How to use the capture and the print button

I tried to figure out how to use the capture and the "print" button, or add or what you call. I press it and the whole page of a different color changes, so I try to cut the section I want but I don't know how to send it to the printer. Can someone help me with this. I'm not at savvy with tech stuff, but when I find a recipe or something and it doesn't have an option to print a certain area, I can't understand how to use it?

Thank you

Andi Starbuck


That happens to me is, I click and drag to make a rectangle of yellow selection, and as soon as I raise my finger on the mouse button, the part I've selected is captured as an image, a new tab opens and preview before printing, the image display. I can use the installation of the Page or simply print. But if I close the preview, this temporary image vanishes and I'm back on the page where I started. You see something different?

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  • How to use the Print Screen function?

    I've seen various descriptions of how to use the print screen function.

    It would be nice to actually tell one that works.  None have worked for me.

    [Fn] and Prt SCr does not work.

    CTRL and Prt SCr does not work.

    CTRL, Alt, and Prt SCr does not work.

    [Fn], Ctrl and Prt SCr does not work.

    If anyone knows the correct method to activate the screen capture function which would be a good thing.

    From the looks of things, HP has a big problem with this function.

    Here's a microsoft articleon the use of the screenshot function.

    This should answer your questions.

    Thanks for taking a peek.

  • How to use the prtsc button please, so I can capture Bank to receive the shipment?

    How to use the prtsc button please, so I can capture Bank to receive the shipment?

    If you can view receipts from the Bank to the screen... just left
    Click on your print screen button to copy the screen of your
    Windows Clipboard. Then... Open Windows Paint and
    Reach... Editing / paste. Then go to... File / save as / JPEG.

    If the file needs cropping... you can use the 'Fix' edition
    option in the Windows Photo Gallery.

    Another option:

    If you run any version of Vista Basic...
    the capture tool can be a better tool for the job:

    Use capture tool to capture screenshots
    (Vista Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, Enterprise)

    Windows Vista - activate the Vista Snipping Tool

    Vista tutorial - How to use the tool captures of Vista

  • How to add the "print" button in the payslip online

    Dear friends,

    How to add the "print" button in the payslip online (Employee Self Service). Is someone can pls let me know on this subject...



    Please see the following documents.

    Note: 332402.1 - can you mass printing of payslips online?

    Note: 256072.1 - payslip V4.0 button "print" is missing

    For more information on Advisor and Checkwriter deposit, please see:

    Note: 459306.1 - notice of Checkwriter/filing XML

    Kind regards

  • How to use the "back" button to return to the new page tab in FF15

    In FF14 I could
    (1) open the new tab and see the new tabs with thumbnails of page 9 page.
    2) click on a thumbnail and go to this page.
    (3) click on the back of FF button, who took me to the new tab page so I could click on some other thumbnail.

    In FF15 which doesn't seem to work. In step 3 above, the previous button is not active/active and so I can easily go back to the new page tab. How to get back in a simple way?

    No, you can no longer use the previous button back to the topic: newtab page if you have opened a page by clicking on one of the slots on this page.

    You need to close the tab and open a new tab to get this page or set as the home page and click on the Home button.

  • How to use the print face feature two automatic? I get only one side printed.

    I just got a new HP Officejet Pro 8600 and it says it's supposed to automatically print double-sided.  When I have a paper face two feed the paper from the upper bin feeder, it takes in and it then prints on one side, then he pulls the book which he just printed in as if he was going to print the second side, but then it ejects just page and does never print the second side.  I have an Asus computer running Windows 7, but I'm just trying to make a copy two faces to the right of the printer itself.  I went into the settings and there are two options under two back, we say '1-coast face 1 copy Original' and the other choice I have chosen is "1 side 2-sided original copy.  Those are the only choices.  What I am doing wrong?

    The two-sided printing module will print the back automatically when printing.  When making copies, it will print the back if you put two (or more) pages in the feeder and select this option to copy 1-face to face 2.  This model apparently does not 2 head to head 2 copies, i.e., it doesn't have a mechanism to scan the rear face of load in the ADF.

  • HP officejet pro k550 will not print a test page using the printer buttons.

    How to print a test page to make sure that this printer is still operational?

    I tried all the instructions release possible jams printer, deleted and reinserted the printheads and clean the rollers.  When you press the keys on the front of the printer, it will not print a test page.  and no led error display.

    The printer has been connected to another computer and stopped working last summer.  The printer does not respond to commands from the computer, nor would he respond to the keys on the front of the printer itself.  I can get the printhead to move using the controls on the front of the printer, however.  The printer is not currently connected to any computer and the nearest computer has not installed the appropriate drivers.  Initially the printer is connected to a desktop computer Dell Windows XP (sp 3).

    Here's how to print a self-test of the control panel page.

  • Satellite A100-233 - how to use the multimedia buttons in Linux


    I used to use media keys and ALTLinux on Toshiba Satellite A100-233 (who, under the power button)... Its possible? If so, how?

    PS: Sorry for my bad English... If you can answer on Russian... =)


    Hmm these buttons belongs to a characteristic of Toshiba and this function needs special drivers of Toshiba.
    Unfortunately, there is no drivers for Linux distributions and that's why I put t think you will get these buttons work after installing Linux.

    See you soon

  • How to use the "next" button in the XML - SPA504G directory

    I have basic XML working directory (CiscoIPPhoneDirectory) stuff on the SPA504G. However, I realize that I can view only 32 entries and I see that there is a 'next' button activated, but it seems to do nothing. How can I link this button to get a new url to the next page of 32 results - I'm ok on the side of this server.

    Looking at the xsi_dev_guide (which I'm not sure applies to the SPA504G), discussions about adding an HTTP header refresh, but it is a little vague and every time that I add it to the HTTP response, the barfs (invalid response) spa504.

    Do I need to program the next key to send a URL or something?

     Do I need to program the next softkey to send a URL or something? 

    Yes, certainly. The 'Next' button is not a magic key of any kind. It comes standard "ask the HTTP Server page" key. It must issue an HTTP request for the page.  Content page previous application key as "Prev".

    If you need something like:

      Next https://.../Cisco/Directory.php?page=2 3  

    Note that you should NOT claim button Next on the last page. Phone will choke on empty CiscoIPPhoneDirectory (no entry for example). For the same reason, you must not declare Prev key on the first page.

     Looking at the xsi_dev_guide (which I am not sure is applicable to the SPA504G), talks about adding a Refresh HTTP Header, however it is a bit vague and whenever I add it to the HTTP response, the spa504 barfs (invalid response). 

    Yes, xsi_dev_guide is SPA504G as well. Although discounting is not claimed by an official standard, it is de facto standard recognized by many browsers already. Thus, it is not documented in detail heres. In the example above, you must issue...

    Refresh: 0; URL = https://.../Cisco/Directory.php?page=2

    ... header here.

    Rate of useful advice. It will help others to find solutions.

  • How to use the Radio button


    In my form, I want the radio button.

    On the selection of this radio button user can change the status of "QC" for "STOCK".

    Initially, when he disabled status should be "QC".

    How to put this in my form guide me please.


    Make a group of Radio (say RADIO_GROUP16) with 2 buttons radio (mean RADIO_BUTTON17 and RADIO_BUTTON18).

    Specify the initial value of Radio group to U
    Specify the value of Radio to R and U buttons

    and in the status field to write after outbreak.

    If: block. RADIO_GROUP16 = 'U' then
    message ("can not update status '");
    end if;

    I guess that when you select the second radio button (with the 'R' value) then only you would be allowed to change the status.

    Please check the answer correct/useful if th answer was helpful

  • How to use the 3 buttons to control the transitions in my case structure?

    Hello world

    I hope that this will be an easy fix... Although I can't get out?

    I'm building a state machine inside a while loop with the following States:

    1. idle system.

    2 PCI self-cal.

    3. run DAQ and do my treatment.

    4. stop the vi.

    I can't do that with the help of an enum no problem (with the State 1. System idle as the while loop initialization status)... But I really want to have is 4 buttons on the front panel, one for each of the 4 States, so that the user needs to do is press the button corresponding to the State they want to and the appropriate transition multibordure... For example, when the vi runs first, the idle state is on... When the user is ready can then press 2 for a self-cal... Is auto-cal is ok, they hit key 3 for data acquisition... Once completed the acquisition of data the user can hit the 4 button to stop the vi...

    My problem is that I need the current key to pick up when another button is hit...

    Any suggestions?... It kills me!

    Thank you


    Here's what I had in mind. You can easily add conditions so that code runs only once after a change of control, for example.

  • Using a mac OSX and mouse logitech M-UAG120, how to use the wheel button to open a link in a new tab (but not switch to him)? Cannot type a key in the box.

    In the logitech control center, I clicked my mouse (mouse wheel tilt), clicked on 'roulette' and in the combination of keys selected menu dropdown. Under 'configure strike', there is a box «enter a key...» ", and to the right, there's a selection of"choose a modifier.

    On this web page,, the instruction to "open the link in a new tab" is Cmd + enter Cmd + click

    On this page,, the instruction for 'open link in new tab' is command+Left-click link   Middle-click link

    I can't understand how to type correctly for that function.

     Help please?
     Thank you all.

    Hello again!

    You can send the question to Logitech customer support and otherwise reinstall the Logitech software again or reset factory default driver software, as I don't know any more than the problem lies in the web browser itself.

    If all above fails them, try and see if you can get the mouse works propely on other computers running the same version of Mozilla Firefox.

  • I want to use the print SCREEN key, but does not work.

    Using Vista, I want to activate my key on my keyboard screenshot to capture what I have on my screen at the same time.  When I press it, nothing happens.  Is there something that I need to program to operate?

    You must stick somewhere after you press the button.

    Often abbreviated Prt Scr, print screen key is a useful key supported by most of the PC. On the BACK, by pressing the print screen key causes the computer to send some images and text are currently on the screen to the printer. Some graphics programs and Windows, use the print screen button to get screenshots.

    Now, how to see the screenshots or maybe even send them to someone? The fastest and most effective method is to have a practical graphic editing program. If this isn't an option, you can open your favorite word processing program and create a new document. Place your cursorat the beginning of the document, or wherever you want the screenshot to appear.

    Using your keyboard, press Ctrl + V which will Paste the screenshot in your open document

    How to capture a screenshot of your desktop or window Active in Windows

    How to use the print on your laptop screen

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Using the print screen key

    I have a aspire one D255E-notebook.  How to use the print screen key?  I tried and it does nothing.

    Hello tuckersmom

    The print screen button, it's allowing you to display photos from your computer.  For example, if there is page that won't load properly, and whether you want to send an image of a person, press the print screen key, then open a graphics such as Paint or Paint Shop Pro program and right-click with your mouse to "stick" the image in. " Alternatively, you can choose to paste in the drop down menu of your graphics software.

    What to backup on your computer, and you can attach it to an email.

  • On Windows 8, by default, OneNote when I try to use the print option. How do I set printer as default and not in OneNote?

    When I try to use the print option. How do I set printer as default and not in OneNote? Also, when I want to print from a web page (on the Web page printing option) it goes to OneNote and not print. I have also pulled up a file saved in OneNote and selected the print option in the Menu. I selected a specific page and is nevertheless not print?

    Because your message is off-topic in the comment forum, I moved it to the forum Windows 8 "Performance and Maintenance", where it is more on the subject.

    As you watch the start page, type "default printer".  A list appears on the right side of the screen.  Tap 'settings' and 'Change the default printer' will appear on the left.  Tap it.  Your devices folder and printers opens on the desktop.  You will see that "Send to OneNote" will have a green check mark next to it.  Right click on the printer, if you have already installed it, then select "Set as default".  Close the folder.  Therefore, when printing, your printer will be the default device.

    If you have not yet installed a printer, make sure you download the latest driver for 8 compatible of Windows to the web site of the manufacturer and install the driver following the instructions of the manufacturer.  Then set the default device.

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