assistant can perform a similar function.

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