How to see when an apple device was first recorded in my Apple ID?

How can I see when my apple device was first placed on my Apple ID / first signed?


You can not.

If the device is saved to the device, you can see when it became registered, but it happens that if you do special things with the account on the device: view and delete associated devices in iTunes - Apple Support

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    How to see the list of disabled devices?

    If you have devices that are associated with your Apple ID, to the use of the content purchased from iTunes Store or access to subscription services, I don't think that there is a list of previously associated devices that are no longer associated.  I don't know what you mean by devices 'off '.

    If you ask about "old devices registered" on your Apple ID support profile, they must always be there.  This list is mainly for the purpose of support services.  You can check here

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    Recently, I had to have my OS reinstalled and lost several things that need re-creation.  I want to see when an email I send comes in or is read by the recipient.

    If you use Windows Live Mail, when in a new check for the Inbox to read message window. This requires the recipient to send the receipt. There is no way you can enforce them.
  • How can you tell when your new tablet was first actervated

    I bought a HP Omni 10 of 8.1 tablet model window (a final) and told me he never lit, when I first turned it on windows has been activated and the tablet was running and I don't have to put something in place.

    My question is, is there a place on my tablet which recorded the time it has been activated.

    Lewis of the Australia.

    • OEM Activation 3.0 (OA3) at the factory. A digital product key (DPK) is installed on the motherboard BIOS during the manufacturing process. Windows 8 will be ignited automatically the first time that the computer is connected to the Internet. With systems activated by OA3, most of the computer's hardware can be replaced without the need to reactivate the software from Microsoft.
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    Hello world

    I created a custom menu and I just want to know how I disabled it a buton when I navigate to the first record... I use: system.last_record for the last record; but I can't find that build all ins forms (6i) for my problem...


    IF: System.Cursor_Record = '1'

  • I have 2 phones on my ID Apple how can I keep the two devices to receive the same iMessages?

    I have 2 phones on my ID Apple how can I keep the two devices to receive the same iMessages?

    How to use several devices iPhone, iPad or iPod with a computer

    Using more an iDevice on the same computer

    This mainly applies to couples who add another device and don't want their electronic mail, messages, etc. being duplicated on both devices. To start reading: How to use several iPhone, iPad or iPod devices with one computer. You must create a login separate Apple and password for anyone who will use the new iDevice. See Apple - my Apple ID and frequently asked questions about the Apple ID. The easiest way is to do it on the computer using iTunes: iTunes - how to set up an Apple ID iTunes.

    On the computer, create a new user account for the person with the new iDevice. This is the user account always uses this person. He or she will no longer use the other user account. This way the person will have a separate iTunes library. Note When finished, do not 'share' apps under a single Apple ID. Each of you must buy your own applications under your own Apple ID. When you decide to divide like this you will have to buy new applications they want to use.

    First, transfer the new devices to a new account as well as all your data.  Save pictures of flow picture you want to keep for your camera (unless they are already in the camera roll) by opening your Photos app, tap Albums icon at the bottom. Now press the album My Photo Stream; Press Select; tap the photo you want to select. tap the share (box with the face up arrow) in the lower left corner icon; in the film, and then click Save.

    If you synchronize notes with iCloud, you want to keep, you must open each of your notes and email it to yourself. Later, you can copy and paste the text into the new notes created in your new account.

    Tap Settings > iCloud > remove account (removes it only from this device, not iCloud; the person who maintains the current account is not affected) provide the password to disable find my phone and choose to keep on my iDevice when prompted.  Sign in with another Apple ID to create your new account. Choose merge to download your data.

    Once you are on separate accounts, you can each go to and remove data from the other person to your account.

    The above was created by the user randers4. Changes were made to improve the readability and the syntax.

  • How can I see when I used an app on an iPad?

    I want to clean my iPad because I have so many apps on it.

    I'm not the only user of the iPad, so I did not now what applications are regularly used and which are not.

    Is it possible to see when an application has been used for the last time?

    If you use the iPad on battery power, you can see how much battery usage (or time) each app has used in the last 24 hours and 7 days via the settings > battery - which shows that what is using the battery, it will not appear which was used when the iPad was plugged

  • How can I remove application Mega backup that I installed when I thought I was the update for adobe flash download. I've got El Capitan.

    How can I remove app Mega backup of my desktop computer. He got installed when I thought I was downloading an update for adobe flash.  I closed the application them tp mpved ot trash, but he would not accept it stating still open app.

    "MegaBackup" is an application of unworthy of trust-storage cloud or perhaps real malware. I have not tried to make this distinction. To remove it, please start back up all the data (not with the MegaBackup himself, of course). Then take the steps below.

    1 Select the elements of the connection tab in the users pane and groups of system preferences. Remove all elements with a name starting in 'MegaBackup '.

    2 log off or restart the computer.

    3. slide the MegaBackup application in the Applications to the trash and empty folder.

    Note that you cannot delete any application trying to drag its icon from the LaunchPad or the Dock. You must open the Applications folder in the Finder.

    You may have installed ad-injection with MegaBackup malware. If you don't see unaccustomed pop-up in a web browser, ask for additional instructions.

  • How can I check to see if a used iPad was stolen?

    How can I check to see if a used iPad was stolen?

    Why do you think it could be stolen? Ask the seller to clear the Apple ID and password. If the seller is unable to do this or said that they forgot the information, then it might be stolen. If you have any concerns about this, don't buy it.

  • How can I get my Apple TV to use ethernet when it is also connected to WiFi?

    I have my Apple TV 4 connected by WiFi and ethernet. I want to assure you that it uses the ethernet connection, it will be faster, but when I go to the network settings on the TV, I see only the symbol of WiFi and my WiFi network name. If my Apple TV do not use ethernet, I might as well unplug the ethernet cable. How can I get my Apple TV to use ethernet when it is also connected to WiFi? To automatically use the ethernet connection? Is there a way to disable the WiFi connection?

    To use the ethernet connection, connect it.  To use the WiFi, you can access the network.  I bet the two being connected, it will choose the Wi - Fi just out of logic.

    If you want to use ethernet, disconnect the WiFi.

  • How to enable the continuation of the Standby Option for a USB mouse: I do not see the "allow this device to wake the system from standby mode' check box__

    I use Windows XP Home Edition and I am fully up to date with the latest version of the software.

    I would like to activate my mouse USB power out "sleep mode" on my computer.  I found the help topic that describes how to do this: how to enable the continuation of the Standby Option for a USB mouse

    However, when I follow these steps, I don't see the 'allow this device to wake the system from standby mode ' check box on any of the windows as described in the documentation for Ms.
    I use a Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 3000 (IntelliPoint) USB

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    This gives a test:

    1. click on START
    2. click on 'run '.
    3 type "notepad" (without the quotes) and press enter
    4. copy and paste this into Notepad:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    "USBBIOSHACKS" = DWORD: 00000000
    "USBBIOSx" = DWORD: 00000000

    5. click on file > save as
    6. change the dropdown to "all files".
    7 type usb.reg as the file name and save the file somewhere easy to access
    8 go find the file and double click it. Confirm that you want to add it to the registry
    9 restart the computer and see if you can wake the system from standby mode

    For reference, take a look at this:

    Let us know,

    Thank you!

    Ryan Thieman
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • How would I go about installing device driver USB mobile Apple who is missing after upgrading to the latest version of iTunes? I use Windows 10. Thank you.

    There are some days that I installed the latest version of iTunes. I've also updated my iPad 2 and iPhone 4 iOs 9.3 sec. Now I can not activate the iPad and iTunes on my PC does not show the iPad, or iPhone. I've gathered that the Apple mobile device driver is missing, but don't know how to install it. Any help?

    Maybe isn't a driver problem.

    Help here > How to restart the Service Apple Mobile Device (AMDS) on Windows

  • How can I see the month Apple Watch next?

    How can I see the month Apple Watch next?


    The application of calendar on Apple Watch currently showing events you have planned or have been invited in for today and next week.

    You can also see the days of the current month (but not beyond) as a month view. To see this:

    -By events for any day display, type on the < symbol in the upper left corner of the screen.

    -Press on the month to return to the day view calendar.

    If you want to suggest that Apple considers allowing the calendar to display events for additional periods, you can do it here:

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    How the Favorites, the first thing I see when I open safari?

    Safari/display/show Favorites bar.

  • How to get the connection to the back icon in my taskbar. It allows to be there and I could quickly see whether or not I was connected.

    It allows to be there and I could quickly see whether or not I was connected. I use vista.


    do you mean the network notification icon?

    If Yes, read this:

    There are different ways to fix it

    read all the information on the link below

    Try Method 1 or 3

    Method 1. :

    1. right click on the taskbar and click Properties.

    2 tab Area of Notification .

    3 check the (on) or disable (off) the options you want or do not want to display on the Taskbar Notification area

    Method of reading 3 etc. in the link below

    How to enable or disable the Notification area system icons in Vista

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