HP 8610: problem printing of PDF files with iMac

I have a HP 8610 all-in-One powered by an iMac.

I have a problem with printing of PDF files.

When I print, the page moves approximately 1.5 inches down and doesnot print page as seen on the screen.

I checked with Apple and you s not a problem with the computer.  They say that there must be a parameter that must be corrected with the printer.

If you encounter the problem with PDF files and only on the Mac, the best solution may be to download and run a different PDF Viewer that allows you to open the file and print instead. Adobe, Foxit, and Nitro are a few free PDF viewers with Mac support.

Please let me know if you are able to print your PDF documents using one of these programs instead, or if you have any other questions. If not, have a great day!

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    I can't get Adobe to open my pdf files. No internet or desktop.

    I download fine. I have installed and reinstalled several times.

    If I try to open it, it looks like it opens but closes immediately. I tried to open adobe, but nothing. A gray screen and that's it. I can't access the help button

    A few things to try...

    • Update to version 11.0.3 Reader
    • Using Windows Explorer navigate to C:\Program Files (x 86) \Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader, and then double-click Eula.exe and accept the license agreement
    • You can open Adobe Reader by itself?  If so, try to disable the Protected Mode [Edit |] Preferences | (Improved) security].
    • It might even be a malware problem; See http://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/kb/reader-core-dll-error.html
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    When I receive a downloaded file from the internet, it switches to a PDF file and it shows under the APP. From there, I can't figure out how to send it to my printer. I can't find any option for this. How to print a PDF file with this app?

    Just out of curiosity... have you pressed CTRL + P?

  • I upgraded from XP to Windows 7 now to print PDF files with the line down side of the document.

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    Your problem solved and answered?

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  • I just downloaded Adobe XI on my macbook air, and now I can't save or print the PDF files. Don't let me do print - save as PDF, and if I do record as I get a message indicating that the file is corrupted. I had NO PROBLEMS of all do this several times unt

    I just downloaded Adobe XI on my macbook air, and now I can't save or print the PDF files. Don't let me do print - save as PDF, and if I do record as I get a message indicating that the file is corrupted. I had NO PROBLEMS of all do this several times until I downloaded the new version. I uninstalled and reinstalled it, nothing helps. I am super frustrated.

    lrfrustrated wrote:

    I just downloaded Adobe XI on my macbook air, and now I can't save or print the PDF files. Don't let me do print - save as PDF, and if I do record as I get a message indicating that the file is corrupted. I had NO PROBLEMS of all do this several times until I downloaded the new version. I uninstalled and reinstalled it, nothing helps. I am super frustrated.

    Print > save as PDF - use an excerpt (part of Mac OS X), so Adobe Reader should have no effect on that at all.

    As for the error "file corrupted", simply uninstall the Reader app will not affect it. Follow these steps:

    Mac/HD/Library/Internet Plug-ins

    Trash the files AdobePDFViewer.plugin and AdobePDFViewerNPAPI.plugin

    Mac HD/Applications

    Trash the application Adobe Reader

    [user] / Library/Preferences

    Trash the com.adobe.Reader.plist file

    To access the [user] / Library, hold down the 'Option' and click on 'Go' in the FInder menu.

    Mac HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe

    Trash the drive (full record)

    Empty the trash.

    Download the installer FULL here: http://get.adobe.com/reader/enterprise/

    Quit your browser, and then reinstall the drive.

    Run it from the Applications folder and agree to the license agreement.

    You should have no problem with Safari PDF files download.

    Unfortunately, ANY PDF file that says it is damaged.... You will need their trash.

  • my new computer with windows 8 will not print my pdf files, print everything well.

    I have a new computer HP running windows 8. my printer works fine except when I want to print a pdf file. If I install the printer drivers, it erases all my Outlook folders.
    I'm so close pitch on this windows 8.
    Linda Hewett

    Got it to work.  I discovered that the updates have been downloaded, but the computer needed to restart to get them set up.  PDF does not open until this happened.  By chance, I noticed a message that says my computer will re-start in two days to config updates.  I chose restart and it took 40 minutes for an update installation and config.  Fingers crossed I checked my pdf and they ran.  problem solved.

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    This is done by using the feature summary of comments, but this option does not exist in Adobe Reader, that in Acrobat.

  • When I try to print a PDF file it does not print and goes directly to a backup of the file option.

    When I try to print a PDF file it does not print and goes directly to a backup of the file option

    original title: pdf print

    1. don't you make changes on the computer before the show?
    2. don't get any error message?
    3. what version of the operating system is installed on the computer?
    4 is the issue limited exclusively with printing PDF files?
    5. where are you printing from PDF files?
    6. What is the brand and model of the printer?

    Method 1:
    Run the fix it and check.
    Diagnose and automatically fix problems printing and printer

    Method 2:
    Perform the steps from the link and check.
    Printer in Windows problems

    Method 3:
    You can perform the steps from the link and check if you are able to print.
    Resolve PDF printing problems. Acrobat, Reader

    Reference link:
    Why can I not print?
  • Blue screen error when you try to print Adobe PDF files

    Original title: the computer crashes when I try to print Adobe PDF files.

    I unintalled and reinstalled remains 9.3.3 and it still won't print. The OS crashes when you try to print a .pdf file. I can open the document and view the file but not print, just the blue screen and restarts. I opened a word document, print and print text files. It will print anything but Adobe files. Is there any help out there?


    Thank you for your support and help Sicard. I finally got to the last version of Adobe as the culprit. It seems that the latest version 9.3.3 was causing problems. I uninstalled the software, cleaned the registry and other remains and installed the various editions of Adobe. Seems that Vista likes only one software version which proved Adobe 8.0. Once I installed the software, found a few .pdf documents and tried to print. Not only did it print well, it was very fast. Of all the places to find the 8.0 Adobe has been installed on my recovery disks. I don't think Microsoft product (s) are the root cause. Something in Adobe was the cause of the crash. I have the error message has not write against accidents, but it dumped memory and restart is fine, no conflict of driver. Only thing I did after each accident was to defragment. the hard drive and RAM by using certain tools. Vista ran fine since. I know a lot of people out there do not like Vista, but I did have a lot of problems with the software. I found problems with other types of competing software and work with software developers using their products in beta. The crash of the problems were not these beta products. I believe in keeping software simple and effective, it seems that Adobe will conversely making it too complicated software and an application's entire concept.

    Thanks for you help,


  • How to print a pdf file that prints partially then stops?

    I tried to print a pdf file, but my printer starts to print then stops after he printed an inch or two high, then said the paper is blocked, but it didn't.

    All the drivers are up to date. Any ideas please?

    Hi peterd47331988,

    Please share exact workflow that you do to print PDFS.

    Sharing also the screenshot of the error message you get.

    Is - this problem occurs with all the PDF files?

    Try once the troubleshooting steps I provided this KB doc: print troubleshooting PDF in Acrobat and Reader

    Let us know if it works

    Kind regards


  • HP Color Laserjet Pro M252 - not to print a PDF file

    Hey Adobe Forum,

    I have a problem with a M252 Pro of Laserjet of color HP which will not print all PDF documents. When you try to print a PDF file, the document is idling to "print...". ».

    Information about the current configuration:

    1. the customer is on a Windows 7, 64-bit workstation.

    2. the pilot is the last on the site - HP Color Laseret M252 PCL6. I tried the PCL5, PS and HP universal printer drivers.

    3. the printer has been added as a local printer TCP/IP ( and a shared printer from the server. The two did not work.

    4. the workstation has Adobe Reader X installed the latest updates. The upgrade of the revision to XI or higher version is not an option.

    5 other files can be printed such as images and Microsoft Word documents.

    6. I tried setting Adobe for 'Print As Image '; It did make a difference.

    If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

    Thank you


    It turns out that, the question not print was the result of an incompatibility of duplex on the switch port to which it was connected. I tried an administrator account that does not correct the problem. Print jobs were still sitting in the queue up to 5 minutes after selecting printing. A PDF file passes finally after minutes of waiting, but was cancelled by users after assuming it was the slightest error / stuck.

    When checking switch, there was a lot of duplex mismatch errors in newspapers. Double-sided printing has been on before auto however there may be problems with automatic duplex printing. I put the port 100 Mbit/s/full that if it is in offline mode. I put it at 10 Mbit/s/full and it came online and all problems solved.

    Thank you for your help.


  • You are prompted, for the default program when you try to print several pdf files.

    I'm on server 2008R2, and whenever I try to pick more than one PDF file, then print, it will prompt you to choose me what program I want to open PDF with.


    It does not allow me to print several pdf files no matter where the files are stored (office etc., network). I'm prompted with the message "choose program...". "every time.

    I checked my preferences, and "Enable protected mode" is not selected


    I already tried the following:

    Adobe Reader DC relocation

    Running updates

    Change the value in the registry to point to "AcroRdr32.exe".

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


    Thank you all.
    I was able to solve it.

    In the registry, the .pdf is looking at Acrobat.Document.15

    Looked at the reg path and saw that the "Print" was pointing to Acrobat acrord32.exe rather

    Changed to point to the drive path.

    This fixed the problem.

  • More OfficeJet Pro 8600: scratches print to PDF file

    Recently when printing a PDF file, the impression of dragging is in the top of the page.  The printer works fine for all other print jobs.   I ran the print head cleaning tools and align the print heads.  No change in printing quaility.

    No problem, thanks for keeping me informed. You print from Adobe? I would like that print you the PDF as an image and I would like to know the results. If you are unsure how to proceed, will help the following Adobe article: Print PDF as an image.

    Let me know how it goes. Thank you.

  • Color LaserJet CP1025 cannot print the PDF file

    The printer cannot print the PDF file (it shows what a document is to suspend status), waiting for long only time still no progress. in the meantime, WORD file printing is no problem.

    Thank you for your advice, I followed your second method and install Adobe Reader, the problem is resolved.

  • HP ENVY 4500 does not print a PDF file

    I have Win7 HP laptop HP ENVY 4500 all-in-One printer wireless and iMac OS X 10.9.1 desktop. It prints all good document file formats, except a PDF file. When I try to print a page of a PDF doc't, via Adobe Reader (11.0.07), it prints 6 equidistant tiny portions of the original PDF page on a single sheet. All six parties are in the same area of the upper quadrant of the original PDF page. I tried many portrait, landscape and size configurations, but in vain. It will not print PDF of my iMac and PC browsers files. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the printer and its driver a couple of times. It installs OK without error messages, but it will not print PDF. Also, I don't get any error messages when I try to print a PDF file. I don't see any documentation supplied with the printer printer to say that this HP all-in-one cannot print PDF doc'ts, and it seems to me that it would print a PDF file until several weeks ago. Please notify.

    I was finally able to print PDF files. But it's been so long ago because it was fixed that I don't even remember what was the solution. But four possibilities come to mind: (1) is of course the "print as image file" option has been activated; (2) re-installed printer driver; (3) re-installed Acrobat Reader and ensured that browser and extensions of processing of s/w, if any, have been correctly selected for my printer. (4) corrected a wrong paper, the type, quality, or size option layout which may have resulted in a page layout or a different format from what should be the 'standard' to a PDF file. Sorry I can't be more specific than that. But if I have to determine exactly what I could do to get PDF printing to work properly, I will go straight to you. BTW, I certainly don't rely on an intermediate file conversion service or s/w to transfer my PDF files to a printable format. I hope this helps.

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