HP Pavilion a1700n: How can I connect 4 speakers to a HP Pavilion a1700n?

Bought two new speakers for Christmas and I wanted to add 2 built speakers each side of my monitor Viewsonic LED. There are 6 taken in the rear and 1 single light green. So I hooked the new speakers to the rear Jack Black. But I can't get a set of speakers to work. I probably need to configure its 5/1. How can I do this?


Sorry to bother the Forum, but I fiddled around and discovered that although my speakers have been connected on the adequate physical terminals (green and black), I had configured the software under MS Windows 10.  I turned away in fiddling around with a management sound REALTEK but eventually found MS Windows 10 management of its own system. In fact, I approached it my old devices in Control Panel, system, favorite. Once I had it set to 4 speakers multiple channels, all 4 speakers came to life. I provided a detailed explanation for a long time to help others with the same problem.

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