How to uninstall microsoft no product which has not been installed good product is intunemp3 (error windows cannot install acsess)

I downloaded intunemp3 to get music, but it did not work properly so I tried to uninstall the product and all I get is (error windows cannot install acsess, this can happen if the installation program has not been installed correctly) and as it happened I met other problems which I think may be related to the first problem. When I use my system tools to defragment files, it only that Flash and never starts, when I try to download windows updates they fail.even when I try to run a security scan the sas error McAfee has encountered a problem please click Home and try again. can any body out there help me out?

Thank you


Try to do a system restore: click on start, all programs, accessories, System Tools, System Restore.  Then choose the restore point from when itunes tried to install.  If this does not work, let me know and I can give you another way to do it.

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