How to remove 'Save as PDF' from the popup menu

The item 'Save as PDF' leads to a shopping site called NITRO. I'm trying to eliminate it from the context menu. I installed the add-on Menu Edit and changed the item save as PDF from the visible to hidden on my PC Windows with Firefox 30 8.1. However, the issue has not disappeared from the context menu. Still on my PC with Linux Mint 17 with 30 Firefox for Linux Mint, the point went on the shortcut menu. My PC s linked with Firefox Synch.

How can I remove this?


Such an entry in the context menu is probably added by a PDF file about the extension, in order to check your extensions.

Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem.

  • Put yourself in the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance
  • Do NOT click on the reset button on the startup window Mode safe

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    Sorry if this has already been written solution, don't know what keywords should I look for in this forum to get answers to my questions.

    Thanks for the reply

    Hi @teddykladdkak

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I understand that you are looking for help to edit the boot options for your laptop. I'm happy to help you with this.

    I did some research and found this from Microsoft, and it looks like you need and covers several options:

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    As a tip, I also include this page rom which can also be useful:

    Advanced start to boot in Windows 8 and 8.1 Options

    I hope this helps. Please let me know how it goes for you.

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    In order to be able to define your own label for a menu item, you would use a manual type menu. Other types of menus inherit page name as a Label for the menu items that you set in Page Properties or Plan mode.

    Or you could exclude the "HOME page" of the Menu options via the context menu in Plan/Design mode.

    Thank you


  • How to remove a feature element in the FireFox menu?

    Guys, when I click to save an image from the web, sometimes I miss with my mouse and instead of "save an image under ' I get a stinky"send image "! Shit, I HATE IT! If I want to send a photo, I'll send it myself, do not try to think for me. But this "option" stinky irritates me a lot! In addition, I have to stop of suck 'Outlook Express' (the zero email worldwide client!) whenever I get bored with the photo! Please, please, please help me remove this option "send photo" stinky in my menu options (under the right button of the mouse). I don't like FF, but I HATE this stinky "service"! Thank you very much in advance!

    You can use the Menu Editor extension to remove this item or use the code in userChrome.css

    Add code to userChrome.css below default @namespace.

    Customization files (interface) userChrome.css and userContent.css (Web sites) are located in the chrome folder in the user profile folder.

    You can use the ChromEdit Plus extension or elegant for easier access to the customization files.

    @namespace url(""); /* only needed once */
    #context-sendlink { display:none!important; }
  • Remove "Run as Administrator" from the context menu

    I'm locking of the student accounts on our lab computers, and I was wondering if there was a way to remove the "run as Administrator" from the context menu for the Office products?  I already deleted it for all other .exe files and shortcuts on the desktop through the registry after I made a backup.  The registry key that I deleted is:

    Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

    I'm probably missing something (maybe to do with the students how creative people can be), but miss me how it helps lock anything down since the use of "Run as administrator" immediately triggers a dialog box asking for the administrator password.  Just curious.

  • Why IE of Windows 7 Home Premium gray on "Set as wallpaper" from the popup menu?

    I want to put the Bing image as the background image on the desktop of my Windows 7 Home Premium edition.

    However, when I gray right click on the image in the context menu the game as background with background save under... and background copy

    So I guess my real question is: How can I activate these entries in the context menu in IE of Windows 7 Home Premium.

    Thank you for your help in this matter.

    Hi Paul-986,

    I should have prefaced my answer with, "this option is not available in IE9, but here is an alternative."  Given that this option is not available in IE9, follow these steps to use bing as a background image:
    1. Go to
    2. Press F12
    3. Click on browser Mode and select Internet Explorer 8
    Now, do a right click and set the image as a background.
  • How to remove attachments to email from the server

    I created a CF model for sending electronic mail that includes attachments. It has been tested on my dev machine and works fine as long as the download of attachments to a directory on the server. I wish that the spare part to be served once as the e-mail message has been sent to the recipient.

    Macromedia ColdFuision 7MX web application construction book page 913 "interacting with Email" we a CFC that will remove the file when the user ends their session.

    I don't know how to write it to adapt the code that I use.

    Here's the e-mail form

    <! - Mail_Form.cfm - >
    < html >
    < head >
    < title > please enter your message < /title >
    < / head >

    < body >
    < do action = "Send_Email.cfm" method = "post" enctype = "multipart/form-data" > "
    < table width = '500' border = "0" align = "center" >
    < b >
    < td width = "500" colspan = "2" > please enter your e-mail address: < table >
    < /tr >
    < b >
    < td width = "250" > to: < table >
    < td width = "250" > < input type = "text" name = "to_addr" value = "" > < table >
    < /tr >
    < b >
    < td > subject: < table >
    < td > < input type = "text" name = "subject" value = "" > < table >
    < /tr >
    < b >
    < Td > message: < table >
    < td > < input name = "message" rows text box = "5" cols = "35" > < / textarea > < table >
    < /tr >
    < b >
    < td width = "250" > annex #1: < table >
    < td width = "250" > < input type = "file" name = "attachment_1" value = "" > < table >
    < /tr >
    < b >
    < td width = "250" > #2 Attachment: < table >
    < td width = "250" > < input type = "file" name = "attachment_2" value = "" > < table >
    < /tr >
    < b >
    < td width = "250" > #3 Attachment: < table >
    < td width = "250" > < input type = "file" name = "attachment_3" value = "" > < table >
    < /tr >
    < b >
    < td width = "250" > < table >
    < td width = "250" > < input type = "submit" name = 'Send_Email' value = "SendEmail" > < table >
    < /tr >
    < /table >
    < / make >

    Here is the form to send the attachment.

    <! - Send_Email.cfm - >
    <!-first of all, make sure that the attachments downloaded the user->
    < cfif FORM.attachment_1 NEQ "" > "".
    <!-firstly actually-> download file
    < cffile action = "upload".
    destination = "D:\uploadsTEST\".
    FileField = "attachment_1."
    nameconflict = "makeunique" >
    <! - now create a temporary support for the attachment then - >
    < cfset attachment_local_file_1 = "d:\uploadsTEST\#file.serverfile#" >
    < / cfif >

    <!-now repeat the process for the setting of the second and third: - >

    < cfif FORM.attachment_2 NEQ "" > "".
    <!-firstly actually-> download file
    < cffile action = "upload".
    destination = "D:\uploadsTEST\".
    FileField = "attachment_2."
    nameconflict = "makeunique" >
    <! - now create a temporary support for the attachment then - >
    < cfset attachment_local_file_2 = "d\uploadsTEST\#file.serverfile#" >
    < / cfif >

    < cfif FORM.attachment_3 NEQ "" > "".
    <!--forst actually download the file - >
    < cffile action = "upload".
    destination = "D:\uploadsTEST\".
    FileField = "attachment_3."
    nameconflict = "makeunique" >
    <!-now to create a temporary support for late fixing on->
    < cfset attachment_local_file_3 = "d:\uploadsTEST\#file.serverfile#" >
    < / cfif >

    <!-OK, now you have downloaded the file from the server, now we will send
    email with attachments: - >

    "< intrusion via cfmail to =" #form.to_addr # "[email protected]" = "subject =" #subject #
    Server = "an001so -" port = "25" >
    #message #.

    < cfsilent >
    <!-< cfsilent > tag used to kill the white space in this area
    If your email is not cluttered with white spaces-->

    < cfif FORM.attachment_1 NEQ "" > "".
    < cfmailparam file = "#attachment_local_file_1 #" >
    < / cfif >
    < cfif FORM.attachment_2 NEQ "" > "".
    < cfmailparam file = "#attachment_local_file_2 #" >
    < / cfif >
    < cfif FORM.attachment_3 NEQ "" > "".
    < cfmailparam file = "#attachment_local_file_3 #" >
    < / cfif >

    < / cfsilent >
    < / intrusion via cfmail >

    Here's the session request to delete the file to download

    File name: Application.cfc
    Runs for each page request

    < cfproperty output = "false" >

    <!-name of the application. ->
    < cfset = "attachmentPurge" >
    <!-enable session management. ->
    < cfset this.sessionManagement = true >
    < cfset this.clientMangment = true >

    < name cffunction output = 'onSessionEnd' = "false" returnType = "Cancel" >
    <!--> look for attachments to remove

    < cfset var attachDir = expandPath ("Attach") >
    < cfset = var getFiles "" > "".
    < cfset var thisFile = "" > "".

    <! - get a list of all files in the directory - >
    < cfdirectory directory = "" #attachDir # "name ="getFiles">"

    <! - for each file in the directory - >
    < cfloop query = "getFiles" >
    <!-if it's a file (rather than a directory)-->
    < cfif getFiles.type NEQ "Dir" >
    <! - get the full name of this file - >
    < cfset thisFile = expandPath("Attach\#getFiles.Name#") >
    < / cfif >
    < / cfloop >

    < / cffunction >

    < / cfproperty >

    The tutorial doesn't explain how to delete the attachment when the recipient audits post
    in the pop server.

    Assuming that the sender is in a session would be writing code to remove the attachment from the directory on
    the server, a message is sent.

    Can someone explain how to remove attachments from a designated directory or provide me the code that would deal with that once an email is sent with an attachment automatically.

    Thank you


    That's how I do it.

    ThisDir = "d:\dw\dwweb\work";
    ThisDate = DateAdd ("d",-90, now());

    Select the name of AllFiles
    where datelastmodified<>

  • How to remove images or themes from the list of display properties for selected wallpapers?

    Well they are. When I go into the Control Panel, click or select the display icon, I come to the display properties.  Kind of dumb pictures obtained in the list of display properties.  I want to remove them from the list.  I n my ending is never trying to clean my computer, I want to delete these images and selected icons.  I really don't remember adding photos to the list of display properties for desktop. But they are there

    You must move the image files where they are now (probably in my pictures). Windows XP retrieves files image from the following paths:

    C:\WINDOWS BMP files

    The files BMP, JPG, GIF, JPE, DIB, PNG, HTM from the following locations:

    C:\Documents and Settings\photos \My Documents\My [& ALL THE sub FOLDERS]
    C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet explore
    C:\Program Files\Plus! \Themes [* & ALL subfolders *]

    So for example, if the 'silent pictures' are in your My Documents\My Pictures folder (or a folder in my pictures) and you want to keep them, just move them to the folder My Documents of parent instead. If you don't want to keep them, just delete the files.

    MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • How we can dynamically add or remove action from the popup menu in qml item

    Hi all

    I want to just dynamically add or remove action from the actionset item in the contextual menu especially in qml.

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards


    You can do so by joining the actionitem as attachedObjects. Once the page is complete (signal onCreationCompleted), you can add it to the page using addAction()

    To remove, you simply delete the page using removeAction()

  • How can I print to PDF from the browser window.

    When I try to print to PDF from a browser window (tried Firefox and IE), nothing happens.  However, I am able to send the same window to an agreement of the printer. I am able to print to PDF for local applications (e.g.excel, Word) very well.  I am running Windows 7 on a HP Pavilion dv7j laptop.  Please notify.  Thank you.

    If you do not have Adobe Acrobat (should not be confused with Adobe Acrobat Reader), you do not use the Adobe PDF printer and check out support for any PDF printer you use. Adobe Acrobat Reader does not install a PDF printer.

  • Remove 'Search' from the popup menu

    How can I remove the 'Look up' Chrome or any other app in OS X Mr Capitan?

    I get that the OS is special and users desperately and constantly need to research things no matter what they do, but how I always disable this thing and never have there as the first thing in the list? Example below. I feel offended, it's as if I'm a fool and the OS offers me the things research

    The design point of view this beats the 'intelligence' and 'philosophy' buzz that apple says all its products carry and are designed in the spirit with.

    From the point of view of implementation implement the ability to disable this thing easily where is?

    Also what happens with this thing for the first sort of "records"?

    Also the creation '. " DS_Store files"at each stage I do? What the * is this file in my project? He asked? Where the attention of the Apple claimed the retail packed into a device that is worth more than $2,000?

    Compile a list of things now with all these bugs and UN-intuitivities and bad behaviour. It's like a ton of them. At the head of Mr. of the design actually engineering team use this thing in her daily life or it's just aluminum looking shiny?

    What of the user experience for no dogmatic?

    This is a user forum for those who need help for technical problems related to their computers or OS X such as software.  It is not a place for ranting, no matter how satisfying it might feel to do.  We cannot do anything about the rants.  You can leave your comments Apple if you want, and I'll give the link below.  They do not answer, but you might feel better when you are finished.

    To answer your question, no, I don't think you can disable or remove the 'Search' function  This is not to insult your intelligence or make you feel stupid or anything else similar.  It is there, because sometimes we will come lyrics that we do not know the definition of the term.  It is an easy and quick way to get into the dictionary and discover the meaning of something.  Not more, not less.

  • Why is there no option to PDF from the printers menu?

    I don't have a printer connected to my computer. I use Microsoft Office Document Image Writer because I have no option to print the document in PDF format. I know I had this option at the same time. But since this last installation is no longer an option for save as PDF. All I can see in the menu printers and fax machines are Options of Microsoft. How to make a PDF Option. Is there a print driver PDF I need to install somewhere, an option button that needs to be clicked? What can I do?

    As noted with regard to my other post, the reader does not provide a PDF printer. The Adobe PDF printer belongs to Acrobat. Many programs (apparently Chrome being one and the plugin for MS OFFICE 2007 and later) provide PDF conversions. However, those who are not Adobe, but the part of this application package. Several good PDF creation tools are also available on the web. Acrobat provides much more than a simple PDF creation, like forms. However, for the creation of PDF with the drive, you will have to either rely on the ability of the application, get a 3rd party tool, or buy Acrobat. If the Adobe PDF printer was supplied with the drive, then Adobe would cut their throats for sales of Acrobat - so don't expect such an option.

  • How can I save my photos from the imac to the icloud

    I am able to sync all my iPhones to the icloud but do not know how to set up on my iMac. Any help would be appreciated

    You can save an iOS to iCloud device, but note that Apple does not backup to iCloud from a Mac. They have synchronization that is designed to share all your photos with all your devices and iCloud. If you use OS X 10.10.3 or later you can turn on iCloud library opening the Photos app, then go to preferences. Which would synchronize all your photos with iCloud and with other devices, have you already sync to iCloud.

  • How to remove a user name from the logon screen?

    Hi all

    I have an annoying problem and do not know how to solve.

    What happened is that used to use my laptop for the log-in het Skype account my ex-girlfriend. But in the login screen continues to display his name as mine always does.

    I used different registry cleaners and uninstalled and reinstalled Skype and had no results.

    How can I remove users on the logon screen?

    Thanks for all the help.

    Basically, you need to remove the folder of the account. I think the second part of this FAQ Help:


    If the answer was helpful, please mark with congratulations , and if the problem is resolved you can mark it with solution. This will help other users found this answer more easily. Thanks in advance!

  • How to remove a Web page from the Launcher

    I installed the google homepage on my Launcher by going to the homepage of google then on web, then to the page, and then add to the pitcher. How can I remove it now? There is no other choice and I really don't want to do a wipe again.

    Press and hold the orange key on the keyboard while clicking on what you want to delete.

Maybe you are looking for