HP 7 G2 1311 / J5T72AA: HP 7 G2 1311 - only restart

Good afternoon

I have the following problem: I have a Tablet HP7 g2 1311 that constantly and automatically reboots in standby, then it takes longer to restart than normal, sometimes also blocks, so I have to press the power button (to be noted that in this case have to press more than normal, about 20-30 seconds), to reconnect again.

I contacted HP, for the 3rd time, to solve the problem, always replace the equipment and the problem persists.

At first, I thought it was a request that has been the source of the problem. So I tried without installed applications (android one and all it's applications), with the same result. It will be a problem with the android OS, or the improper modification of the operating system from HP?
When I put the 1st installation settings and place connect to wifi, automatically update the firmware of a 01/2015, is not the cause?

In the 1st model (store bought), they had no update and also did ' t had factory reset (that is why I contacted HP for the 1st time), she never restarts.

Applications that were installed in my first gear are the same as those installed on the following facilities, for this reason that I have "rejected" the problem with applications.

What is this problem happened to a Member? Y at - it a procedure of solution to fix this problem?

There are 3 tablet, all with the same problem? Something is very wrong.
HP should not send me a new model and not a refurbished?

I would like to have a new factory model and not a refurbished.

I have will continue to contact support and will probably continue to exchange the product. It may be that some is no abnormality.

HP is to lose if the problems remain so.



Hi!, @Arocha70:

You have to charge 100% of the battery.

The update.zip procedure, first delete all installed and then install the upgrade. Wait a few minutes.

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