HP OfficeJet 4650: When you print envelopes

I bought an OfficeJet a year but, despite a search for 'on-line' manual, I can't find any information about loading and printing envelopes.  If I just load the envelope in the tray (the size of the guides adjustment) the printer screen asks "have you you load paper regular A4 - if"NO"is pressed, it just says: 'document - type A4/paper - plain paper type."  This printer is unable to print envelopes?  If possible, someone would be nice enough to indicate where I can find "an Idiots Guide to...". "Envelope of loading and printing of"!

Thank you very much



Hi @Jayuu,

If you followed the instructions when setting up the printer and then installed the software on your computer, you should be fine.

I don't know why this link doesn't open for you. Here's another link - loading paper, cards and envelopes. If this does not work, maybe try to open it in a different web browser.

You will need to select envelope as the paper type, once the envelopes are loaded. If you tap where it shows the type of paper, like 'Letter' for example, you will finally get a long list of types of paper. You can scroll the list by dragging vertically on the screen of the printer with the finger. The different types of envelope are a way just to the bottom of the list. When you see the type of envelope you want in the list, tap on it to select it.

Once you have the desired selected envelope, you should be able to print. Here is a support document which can serve as a reference if necessary - envelopes printing (Windows).

Please let me know if that solves the problem, or if you need assistance.

Indeed, if this help you to achieve a solution please click the 'accept as Solution' and the 'thumbs up' buttons down below in this message.

Thank you!

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    Had the same problem using MS Word 2007/Vista. Click on the 'Options' button in the envelopes and labels print window, click on the 'Print Options' tab and under "Feed of" choose "Auto select" in the menu in the menu dropdown.

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    This is the problem, it is unable to select a #2 tray package, even after you ask him to take the envelope tray #2 (low) instead, it takes the default bin #1 a page and print the address on this subject information!

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    Which seems not to be true (at least for me). Please advise me how to solve this evolution very dissappointing. Thank you

    Hello: Unfortunately this model does not support the envelopes from the T2, you can change your settings and load the envelopes in the Tray1 and the Plains media on tray 2,

    Here is a link to the "user guide".


    Please look at page 165, there is a table which shows all the formats supported by shelf support.

    Please indicate the position that solved your problem as "acceptable Solution".
    I am employed by HP
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    You need software such as Word to create and print envelopes. There are a few other software such as:


    Kind regards.

  • When you print envelopes LaserJet 401dne

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    Now I can't get the printer to print the envelope without spoiling.  With the settings default to the printer and using the envelope feature, I have selected "manual for Tray 1.  It did not work.  It tray print on a letter-size sheet 2.  Went to the printer, and the type and selected envelope paper size as envelope #10.  Was able to get out of the bin, however, the impression gets compensated because it is somehow the printer still thinks it gets a 8.5 x 11 sheet.  So when the envelope going by for printing, the return address is cut.

    What I'm doing wrong here?  I've never had to change the settings of the printer for the type of front support.  I let the software handle this?  Don't see why they had to do printing envelopes so complicated.

    Hi Repairontheside,

    I suspect that your question it will be better answered in the HP Enterprise business community, like the HP LaserJet Pro 400 series is a business model.

    My technical expertise is with consumer products and software, I'm sure the sales people would be happy to help you if you re - ask your question for them to answer. The HP Enterprise business community is a Forum HP designed for commercial customers and business help each other. I'm sure you'll find some people here HP help also.

    Click here to connect to the trading forum > HP Enterprise Business Community

    Good luck.

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    Hi Rainbow;

    I solved my problem.  I used this same procedure for several years, but with a different brand printer.

    An "update" for windows or the other driver for HP.  I must now click on "mail merge complete" to accept

    several envelopes.

    Thanks for your interest.


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    If I had realised that this required printer so useless effort, OK so not that but a pain however, I would have bought something else.

    Thanks anyway for the sad news.

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    Thank you!

    Hello @LaylaWi,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I would like to help you to solve the problem of double-sided printing that you experience when you try to print single-sided computer Mac OS X 10.9 to your HP Officejet 4630 e-all-in-one printer today. Please follow the steps below to disable duplex printing.

    1. Open a Word document
    2. Select file , and then click print
    3. Click on the drop down menu to the Copies and Pages and modify this provision
    4. Uncheck duplex .
    5. To change the additional print settings click on view details.


    Ultimately, judging by the useful screenshots that you included in your post, you are in the right place to disable two-sided. You just need to click on the Copies & Pages for the appropriate options.

    Please reply to this message with the result of your troubleshooting. Good luck!

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    The menu bar, select View-Headers-Normal

    No Menu bar? Press the ALT key .

    This will remove the printed and transmitted messages.

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    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    To disable this feature, you need to uninstall Adobe reader and then check if still back you the question quickly.

    Kind regards

    Jesinta Rozario

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    Thank you for taking the time to try to help solve the problem of color with my printer.  I solved the problem: I had a PHOTO, #58 print cartridge in the printer.  When I changed for the black cartridge, #56, colors came out as it should.

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