How to restore the administration tools

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  • My tools of administrative control panel is empty.
  • I don't know how to restore it back.
  • I would try the system restore, but it has been like that for so long that I don't know how much to restore.
  • I tried to scan the drive, but I gues it do not work.
  • I also scanned for the virus, but it seems to be clean.
Thank you
Restore the Admin Tools (.msc) line: 54 left - MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - Don ' t Panic!

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    I have my windows installed in Portuguese. When I install the administration tool, it comes out in Portuguese (menus, etc.). I wish it were in English, documentation, forum, etc. are in English, and we have used words like 'join', etc... and not the translation.
    I did some experiments with the settings windows regional / regional, but always without success.

    Pls clues?

    Do you have what version of obiee installed? If you have installed 11g, there is a bug, which does not allow to choose the language for the installation and always default language based on the language of the OS. See ( Bug 12824489: OBIEE ADMIN TOOL INSTALL DON'T REQUEST NO LANGUAGE).

  • How to install the administration tool of the OSM in Oracle Solaris 10?

    Hi all.
    I have one question,
    I know that I can install the OSM in Oracle Solaris 10, but, I can install the administration tool of the OSM in the same 'Oracle Solaris 10' operating system, or this must be installed on Windows?

    Thanks in advance.

    The OSM administrator can be installed on Windows only.

  • just installed firefox 3.6.3 but my toolbar disappeared. How to restore the 'file' w / the toolbar, 'change', 'view', 'history', 'bookmarks', 'tools', 'help' options at the top?

    Just installed firefox 3.6.3. version and my toolbar and options w / it disappeared. How to restore the toolbar in high w / 'file', 'edit', 'view', 'history', 'bookmarks', 'tools' and 'help' at the top?

    This has happened

    Each time Firefox opened

    == Just after upgrading to firefox 3.6.3

    Press the Alt key to display the Menu bar, then open view > toolbars and select menu bar, so it has a check mark.

  • How can I be familiar with the administration tools?

    Hi all

    In this path "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools" and in the Administrative Tools folder, there are some elements, for example, Services. How can I be familiar with them? When should I use? I want to fully understand them and their works. How to get the goal it please?

    Thanks in advance.

    Original title: administrative tools


    Experimentation and education. There are still a lot of good books out there on
    Windows 7. And Windows 7 administration tools are very similar to those of
    Window 8/8.1.

    Check with Microsoft Learning and their community and Forums

    Microsoft Learning

    Microsoft Learning - training and certification help (check with the regional Centre)

    Microsoft Learning - Community

    Born to learn - IT items & more

    Born to learn Forums

    Windows - help

    Knowledge Base

    Windows 7 Solution Center - there are options and a "Get live help.

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • I use Photoshop elements on Windows 8.1 12.  When I go in the Expert Mode to change the available toolbar is displayed in a single column and missing several tools which foreground and background color.  How to restore the original toolbar?

    I use Photoshop elements on Windows 8.1 12.  When I go in the Expert Mode to change the available toolbar is displayed in a single column and missing several tools which foreground and background color.  How to restore the original toolbar?

    Try to re - set preferences.

    Go to: Edit > preferences > general (menu Photoshop Elements on Mac)

    Click on the button Reset preferences on the next launch

  • How can I remove the Administrative Tools, network connections, printers & Fax and scanners and cameras my desktop icons?

    Recently, I installed a trial version of Tune Up Utilities 2009. During one of the scans/tune-ups, he gave me the option to display the Administrative Tools, network connections, printers & Fax and Scanners & cameras icons on my desktop. I checked ok, however, now, I think it's too crowded in my office and you want to remove them... right on the desktop, not everywhere else they are located. I tried everything I know to remove them without success. Anyone knows where is the menu option to display on the desktop so I can uncheck or choose Delete? I don't want to have to change all the .ini files or .bat to because I'm afraid I don't do it correctly and create other problems.

    Hello tellis1230

    I don't know what you have tried, but have a look here

    Right-click Desktop-desktop/properties/Office/Customization

    Uncheck what you don't want


  • ALPS pointing device - how to restore the scroll function

    Until a few days before, my mousepad has allowed me to scroll. I tried looking at the settings in the control panel / mouse, but the options have disappeared.

    Is this a driver problem? If so, should which driver I download and where from?

    The current driver is:
    and was created 17/07/2003

    If it's not a driver problem, anyone have any suggestions on how to restore the scrolling feature?

    Thanks a lot :)

    I put t really understand what the problem is here. As far as I know, the mouse settings cannot disappear so easy. In any case try to roll back OS to an earlier time using System Restore tool. Maybe this option will be there again.

  • Satellite A80: How to restore the audio and video codecs?

    How to restore the audio and video codecs that are installed by default on my Satellite A80 with XP Home edition?
    I removed the safe mode, due to a problem with the Pinnacle Codec installed by Pinnacle Studio 10.
    Now, I need to put the video standard in audio codecs.
    I already downloaded the Microsoft Mediaplayer codec package and video sound new fr in Media Player.
    Unfortunately I have always its program to diagnose Toshiba during the test of its Midi and Wave.
    System Restore came with the message that the restoration was not possible because no changes had been made.

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    Try to use the tool "system restore."
    This application restores the operating system to the beginning.
    Maybe it will work.

  • Re: Satellite A300 - how to restore the original condition?


    My computer freezes for a second or 2 from time to time and Toshiba support told me it might be a software problem. I don't think, because he began the day I bought the laptop and the display driver keeps on the work stoppage, but because I said that if it's a software problem.
    I would have to pay for it, I want to try everything before sending it for repair. This is why I would like to restore my Satellite in its original state as he was just at the moment where I bought it.

    So basically I have 2 questions:

    1 - does anyone have any idea why it keeps freezing on me? And what I should try to do to fix it?
    2. can someone tell me how to restore the laptop to its original state?

    Thank you very much Dina


    To determine if it of a software problem or not, you need to restore the factory setting and if it doesn't work you can go to an authorized service provider. They can repair the laptop for you.

    The factory settings can be restored with the Toshiba recovery disc. I guess that your laptop has been delivered with Windows Vista, if you have options to restore factory settings: the Toshiba disk recovery or HARD drive recovery service.

    HARD drive recovery function formats the first partition of your laptop and install Vista again with all the drivers and tools of Toshiba. It is an image that is stored on the second partition of HARD drive in the folder HDDRecovery.
    If you go into the advanced with F8 boot menu after you start the computer, you can start this feature of Toshiba. And then select Repair my computer and some Windows files will be loaded. Then, you can choose the function to drive HARD Toshiba Recovery and follow the instructions on the screen.

    The Toshiba Recovery disk, you must create first, or have you done this yet? Normally, you get a reminder of recovery message after the first start of the laptop that you must burn this disc. Therefore, you must the preinstalled Toshiba recovery disc creator and the image in the folder in HARD drive recovery will be burned on the disc. Then you have a startup disk that can restore the factory settings and HARD whole disc formats then back up your data first!
    The recovery disk is necessary if you have a new HDD or Windows start doesn t. Otherwise, you can use HARD drive recovery.

    I hope I could help a bit and now you understand how to restore the factory settings.
    If you have any other questions, please let us know! :)

    Good bye

  • How to restore the last backup system good

    All the system fonts and icons have been changed to large size.  I'm unable to locate the area where I can restore the last good record.  I need to go back to the system default values that were last saved on 5 July.  I don't remember how to do this.  I could do it before, but can't remember where I went to get there.  In addition to once, I installed a game that when close or uninstalled left all things very large sizes.  How to restore the system to its original size?

    try to start in safe mode by clicking the f8 during the startup key...

    then run a system restore point by clicking Start > all programs > Accessories > system tools > system restore.

  • How to restore the main menu (modify, display, help ect.)? He disappeared

    How to restore the main menu?


    Restore it in what?

    in windows Explorer

    Open it and then click on organize then page Setup then menu bar

    in internet explore

    Right-click just below the address bar, and then click menu bar

    or go to tools in the upper right and select menu bar

  • How to restore the old user profile

    I wanted to access some downloaded files that was stored in a temp folder. I did have access to this folder so I changed my folder option to be able to view hidden directories and files. He said that I had to be an administrator to do and I said OK. He then proceeds to change the attributes on thousands of files. In the end, I got is more access to my file and the original files, I became a new person, so to speak. I can manually view my old records, but I want to restore my old user profile, because this new profile is created a lot of problems with previously installed programs. I have two NTUSER. DAT files in my user C:\User\John folder. The dates are when the computer has been initially implemented 16/08/2012 and when the profile changes yesterday 07/02/2013. How to restore the old profile (from 16/08/2012)?

    Thank you


    Hi Johnny,.

    Thanks for choosing Windows and thank you for providing an opportunity to help you.

    According to the description, you have problems with the restoration of the old user profile.

    1 have been connected as a standard user?

    2. What are thousands of files you're talking about if you want to have access to the temporary folder?

    This problem can occur because of corruption of the user profile.

    Method 1: delete the new NTUSER. DAT folder and check if it helps.

    Method 2: Perform the System Restore to an earlier date and check if it helps.

    System restore

    Answer to us if you are having problems with the user profile or any other issue of Windows, and we would be happy to help you.

    Good day!

    Hope this information helps.

  • How to restore the default libraries in the Navigation pane

    Somehow my fault 'libraries folder' on the Navigation pane, who holds the ' four Documents, music, pictures, video files"has been deleted, how to restore," ".

    I tried many things, but not anywhere near the restaurant.
    The people at 24/7supportexperts worked on my computer for 5 1/2 hours and they case failed to fix.
    Is there anyone out there who can help me please?
    Here is the screen image showing the problem...

    Remove libraries,

    This link also shows how to restore the default values libraries as well so don't reject not what you are looking for, the title

    See you soon.

    Take screenshots,
    Usually, you can press the SHIFT key (maybe the Alt key) or (FN key on your laptop) and press prtscrn.
    Open microsoft Paint, and then click Paste on the top left.
    Painting is located in the Accessories folder in all programs from the Start button.

    Then click on the blue button on the file and click Save as, click jpeg file type and name the file.
    Upload to skydrive or photobucket in a public album and post a direct link to the file here.

    Or use the windows snipping tool,
    Refer to this topic on how to make a public record and present screen shot here.

    You can also look at this for the new format in skydrive


  • The word file I saved became a shortcut! and I can't open the file. How to restore the file?

    The word file I saved became a shortcut! and I can't open the file. How to restore the file?

    Original title: shortcut word file

    It is a problem of "file association".  Here is the complete list of all the "file Association" steps I've seen has proved useful before. There is no need to go beyond the stage that solved the problem, but all the "about your computer" & Microsoft controls are very well to do anyway - they would not hurt even if he did not fault.  Most people seem to go directly to the last in the list.

    On your computer

    Run both the troubleshooters maintenance & Control Panel Performance, troubleshooting. [this is just a cleanup operation before more useful steps]

    Control Panel, programs by default, set your default programs and associate any type of file or Protocol with a program

    [Check IE only] Options Internet explorer, tools, Internet, programs - set are lacking

    Microsoft links [read the descriptions on the first linked pages]

    Difficulty of broken desktop shortcuts and common system maintenance tasks

    FixIt when you run an .exe on a Windows Vista-based or Windows 7 computer file, the file may start another program

    Diagnose and repair Windows files and folders problems automatically

    Return to another on your computer

    Run the System File Checker How to use the tool File Checker system to troubleshoot missing or corrupted system files on Windows Vista or Windows 7 There is additional guidance on this subject in sfc.exe/scannow

    and then, if necessary,

    3 party links [read the descriptions on the page linked first of all to make sure it matches your symptoms - only this get you far if you]

    Default File Type Associations - restore - Windows 7 forums

    Could not open the folders or drives "this file has no related... program. »

    Patches for Windows 7 file association -Most people seem to go directly to this one

    Good luck.

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