How to set the sequence/SequenceFile leave without a control TS?

We want to make sure that the user is not running an incorrect sequence.  How can I pass the path of the movie file to TS of the IO without using the drop-down list Teststand?  What sequence control?  Can I just ignore/hide this one too?

Thank you!


Hi Jed,

Take a look at this example and see if it helps:

Hardcode a path of sequence in the Simple TestStand OI

Kind regards

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  • Shipping costs: how to set the sequence for 'delivery name '?


    How can I set the sequence "name of delivery." Right now, our requirement is to have an auto-numbering without interval.

    Thank you

    System automatically generates the name of delivery under the number can be changed manually. There is a public API WSHCSPBB.pls - WSH_CUSTOM_PUB package - with the Delivery_Name FUNCTION. This public API can be easily changed/adapted to obtain the desired Delivery_Name.

  • How to set the sequence in Simple TestStand IO file

    Hi all

    Whenever I run the Simple IO - Top, it loads the last file in the sequence of race.  How default to certain sequence?

    Great appreciate for your help.


    You can use the method of file sequence, open the application Manager (then you just need to connect the path to the file)

  • How to set the default value of the attribute with a sequence number? Is it possible to add a string to like abc0001?

    Mr President.

    How to set the default value of the attribute with a sequence number? Is it possible to add a string to like abc0001?


    For the date, you can use groovy expression adf.currentDate to set the current date. reference

    You already have ways to use the sequence.

    How do you add a new value in the form. You're creating a new line of your page (user interface) and by engaging with validation operation? Unless you commit you will not be able to see anything in the table.

    Thank you

  • How to set the position and size of the façade using the FPRunTimePosRunCustom method in a c# application?

    How to set the position and size of the façade using the FPRunTimePosRunCustom method in a c# application?

    I found a solution! -Set the size and position of the façade with the help of the

    File > VI properties > window running Position (in category list) > custom (in position of menu drop-down).

    then just accept the current position and size (leave the boxes checked) or set values you want directly (uncheck the boxes and fill in the numbers), or physically position and size the façade and use, the "set to current location" button and press "set size" current All that is easier for you.

    OK so it does not make use of the method VI Methods (Active X) FPRunTimePosRunCustom ([Position], [Size]) but if labview want to make him difficult to use then other means must be found.

  • How to set the path of the report in a plugin for model

    I'm trying to figure out how to set the path of the report in a plugin process model. I can't find a way to have access to it. It seems this would be a reasonable thing to do since the plug-ins are for the treatment of the results. Does anyone know how to do this? We generally use the sequential process model, but I try to keep my plug-in as independent as possible.

    Thank you.

    If I understand correctly, you want your plug-in, when enabled, change the settings of all other instances of the report OR plugin as their reports share the same directory that your plug-in is configured to use.

    If so, your plug-in can access and change the settings of all other instances of plugin. All instances are passed to all the points of plugin entries in the subproperty of the plugins of the ModelConfiguration parameter table. You can browse this table. Any element of the array with an equal to "NI_ReportGenerator.seq" Base.SequenceFilename is an instance of the report OR plugin. Its report options are stored in the element under PluginSpecific.Options.

    You can change the report options to what you want. Note that the recall of the ReportOptions model is called from template-plugin Initialize entry point, then you might want to ensure that your changes are applied after that, so they are not replaced. To do this, you could make your changes in the Initialize entry point of your plugin and make sure your plugin runs last. To rotate the last, you can set the FileGlobals.ModelPluginComponentDescription.Default.Base.RunOrder in your file of plug-in with a value greater than 0, for example 1.0 (see Help for TestStand > Fundamentals > process template Architecture > plug-in for the model process Architecture > Structure of the plugin sequence files > plugin model of entry Points > Order Execution of Point of entry at run time).

  • How to set the parameter of the BIOS under XP?

    I'm trying to boot into the recovery console windows using a bootable XP Recovery console CD. But I do not know how to set the BIOS to achieve this. Can someone give me instructions step by step? Thanks in advance.

    A quick search on Google for

    For Lenovo 3000 change boot sequence

    .. .finds a message in the forum of the Lenovo users who said you choose Start and adjust it.

    I can't check it works, but maybe someone who knows the Lenovo will verify that or tell you what to do.

    It seems like a simple process, but some of the discussions on how to boot from a CD are ridiculously long and full of trail and error.  When you get your job, let know us the good way that works and I'll put it in my notes!

    Here is a link to the Lenovo's Support Page:

    Do, or do not. There is no test.

    I need YOUR voice and the points for helpful answers and propose responses. I'm saving for a pony!

  • How to set the name of the author and where I find all of the debug option token during the race or the creation of the application on QNX IDE?

    How to set the name of the author and where I find all of the debug option token during the race or the creation of the application on QNX IDE?

    Here is the error

    Failure of deployment: Info: request shipment: install and launch
    Info: Action: install and launch
    News: Native debugging: on
    Info: File size: 219949
    Info: Installing com.example.UIBB10AppTest1.testDev_B10AppTest15dd51c62...
    Info: Treatment 219949 bytes
    result::failure 881 the application author does not match the author token of debugging

    The author information is located in the bar - descriptor.xml in the tab "General". But the information must be defined automatically. In addition, you must install the token debug on your device.

    If everything is configured properly there is only one problem that happened to me. I had several chips debugging Momentics. I had to remove all chips debugging and leave alone the I want to use. Perhaps, you have also several debugging chips installed in Momentics. This seems to be a bug in Momentics who can't handle several chips debugging.

  • How to maintain the sequence DB value if we don't save the record?

    Hi friends,

    I created a Page creating and defining the primary key (Empno) with the sequence of the DB column. This method, I'll call you in PR

    Here is the code and it works fine.

    public void createRecord() {}
    OAViewObject vo = getXXEMPNEWEOVO1();
    If (! vo.isPreparedForExecution ())
    vo.executeQuery ();
    Number seqNo = getOADBTransaction () .getSequenceValue ("XX_EMP_S");
    Line = vo.createRow ();
    row.setAttribute ("Empno", seqNo);

    vo.insertRow (row);
    row.setNewRowState (Row.STATUS_INITIALIZED);

    If I record the record, it is saving without any problem.

    But here is my requirement, if I do not save the file I'd be losing sequence. I don't want to lose this sequence.

    Ex: Current Seq: 10

    When I go to create the page: the seq is 11. If I save it, it will get stored in DB without any problem.

    Instead of save, I'll close the page and to reopen the page, this time, a new sequence will get generated, that is to say 12. But 11 has disappeared. I don't want to miss this 11.

    I wrote the same code in the method Create() of EO. He works also as same (above).

    I tried to write the code in the button Save, I am getting error below:

    Error -

    Empno in PraciceAM.XXEMPNEWEOVO1 attribute is required.

    CO code:

    OAViewObject empupdatevo = (OAViewObject) am.findViewObject ("XXEMPNEWEOVO1");

    TXN OADBTransaction = am.getOADBTransaction ();

    Number of seqNo = txn.getSequenceValue ("xx_emp_s");

    Line = empupdatevo.getCurrentRow ();

    row.setAttribute ("Empno", seqNo);

    Can you help me please on this.

    A quick response would be much appreciated.

    Note: This issue, I was also asked to interviews, I was empty.

    Thank you



    Once recovered DB sequence value cannot be restored.

    Few options for you:

    1. set a dummy value say-1 initially, then drift and set the value of the sequence on the click on save.

    2. set the validation server = false on the "Save" button. But it stops to throw another error in the page on the click of the button.

    3. you can substitute doDML() and try to set the sequence value in this, but it will take once again the dummy value-1 as the first option.

    Hope this helps and answers your question.

    See you soon


  • How to set the image of the project format

    Newbie question: I create a video from various sources. Some sequences are 1280 x 720, other clips from old DVD, whose size is 642 x 480. The first clip I have loaded in my project is the old (642 x 480 pixels), it seems because I loaded the small clip in the first place, the whole project is that report width / height. So now when I try to bring new clips, they get cropped. How to set the size to 1280 x 720? It's ok, if there is black bands around the small clips. Thank you

    I use first Pro CC on Mac OS 10.9.5

    Select your sequence in the project Panel, and then open it by going to sequence/sequence settings in the menu dropdown.

    Now change the custom output Format.

    Now, you will be able to change the settings.

  • How to set the height of a region?

    db11gxe, apex 4.0, firefox 24

    Hi all

    How to set the height of a region?

    Thank you


    I want to create you sample so I can't spend the time to do so-

    Your link points to the generator APEX is useless without loging details in your workspace.

    Theme 9 "simple gray" is available in, when you select themes inherited.

    Try to add to the header of the region

    And the foot of the region

Kind regards


  • LR4.1 - tone curve - how to set the individual RGB channels?


    I can't find out how to set the curve of different RGB channels.  I guess the LR4 tone curve works as the dialog box curves PS with the channel drop-down list.

    LR4.1 help says:

    To make adjustments at different points on the tone curve, choose an option in the menu of the curve of points, click the button change the curve of points , and then do one of the following:

    • Choose an option from the popup menu of the channel. You can change the three channels at once, or choose to change the red, green, or blue channel individually.

    When I click on the small icon in the lower right corner of the Panel curve tones, the Panel shrinks while I do not see the sliders of regions.  If I click again, they are visible again.  I can't find where to select one of the three channels indvidual.

    Aid refers to the "Point curve menu."  Where is the menu Point curve?  The curve of points is different from the tone curve?

    If I right-click (Windows) in the curve dialog box, the shortcut menu has an option show information.  I click on it power and don't see any change or any info.  Where should I look for info?

    Thanks for any help here.


    Hi John,.

    The curve of points is without cursors. The settings for the individual channels are only available with

    PV2012. You must be editing a file with PV2010 or 2003. When to PV2012, you will see "channels: RGB" under the window of the curve. Click on the triangles of doule following RGB

    for each channel.



  • Slide show - how to change the sequence of images

    How to change the sequence of images in the slide show.

    I'm trying to highlight in the film strip, and I can drag.  But, when I try to place it somewhere else, it comes in the original location.

    What I am doing wrong?

    Yu can not change the order of the images in the slideshow module.

    To change the order, go to the library module (must be seen grid), enter the part of the image of the thumbnail and drag if it is a new position in the sequence. Switch to the slide show module when all the pictures are in the order of preference, and then create a Collection of slide show. The order and the setting is stored in the collection.

  • How to set the value of a field from the LOV of another field.

    I'm trying to figure out how to set the value of a field (P_PROGRAM) to the value of another field of based lov (P_STATE).

    The P_PROGRAM field is a hidden field. The P_STATE field is a required field and is based on a list of values for the State Codes.

    When a user selects the State to P_STATE, the field of the P_PROGRAM should be set to this value, as well.

    I tried different ways to get there via a function call on the post for the calculation of the field P_STATE, defining the source P_PROGRAM to the value of the page item P_STATE put varialbles, creating a process before SENDING, and they all still come back as having a NULL value for P_PROGRAM, therefore impossible to create the file in the db as the PROGRAM is a mandatory field in the table.

    Can you please help? Thank you, Laura


    It is always helpful if you provide information about the Apex version you are using. The Apex 4 you can use Dynamic Actions to achieve this. In earlier versions is possible using processes to submit or javacsripts, as well.

    Heres how you do in 3.x with treatment to submit, to make it work in 4.0 as well.

    1 do the P_STATE ' select list submits the Page.
    2. Add a calculation on the point P_PROGRAM, or write to him assign a value based on a process. The treatment should be OnLoad after the header
    3. If the page does not have an unconditional branch that loops on itself, add a. NOTE: The direction must be the last branch (larger sequence number) and should have checked "Save Session State".

    This is what will happen
    a. when the State is selected Page will be submitted
    (b) it will take the unconditional branch to himself and save the value of P_STATE
    c. the calculation process / fills the value of the P_PROGRAM element when the page reloads

    Kind regards

  • How to change the sequence of films in iMovie Theater

    By exporting iMovie projects in iMovie Theater, the sequence of films is determined by the time of download. How to change the sequence of films in iMovie Theater list?

    HI, breeaz,

    I have not found a way to change the sequence of films shown in the movie screen.

    If you access your movies in the Finder folder, then Ctrl-click on the folder of the theatre, you will find your movies to the poster

    in the alphabetical order in archival records.   I was not able to manually rearrange it.   They can be rearranged in some categories, through the view menu item at the top of the screen and the changes applied to the entire window, but it was not carrying at the display of iMovie.  In General, I'd like to make changes to the structure of iMovie in the finder.  It can cause serious problems.



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