HP Compaq presario CQ43: not enough ram in my computer

My HP Compaq presario CQ43 has 2 GB of ram. I want to get 8GB. It is 64 bit and it's hard to run most programs because of the ram being such a small size. It will support 8 GB of ram? If I take out the old 2gig and put 8 gig will perform best?

According to the manual, yes it can accept up to 8 GB memory DDR3-1333 SO-DIMM. See this video on: 33 in there where is flush with the memory. This technology never removes the memory but you just spread the retaining clips and remove and then follow again. See the second video.



You have 2 slots, so you need the modules of 2 x 4 GB like this:

4 GB (PC3 10600, 1 333 MHz) 621569-001


Yes, 8 GB of memory will be a major improvement. Better upgrade would be to replace the mechanical drive with an SSD. After back if you are interested by this.

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    Hi @kiwikieran,

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    I stumbled upon your post on the laptop and wanted to help you! I looked in your question about your Compaq Presario CQ43 notebook and with the new hard problems. I recommend to restore the default BIOS settings. You could restore the BIOS with this document by selecting the reload the default BIOS settings. In this way, it will look at the hardware installed on your laptop.

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    I have a Compaq Presario CQ43-102AU and have thought about updates.

    Is it possible to upgrade the processor and the RAM?

    Thanks in advance


    Certainly an AMD processor can only be upgraded to another AMD processor with the same PIN architecture. He must position the slot in the motherboard. And it must be recognized and compatible with the BIOS of the laptop.

    I have now found your product, but HP has not yet posted the Service Manual online, which gives a list of compatible processors.

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    I see that you have 2 GB of RAM. Since you also have Windows 7 64-bit, you can easily switch to 4 GB of RAM DDR3 - 1333 computer laptop memory which should be available quite cheap at any computer store. Passage of 2 to 4 concerts will make a world of difference in reactivity.

    I would stay away from trying a processor upgrade. The laptop is too recent, and it could void the warranty. I'm sure that you have not paid much for the laptop, and you can probably sell for close to what you paid and get a faster. The unique processors for laptops cost as much as half of what the laptop costs. It is a laptop low end budget and is hampered by a weak graphic system, even with a faster processor, it will not be much you can do with him. If all you are doing is internet and office type work that's fine.

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    I have a compaq presario cq43 notebook pc with APU AMD E-300 with radeon hd graphics 1.30 GHz and 8 GB of ram.

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    No, it is soldered to the motherboard and buy new CPU with motherboard would be a very expensive updrade and it may NOT work at all.

    Kind regards.

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    I have a Compaq Presario CQ43-206TU to fix here and ive some problems that I had to reinstall windows 7 x 86 and the first problem is the work of dosent FN key at all. Ive installed the tool recommended HP without effect.

    The second thing is dosent it driver Bluetooth install well watch upward with the error in Device Manager.

    one thing I did prior to the relocation is an update of the bios to version F37, but there is also no setting for Bluetooth or shortcut keys to activate.

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    Ive solved the problem. I had to disable the key mode in the bios and it worked after. Bluetooth is another problem windows update installed a new driver who caused problems after a reinstall of windows (just delete driver has not worked for me) and by the use of hp, it worked.



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    PowerOn password

    System disabled


    Compaq Presario CQ43

    Help, please.

    Thank you :-)


    Try to enter: 31695369

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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    Hi again,

    You can still install, make sure just that take care you of your images, and your personal files and then go for the installation of Windows 10, 64-bit.

    All you need to do to re-setup is to download the Adobe Creative cloud application and then you can install LR and PS since the Application itself.

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    ~ Rohit

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    Not enough RAM when creating 3d text. How can I do to fix this?

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  • Error: Not enough RAM to open small files

    MacBook5, 2

    Macintosh OSX 10.6.3

    4 GB OF RAM

    NVIDIA GeForce 9400M - 256 Mo

    Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended (11.0.1)

    I am TIFF of Maya files which are 11880 x 3400 pixel.  The ranges of between 100-160 MB file size.  Whenever I try to open one of these images in Photoshop, I get this error: "Could not complete the command open because there is not enough RAM."

    I just ran Adobe Update and I have all the updates.

    I deleted my Photoshop preferences and restarted Photoshop.

    I have my drive from Scratch on an internal SSD drive to 30 GB of free space.

    I have 3000 MB of RAM to Photoshop.

    Despite all this, I always get the error "Could not complete the command open because there is not enough RAM" every time that I try to open the pictures made out of Maya.

    The images of Maya are normal TIFF 8-bit with alpha channel, or a channel depth.  I can open them with success in After Effects, but this is useless for me.  I need to edit them individually in Photoshop.

    Photoshop error is clearly not due to the size of the file.  I HDR panoramas with superior to 11880 x 3400 dimensions ranging up to 1 GB in size of the file that I can open and work on in Photoshop without any problem.

    Why Photoshop doesn't play well with these TIFF images?

    I received another complaint about it and looked at a sample file.    Maya apparently written the TIFF file as a large compressed tile (against the suggestions of the TIFF specification.).    If this tile is greater think Photoshop so that he may reasonably, safely allocate a buffer, it will get an out of memory error.

    The big problem is: there is no update "reasonable buffer" size for 64-bit.

    I am testing a fix for this now.

    But there's always bigger that Photoshop can read and Maya tiles needs to fix their code TIFF for use strips or tiles to avoid excessive buffer sizes.

  • Compaq Presario CQ57-104TU: upgrade Ram, memory (Ram Hynix PC3L-12800)

    Hello world

    I have a Compaq Presario CQ57-104TU. I recently decided to upgrade the ram (currently 1 x 2 GB Elpida PC3 - 10600 1333 Mhz). I bought 2 x 4 Gb Hynix HMT451S6AFR8A, PC3L-12800. Unfortunitely when I install the new Ram (Hynix)

    the computer does not start. Is there something I can do or the Ram is not compatible?

    Any help would be appreciated,


    Here is the Service Manual:


    See p.2. Specified memory is DDR3-1333 1.5 volt and you try to install low-voltage DDR3-1600. In addition, memory that you are trying to install is high density, because it has 4 blocks on each side, where I am betting that original memory was of low density (8 blocks). Long story short, it is not compatible. It do you no good to install DDR3-1600 by the way. Best of cases, it will anyway be downclock speed 1333.

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    It comes to my feedback and a call for help. I hope you ask my questions and tell me what version of Firefox, I can go to that will be supported for more than what I currently have. Firefox keeps getting slower and slower, the more is invented. I use it mainly for youtube videos, email and search and watch the other vids, I can barely do at home is no longer. I don't want to go, but if I have no choice. I also wish a lighter application that is very light on my limited resources. I have a lot; just a search bar; don't need even toolbars, other applications like google. Is this possible. even if I've had enough of everything for firefox 8 (which I did not)?

    Thanks for any help you can give.

    Do a cleaning (re) install and delete the folder of the program Firefox (C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\).

    Download a new copy of Firefox and save the file to the desktop.

    Uninstall your current version of Firefox if possible.

    • Do NOT remove the data of a personal nature when you uninstall the current version or you lose your bookmarks and other data in the profile folder.

    Delete the program folder Firefox before installing newly downloaded copy of the Firefox installer.

    • It is important to remove the Firefox program folder to delete all the files and make sure that there is no problem with the files that were the remains after uninstallation.

    Your bookmarks and other profile data stored in the Firefox profile folder and will not be affected by a relocation, but make sure that you do not select delete data of a personal nature if you uninstall Firefox.

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    It turns out that the problem was with Outlook and not related to the memery computer. It was solved by going to features, programs and Control Panel, and then repair Microsoft office system 2007.  Thank you for all your help.


    32-bit Edition of Windows Vista has a limit of 4 GB memory. If you have installed more than 4 GB, Vista will not read the extra memory.

    The question you have posted is related to Outlook and would be better suited to the office community. Please visit the link below to find a community that will support what ask you


  • Cannot open a new file in Illustrator (not enough RAM message)

    On an iMac running OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 with 16 GB of RAM and Illustrator CC15.  Every once in a while when I open Illustrator and it is the only program running, I try to open a new Illustrator file and I get the error "cannot perform the operation because there is not enough memory (RAM live) available.»   While they inspected the activity monitor it is only about 7 GB of RAM used at the time.   Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

    In times like this, I would first try a reboot)

  • not enough ram Photoshop could not complete?

    Can someone help me solve my problem, my problem is that, in the option to filter in Photoshop, keeps giving me the error "Could not complete your request because there is not enough memory [RAM]" whenever I try to wind n another thing. Please help me wat to do.

    First of all, Photoshop is obsolete. Upgrade to 2014.2.2

    4 GB is quite rare, but let's see if the update helps.

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