How to separate devices in the same household on iMac OSX 10.9.5

set up separate for the same appliances accounts? If I delete the contacts on the iPhone it removes on the iPhone of the spouse as well?


Looks like you have both use the same ID to iCloud.

You must use separate iCloud IDs if you want to avoid this type of operation.

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  • How to get notifications on both devices at the same time, iphone and watch

    Are we able to get opinions on both devices at the same time?

    Yes, if they are connected using the same Apple-ID

  • Headphone Jack, not to let the two devices at the same time - work Realtek problem - Dell Audio is unusable

    A copy of my post TomsHardware, where no one was trying to help:

    "To begin with, no thread any where online have solved my problem. My problem in the simplest possible terms:

    -J' bought a Razer right headphone, it does not work when it is connected.

    -J' spent the next 4 hours of downloading, re - download, install, uninstall and reinstall the Realtek drivers, because everybody says I had allow a setting or a related subcontractors as struggling separate devices or something, and I do not have the Realtek HD GUI; at least, I don't think so...

    - Then I discovered that Dell has decided to replace GUI from Realtek with "Dell Audio", which had two options, one of them being that it should even display settings or not.

    -J' took a few steps in Dell Community site and spent the Realtek driver with the Microsoft driver, and that got the headset to work.

    -My headset works fine, but the microphone is not yet detected.

    What I have relevance: right Razer headphones + microphone detachable; Dell Inspiron 15 w / only, audio unified; each unique Realtek and Microsoft audio driver compatible with Windows 8.1.

    What I don't have: the Realtek audio Manager.

    What I wish I had not: Audio from Dell.

    Someone please help me on this, because I have just fired over $100 for it, and I intend to use it for professional players and podcasting; no microphone is not cut it.

    Sorry if I look really angry at the moment, but I think we've all been there...

    Thank you. »

    The main issue: there is a definition of Realtek Audio Dell only exists to ban, I need to change that. I need to configure it to allow two different devices to use in the same decision, and Audio Dell replaced Realtek GUI with its own, which is pretty... Pretty useless. The two parameters, as there, one of them is "Show advanced settings", so congratulations to anyone who decided to do this monstrosity.

    Every post that I found online said that the Realtek HD GUI is the way to go

    Since you can't have the DD Realtek Audio Manager in a Dell, one wonders how they determined it was the answer.

    I just need a way to access

    My question is how to get all these other people. I think that probably they were not talking Dell laptops and their solution applies to some other manufacturers products.

    Please provide another way to separate input devices that are entered into the same outlet

    A headset devices are already separated in the properties. A helmet is an input device, microphone, which can be set as the default device in the properties (Control Panel > sound > recording tab > micro). It is for the internal microphone until an external microphone is connected. The other part of the headset, the headset is governed by sounds > playback > speakers. Who controls the speakers until the headphones or external speakers are connected.

    Inspiron 15 3542

    Thank you. I wanted to know because a couple of the Realtek drivers have a problem with the headphones or the part headphones headphones. Headphones are recognized by their impedance detection and I think that some of the drivers have their settings come down a little, or too narrow. None of the Realtek for the Inspiron 3542 versions are known to be bad for me, but if you get audio in the headphones using the native driver but not as the pass of the Realtek driver then I feel that the fault is with the Realtek driver. You can see all the drivers that comes from Dell for your model in the Inspiron 15 3542 html page. There is audio for Win7, 8.1 and 10 pilots. "WB" means 8.1 and 'WT' 10. I think that there are 2 of each. Try the two for any operating system you have. (If you have10 which, in itself, could be the problem - other people have said they have started the headphone problems when they installed 10) You should not try to install an older version of the driver on a newer version. First remove the newest one in the control panel.

    It befuddles me that Dell would give us a different GUI that has so few options

    I don't know if Dell Realtek & made that choice for technical reasons or something. I think that some of the laptops did not have the Realtek Manager when Dell has started using Realtek as a supplier, but that changed. Of course no one is happy to have fewer options, but yours is the first post, I've seen that reported to the mic. Many other posters have been unhappy, because Dell's Audio Manager does not provide a way to separately control the volume of the headset which is a problem because they can be much too strong, but the real Realtek Manager has an option to display ' phones as a separate device from the speakers.

    I did not buy a $100 laptop, I bought the headphones for $100

    I thought that you had purchased a used laptop. Some of the older 15 Inspiron are probably pretty cheap now.

    -A system restore will not change anything

    I run a retrieval system to remove windows or configuration problems, but that's just me.

    decision does not have a headphone and microphone with any device I checked

    If the plug does not work with any headphone it either because of the Realtek driver fails detecting the defective hardware or it. You should report to technical support if you have an extended warranty.

    "and I used an adapter USB jack to try my usual Microsoft LifeChat headset).

    Is an adapter USB jack of the same thing that the USB input audio in my previous screenshot? A usb plug avoids the problems of the Realtek combo decision-making because the USB does not use Realtek hardware or driver from Realtek. Headset LifeChat know either, but if they are a usb headset while they should work. USB audio devices are as separate sound cards - each device contains its own audio codec, even the small usb Jack. If a device usb audio does not work, it has nothing to do with the hardware, driver or Realtek Manager.

    Another laptop, an HP G62 old without a grip combo under Windows 7 Ultimate, could run them all very well

    You me lost there. The headphones you have tried in the Inspiron have a single plug for a headset jack (4 segments - TAKING), that looks like this?

    and you connected to a microphone jack on a laptop with the separate mic Sockets & normal headset?

    each response that I get from either Razer themselves or now these forums was condescending.

    Your two posts today have assumptions that make it difficult to formulate a convincing answer, but I I don't think I'm condescending. I try to avoid the annoyances that we see in so many forums. However, they are your feelings and you have a right to them.

    When I said to forget taking combo, I wasn't brushing off the problem, while recognizing that these mic combo jack issues are difficult, in large part because we can't use the native driver to test the Realtek driver, so we can't easily determine if it is a driver or a hardware problem. It is much simpler to use usb audio, but as I said I don't know what are the special features are required for your purposes of pod casting.

  • Can I use two phones, with separate numbers on the same account?

    I'm not an Apple user, so apologies if this is common knowledge! But my CEO is going abroad next week, so we gave him a second phone as a backup in case something happens - with a separate number (we will have diverted current number if necessary). Am I able to use his Apple ID on both of these phones and save them on his laptop computer using the same account Apple's iTunes?

    And while I'm asking, if he is losing his current phone, when it plug a new to his laptop computer and synchronizes with iTunes, it will download as well its history of message? (email, contacts, and calendar easily because they are synchronized with our Exchange Office)

    Thanks in advance!

    You can use the same identifier Apple on both devices. You can also save multiple devices on the same laptop with iTunes. iTunes a tell the difference in the two devices, but it is also good to give them different names, in settings > general > topic > name.

    In case something happens to the first device. If you have saved the original equipment and something happens to her, you can restore the second device from a backup of the first. Everything that has been saved from the first would end up on the second, including messages that are currently on the phone. The problem you are having has to do with new messages. If people sent to the first number, you would be better off by activating the second phone with the old number if necessary. It does not hurt to have already activated with the new number, but it will create a problem for messages. And transmit the phone number will be phone calls to the front, but I do not think that he would transmit text messages.

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    When you transfer the pictures from my card how can I stop downloading the same pictures again?

    You can delete old photos to the SD card in the device or the computer.  You can also choose the option to select only the images you want.

    Good luck.

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    I have pictures in 5 different places, some, some not, how can I get to the same place?

    Thanks for your help, but I'll just give up this. I'm not good on computers, can't do anything anyone advise.  / Thank you once again, Luella

    You learn how to do what all young as you are right now, or the other.  * smile *.

    It's not as if the issue is not going away.  Perhaps if you focused on ONE thing first - like find all the photos on your local computer or to save all photos to your account facebook or yahoo in a folder on your desktop - it seems so overwhelming to you.  All little by little.

    What you want to try first?

  • Use Windows Media Player 12 to "Play To" 2 devices at the same time?

    I'm a big fan of play functionality in Windows Media Player 12 and I am able to play music to 2 devices in my house. I'd like to be able to "play to" both devices at the same time so that the music is synchronized in several rooms. This feature is coming in a future release?


    Thank you for your comments.

    I suggest you enter the information in the link below to submit your comments.

  • IME arrive at some IPS devices at the same time?

    Hi, we manage the IPSs now.

    I know that an IME can control some IPSs at times.

    There is a/s devices.

    the primary (Active) device called A.

    the secondary (standby) device called B.

    I want to know the configuration of the IME is automatically copied into B when I change A setting or not.

    In other words, I change the configuration of the 2 devices at the same time?

    I think that CSM (Cisco Security Manager) can do.


    No, when executing failover, you will need to manually configure each of the boxes. No replication will happen for IPS modules!

    Looking for a Networking Assistance?
    Contact me directly to [email protected] / * /

    I will fix your problem as soon as POSSIBLE.

    See you soon,.

    Julio Segura Carvajal

  • Pair several devices on the same COM Port that use the stack for windows by toshiba bluetooth?

    I have several instances of the same device...

    I wish that they all use the same COM Port when connecting to my Toughbook.
    The application that will receive data from these devices will only monitor a single COM Port assigned to.

    I have only one active connection both for couples... That's why Ifeel, this should be possible.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you


    Please contact the Microsoft Community Forums. I understand you want to pair multiple devices on the same COM Port using Bluetooth.

    Unfortunately, it is impossible to pair multiple devices on the same COM Port using Bluetooth as it is by design.

    With the help of Windows-related issues feel free to post on the Forums of community of Microsoft, we will be happy to help you.

    Thank you.

  • 8 comps with 8 users, how can we all have the same fonts?

    InDesign CC running x 64 build on 8 compositions with 8 users, how can we all have the same fonts?

    It is a very good use for Typekit fonts. If you use all the CC of InDesign, you are all allowed to them for use.

    If you send a document to a team member who has not downloaded the police, it is automatically synchronized on their computer.

  • How sensitive divs that are the same height, but with different amounts of content in them?

    I try to use a square twice side by side on my site, and they are sensitive, but as they have a different amount of content in them, they are different height. How do I make them the same height so they dimensionnera always evenly?

    Here is an example of what I want to do.Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 13.46.58.png

    Here is the css and html I use;

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    Width: 50%;

    Float: left;

    Max-width: 675px;

    Max-height: 338px;


    . {Texthalf}

    Width: 80%;

    height: 80%;

    margin: 10% 10%;


    < div class = "Half-width-Content" style = "" background-color: # 2793 3; ">"

    < div class = "Texthalf" >

    < h1 > < font color = "White" > did you know? < / police > < / h1 >

    < hr > < / h >

    < h6 > < font color = "White" > Hacel has combined 100 years of experience in the lighting industry < / police > < / h6 >

    < hr > < / h >

    < / div >

    < / div >

    And this is what I get now;

    Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 13.49.42.png

    Thank you

    First - make sure you include a link to the jquery library in your page head tags:

    And then paste the code I provided after him.

  • How to use photoshop with the same account on more than one laptop?

    How to use photoshop with the same account on more than one laptop?

    a single user license entitles you to two facilities simultaneous/activations.  so, what's the problem?

  • How to remove links on the same page?

    I have PDF documents with links to referenced sections (for example the text link "Article 2.2" points to the real page number of "article 2.2" "), but as the links are created from the cross references in the interpretation of the word to PDF, there are cases that the destination page number and the number of the page source of the links are identical (for example, text links"section 2.2 "on page 9 are created with the destination on page 9, which is the actual page the number of"Article 2.2"), I want to delete all these links, but I don't know how to get the landing page, I check the QAnywhere and finds that"PDLinkAnnotGetAction"may work, but I don't know how to use it, you could me check codes below and advise? Your help is really appreciated!

    PDPage page;

    ASInt32 i, of i2.

    AVDoc avDoc = AVAppGetActiveDoc();

    PDDoc pdDoc = AVDocGetPDDoc (avDoc);

    int pageNum = PDDocGetNumPages (pdDoc);

    for (i = pageNum - 1; i > = 0; i--)


    page = PDDocAcquirePage (pdDoc, i);

    int annotNum = PDPageGetNumAnnots (page);

    for (i2 = annotNum - 1; i2 > = 0; i2-)



    PDPageRemoveAnnot (i, i2);



    My product information:
    Acrobat Pro 8.1.6, Windows

    Start by reading the PDF standard (ISO 32000 - 1) to understand the Actions vs Destinations.

    Then for each annot, you'll want to see that she (and in the case of an Action, if it has more than one).  Next, you need to analyze the action or dest to see what it is and where it goes.  If you do not, you will delete it.

    From: Adobe Forums [email protected]<>[email protected]>

    Reply-To: "[email protected]<>[email protected]> ' [email protected]<>[email protected]>" "

    Date: Tuesday, October 25, 2011 09:25:32-0700

    To: Leonard Rosenthol [email protected]<>[email protected]>

    Topic: How to remove links to the same page?

    How to remove links on the same page?

    created by > in Acrobat SDK - see the discussion complete on

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