How to transfer photos from Photoshop Album for Photoshop Elements

can someone tell me how to transfer photos I have in photoshop starter edition 3, which expired in Photoshop elements 10.

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In PSE10, you can try to convert your old starter edition catalog. First you have to find your old catalog, he probably has a file name that ends with psa, you need to search your computer for *.psa (probably will have to tell Windows to search in hidden folders). Then, once you have found the location in PSE10, file-> catalog-> convert and then tap it back this old catalog.

Furthermore, your pictures are not stored in PSA Starter Edition 3. They are stored on your hard drive, somewhere, anywhere where you put them. So you can always get to your photos like that if you want to.

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    Basically when I try to copy my photos on iMac iPhone connecting to through apple cable and open the photos app in iMac. just as it was before my iPhone will appear in the import section, and from there it would begin loading photos available for importing photos from my iPhone here. But now it starts to load pictures (empty skeletons), but before he can load images iPhone disappears from the photos app, so I'm not able to transfer my photos. I know there are tons so as to move the photos to iMac, but technically it should work too (my favorite and the easiest of all).

    experience tried

    (1) I also tried with the option/alt and start iMac touch; s app photos to create a new library to see if it works this way, no luck.

    (2) the iPhone at the moment appears click on import button photos all without selecting the photos, it starts to copy some but after awhile, it fails with the iPhone in endangered and above screenshot attached failure msg.

    are there problems at pictures of mac side app or iPhone app. I keep my stuff to date so not sure when you have this problem started. I suspect it all started when I activated video 4K on my iPhone but not sure than just a speculation.

    any kind of suggestion will be useful thanks.

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    Thank you for your participation in the communities of Support from Apple.

    I see that your iPhone is not recognized by your iMac or Photos when you try to import images into your photo library. Have you tried several good troubleshooting steps. Because the same thing happens in a new library of Photos, try to import images using Image Capture -Capture of Image: transfer images and other elements of your device.

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    How do you get pictures on PES 10 is a matter of Adobe support

    Once you have them in a folder on the desktop you import just photos (menu, file == > import or drag them to the Photos icon in the Dock)


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    The steps for transfer files from external devices varies according to the options for the device and the operating system installed.

    Your best source of information is the smartphone manufacturer or the documentation that came with this unit.


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