How to transfer photos from mobile to drive for the thumb

How to transfer photos to a thumb (jump) disc?

Jon4242 wrote:

How to transfer photos to a thumb (jump) disc?

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  • Create an empty folder on the thumb drive.
  • Select the photos in the photo browser, and then use "file > export" to copy them to the folder on the thumb drive.

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    Welcome to the Microsoft community where you can find all the answers related to windows.

    You can go through the manual of the unit and check. You can also install a Bluetooth device and synchronize the phone via Bluetooth and transfer the pictures.

    Hope this information was helpful and let us know if you need help in the future about Windows. We will be happy to help you.

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    Several ways: you want to transfer all the photos from your iPhone and the iPad, or selected albums?

    1. You can stream the new photos continually on your mobile devices using 'My Photo Stream': iCloud: Photo Stream FAQ
    2. You can use iCloud library to transfer all the pictures and keep all synchronized devices.
    3. You can use iTunes to transfer the albums selected to your library of Photos from your iPhone / iPad.

    This support document explains methods 2 and 3: keep your photos safely stored and updated on all your devices - Apple Support

    And if you just want to transfer some photos, post them or put on iCloud drive.

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    Plug a flash drive on your mac.  Flash drive icon should appear on your desktop.  There are adapters for sd camera cards.

    You may be prompted to add pictures to the photo app.

    If not or you do not want to add photos to the app, you can double-click the flash drive icon. You may need to explore the folder where are the pictures.  Drag and drop the photos where ever you like.


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    Hello Janet,

    To provide the proper resolution, I would need more information on your side.

    1. which version of the operating system are you using?

    2. What is the full error message?

    3. How do you send pictures from phone to computer?

    To transfer photos from Mobile to the computer, it may require some software to install on the computer provided by the manufacturer of Mobile. Then I suggest you to contact the manufacturer of Mobile for assistance on this issue.

    Hope this information helps. If you need more assistance or information on this question, reply to this post. I'll be happy to help you.

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    There are several methods.

    You could make a start by looking at this article.

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    Thank you for visiting Microsoft Community.

    As I understood it, you want to know how to transfer photos from phone android to the computer.

    Certainly, I understand your concern.

    I would suggest trying the following steps and check if that helps.

    1. Download and install the USB drivers for your smartphone to your computer.
    2. Insert one end of the cable into the USB connector on your smartphone mini mini USB sync and the other end to a USB port on your computer.
    3. On your smartphone, hold and drag the notification bar and tap the icon USB
    4. Press Activate USB Storage , then OK.
    5. On the computer, click Start and then click computer. The micro-SD card in your smartphone is listed as removable disk.
    6. Double-click the removable disk to open it. Double-click the DCIMfolder and following the camerafolder.
    7. Copy the photos and videos in this folder to any folder on your computer.

    Important: If the removable disk does not appear in my computer, verify if the USB icon is displayed on your smartphone. If the icon is not visible, try to connect the smartphone to another USB port and follow the steps above.

    For reference:

    We may also refer to the article below and check if that helps.

    Import pictures and videos from a camera phone or a DVD

    I hope this information is useful.

    Please let us know if you need more help, we will be happy to help you.

    Thank you.

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    'S done it with the synchronization process. You connect the iPhone to the computer, select the folders you want to sync to the iPhone and sync. See this support document for further instructions. Keep your photos safely stored and updated on all your devices - Apple Support

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    Pictures interface is a little interesting... up in the title bar, there is a set of arrows that comes of years the collection and finally moments. You cannot select an image until you are at times. Once you are at times, you can select an image and it can drag on the desktop. However, I suggest that rather than drag on the desktop that you select the image (or images), and then select export on the file menu. This option allows you to make choices on the photo (s), including where you want to put, if you do not want to put them in a subfolder and a few other nice options.

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    Title of the message was edited by: Brett N

    In PSE10, you can try to convert your old starter edition catalog. First you have to find your old catalog, he probably has a file name that ends with psa, you need to search your computer for *.psa (probably will have to tell Windows to search in hidden folders). Then, once you have found the location in PSE10, file-> catalog-> convert and then tap it back this old catalog.

    Furthermore, your pictures are not stored in PSA Starter Edition 3. They are stored on your hard drive, somewhere, anywhere where you put them. So you can always get to your photos like that if you want to.

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    As I said above, this also worked on my Surface PRO who do NOT have iTunes installed.


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    See if the above tutorial will help you.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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    Hi treksie,
    Check the following Nokia Support positions and see if it helps you:
    Here is an article to set up a device to sync with Media Player:
    To know the mode of transfer, contact The Forum Nokia's Support because they are the best people who can guide you on this issue.
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  • How to transfer photos from windows live on sd card?

    How can I transfer photos to the sd card or a key windows live photo gallery?

    How can I transfer photos to the sd card or a key windows live photo gallery?

    In Windows Live Photo Gallery... right click a thumbnail
    or a selected group of thumbnails or even a folder and
    in the menu... Choose... "Copy".

    You can select several photos of your choice by
    holding your CTRL pressed to the left by clicking on the thumbnails.

    The flash drive or memory card should be recognized at...
    Start / computer / devices with removable storage...
    with a drive letter.

    Right-click on the drive letter that represents your flash drive
    or memory card and in the menu... choose... 'Stick '.

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