HP Pavilion dv5-1050en

I have a HP Pavilion dv5-1050en, the problem is that this does not work, when I press the power button lights up for 1 second and turn off the lights. I was told to distribution costs 300 euros! It's too much, I'd fix sal, can someone help me with an idea how to make cheaper?



So neither the hard reset or resetting the memory had an effect on your question?

The next thing to check is the power supply.  Follow the steps in this document to troubleshoot the battery, adapter and motherboard.  Be sure to post the result.

If you are not able to determine what part gives you the questions using the above document, then it is very likely that the original technician is correct and the laptop will have to be repaired.

You may inquire about a repair by contacting HP Support.  If you are in the USA / Canada, the number is 1-800-474-6836.  If you are in another part of the world, you visit HP's Support around the world to find the coordinates for your region.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.  I wish you a nice day!

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    Well, until recently, I found an old hp laptop to my father and he let me keep. I know he has had some problems in the past, so I went online and found ways on how to fully factory reset, I tried many tricks and tips, but none match the menu or options. What I'm trying to understand, is how to CORRECTLY and accurately factory reset Pavilion dv5, which runs on Windows 7 Home premium.


    Here are the different methods you can use to reset the PC.


    If none of those working, you will need to order a set of recovery disc for the specific model dv5 you have.

  • How can I remove the cover protectsmart to change a hard drive damaged in a HP Pavilion dv5-2132dx?

    I have a HP Pavilion dv5-2132dx laptop. The hard drive has completely failed and needs to be replaced, but I can't understand how to access the hard drive. There is no screws on the Panel, and he said HP Protectsmart on the back. I need a video on how to do it.


    The following guide will show you how (#59 page):


    Several manuals for your machine are available on the following link:

    http://h10025.www1.HP.com/ewfrf/wc/manualCategory?cc=us & LC = in & Product = 4317216

    Kind regards.

  • Cannot install any os in a hp pavilion dv5 - 1120ev

    Hi, my friend has an hp pavilion dv5 - 1120ev, he had top, pre installed windows vista. He asked me that if I could make the computer faster, so I told him, of course, you need to change OS to do this, you must install windows 7, I said. So I took with me, put windows 7 dvd, boot from the cd/dvd drive, deleted all partitions, even the recovery partition (I didn't know it came without a copy of disk recovery tools), partitioned the drive into 2 two new partitions, formatted and continued to install the os on the primary. The dvd that I used has all versions of windows 7, 32 and 64 bit, tried all, it gets stuck on the process of expansion, to 0% files (only with one version, she was 14%, I can't remember which), and it gives me the "windows cannot install required files. the file may be corrupted or missing. "Sure... error code: 0 x 80070017. Then, I tried with another dvd with winodws 7 ultimate, same thing. I also tried with the disc do not split into two, one partition, just in case windows is having problems expanding all of the files, just in case, same thing. Then I thought it was a bios thing, he had to be updated, which to be honest there cause of the version it is F.0C, and in the support section of the hp site, I found a newer version of it, which is also described as necessary for the latest operating system upgrade. I thought wow, that's it, I found it, I will upload a version of it bootable, version bootable cd to be precise, cause the bios version there back does not support booting from usb devices, I'll update it and install the operating system. NOPE. The site has an exe of the bios version. I tried to make a disk bootable with the bios in there (with the option of nero boot disc), I guess that I've not done it right, it could be a solution, but I could use some help on this. I also tried to install windows xp, so that I can install it the update of the bios, the same thing, I get the same error, only with the old blue sceen scholl. Finally, I tried to install windows vista Home premium, just in case the bios for a reason any has only accepted this operating system, no way, same error again! So now I'm not stuck wth no operating system, a pc unusable, nothing can be installed on it. I asked my friend that if the cd/dvd drive had some kind of problem, he said, had no problem with game discs, their loading and installation of games. Please HELP I don't know what to do! Thank you

    Nevermind, I managed to solve the problem by taking the hard drive, put it in another phone and the windows installation, then put it back. It worked like charm, so the problem is 100% on the DVD player.

    Thank you

  • Pavilion DV5 - 2040ca: Volume and brightness not display when changed

    Hey all, I recently formatted my laptop, a HP Pavilion DV5 - 2040ca and I noticed that (even after installing the drivers), it does not display the current volume/brightness when it is changed via the shortcut keys associated with the F - keys. I was wondering which driver will enable this function on my laptop, because it would be good to have.

    Thanks in advance.


    For your laptop, the screen on a brightness/volume is provided by HP MediaSmart SmartMenu - you can download this from the link below.

    Note:  You should have at least 1 other MediaSmart software installed (any) before installing this.


    When the installation is complete, restart the laptop.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Pavilion dv5-1010us: can't get audio (video only) via HDMI of HP Pavilion dv5 to my smart TV VIZIO

    I need help to get the audio to work using my hp pavilion dv5 to my smart TV VIZIO HDMI. the video works fine, but I don't understand exactly what are the settings audio sub I need to adjust to make this work? Help, please!

    You are welcome

  • Pavilion dv5-1179er: the backlight on HP Pavilion dv5-1179er keybrd

    Hey all, my laptop Pavilion dv5-1179er have a keyboard backlight? tried the key F5 and Fn + space trick, got nothing.

    Lol usually, laptops at that time did not have a backlit keyboard.

  • Pavilion dv5 1235dx: NIC for 1235dx dv5

    Looking for complete replacement pcie network mini pavilion dv5 1235dc adapter.

    Have links is router EA6300. Need dual band Ben?

    Thank you and happy holidays.

    Hi @murrayotl ,

    Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and welcome. I looked in your question in the subject of your HP Pavilion dv5-1235dx Entertainment Notebook, who need a new wireless card.

    I searched Microsoft for a fix for this and that they indicate on the forums that if you change the channel of the router on a different channel, that might solve the problem of connection of 5 GHz.

    You could disable IPV6 for the laptop. Some say this helps.

    Solve this problem Microsoft Fix it 50413 here is a linkto help as well.

    Now, with all the information that I gave, if you still require a match to the wireless card.

    I need the serial number. Please seethe HP privacy statement . Then send it to me in a private message.

    Thank you.

  • How to connect my device bluetooth on HP Pavilion dv5-1135ee


    In fact my bluetooth device is not plugged in, although the wireless LAN works fine!

    All the time I try to change the Bluetooth options in order to allow others to see my computer, he said "it seems your bluetooth device not connected correctly.

    Please info on how to connect my bluetooth device on HP Pavilion dv5-1135ee, keeping in mind that the turn on button is a perspective!

    and with this optical touch, I activated the WLAN + Bluetooth

    Wireless LAN works, and has no Bluetooth!

    I tried to download Bluetooth driver associated with my (Vista home edition) operating system from HP website, but @ acertain point configuration stopped, saying the same error that 'Bluetooth device is not detected.

    Any Info?

    Kind regards

    Message edited by Elnafarawi on 04/25/1987 12: 36


    Thank you very much, the problem has been resolved.

    The Solution: Run Windows Update and everything will be solved, actually it was an error inherenet on vista (Micrososft ISATAP adapter) so it might conflict with the Bluetooth device, and once the update is installed, all return to it's origin.

  • Pavilion dv5 - 1183cl lack of drivers for base system, peripheral devices, battery not charging


    I have a HP Pavilion dv5 - 1183cl has been upgraded from Windows Vista to Windows 7 Ultimate (32 bit) and I have a few questions.

    I have four errors appearing in my device manager, three Base system device and an unknown device, and I don't know what they are or where to find the drivers (since I don't know what they are). In addition, the battery will recharge not (it doesn't seem to be anything wrong with her physically). I wonder if the errors below are related to the battery issue. This is the hardware for each error entry ID.

    Basis of the system of the device (bus PCI 6, device 0, function 1):

    PCI\VEN_197B & DEV_2382 & SUBSYS_3603103C & REV_00
    PCI\VEN_197B & DEV_2382 & SUBSYS_3603103C
    PCI\VEN_197B & DEV_2382 & CC_088000
    PCI\VEN_197B & DEV_2382 & CC_0880

    Basis of the system of the device (bus PCI 6, device 0, function 3):

    PCI\VEN_197B & DEV_2383 & SUBSYS_3603103C & REV_00
    PCI\VEN_197B & DEV_2383 & SUBSYS_3603103C
    PCI\VEN_197B & DEV_2383 & CC_088000
    PCI\VEN_197B & DEV_2383 & CC_0880

    Basis of the system of the device (bus PCI 6, device 0, function 4):

    PCI\VEN_197B & DEV_2384 & SUBSYS_3603103C & REV_00
    PCI\VEN_197B & DEV_2384 & SUBSYS_3603103C
    PCI\VEN_197B & DEV_2384 & CC_088000
    PCI\VEN_197B & DEV_2384 & CC_0880

    Unknown device (on Intel(r) ICH9M LPC Interface Controller - 2919):

    * ENE0100

    Someone at - it solutions? Thanks in advance,


    Your model has Windows 7 drivers posted. ENE CIR Receiver Driver & JMicron card reader driver, you must:


  • How retreve old files (such as images and music) to redo a hp pavilion dv5

    I just redid a friends laptop hp pavilion dv5 and I forgot to save her pictures and music until I redid this back to factory settings and now she wants to let me know if is of any kind that I can retreve them some how or if there is a way to retreve them at all. If anyone can help me it would be wonderful if you could help me

    Thank you



    You can retrieve only data files has not be erased. Normally, you will have to pay for software such as Getdata or service to retrieve data/files, but there are some free products:


    Good luck.

  • HP Pavilion DV5 - 1235dx Bios Driver for windows 8.1

    Hi, I can't find in services upgrade hp, an option for my operation system windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit. And now? Help me please! I need to update the Bios of my HP Pavilion DV5-1235dx.

    What is pass or don't pass don't not with Windows 8.1 you think that an update of the BIOS would help? The latest version of the BIOS is F.21 and HP has not issued any supported Windows 8/8.1 for this model, which was originally a Vista machine.

  • Pavilion dv5-1140ew: updated HP Pavilion dv5-1140ew CPU

    Hi all.  I have HP Pavilion dv5-1140ew with processor - Intel Core 2 Duo T5800 2000 MHz (10 x 200), Merom - 2 M

    Chipset - Northbridge: Intel PM45, Southbridge: Intel ICH9M

    NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT - graphics

    My question is which processors my mainbord will support. It would be good if someone please show me some lists or examples of these processors that really works on this laptop does not just "maybe."

    THX 4 help!

    Really thx 4 youre help.

    Only info erased my mind a lot and I know what I can do witm my HP now.

    Thx to new M8 and see U.

  • HP Pavilion dv5-2135dx: get active bluetooth / work?

    I operate bluetooth. but it seems that I hit dead ends and nothing done yet to get bluetooth working on windows 64-bit 10.

    I tried the two drivers of bluetooth of the page of the official product of the hp driver "sp50180" & "sp52533".

    driver page - http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-Pavilion-dv5-2100-Entertainment-Notebook-PC-serie...

    I tried running both in compatibility mode for xp sp3 and windows 7 without success, they did not

    "sp52533" generates the error "bluetooth hardware must be put on run this installation package ' but the thing is that I have yet to see/find bluetooth under devices so I can enable it

    'sp50180' outputs error "this application cannot run on this pc" as I have said - I tried compatibility mode for xp sp3 and windows 7. It doesn't work anymore

    under c:\SWSetup\SP50180 there is 'Inst.exe' and 'BTW.msi '.

    the two let me install the driver/software but it does not work, I still have not found bluetooth under > devices in the settings even after install/install these

    would be very grateful of the solution/fix/workaround to resolve what to get my bluetooth for windows 64-bit 10.

    I don't want to go back to windows 7 just to get the work of bluetooth. I just want to use my bluetooth with my laptop speakers.


    According to the page of specifications of product for your laptop, it doesn't come with built in bluetooth network.


    If so, this feature would have been listed as well as WLAN 802.11b/g/n wireless connectivity specifications.

    Then I looked to the top of the model wireless network card that your laptop is in the parts list...


    It does not list a separate bluetooth module and adapter WiFi Atheros AR9285 802.11 b/g/n (1 x 1) (more people) it is the map that you see listed under the category of peripheral cards Network Manager, if not an adapter without wireless/bluetooth combination.

    So I would say that you get the message "bluetooth hardware must be on" because there is a total absence of the bluetooth hardware, which, according to all that I have written, makes sense as to why you can not bluetooth works.

  • Pavilion DV5 2775TX adapter problem


    My name is Salahuddin. This is my first post.  I changed 3 adapter for my Pavilion DV5.

    All 3 failed after less than 3 months.  I don't want to buy an another 19V 4. 7 adapter I have another adapter for my HP dragon (portable 20inches) that have the same took entry (to the centre PIN) and the same output 19V but with A 9.5 instead of the original battery 4. 7A.  Being used well.  My question is will the 9.5 A adapter with max 180W damage the laptop after prolonged use?

    Can another question, I use another adapter with output 19.5V and a 5.0?  Long use damage my laptop?

    Thanks for your help.

    It is the tension that is essential. Use of an adapter with a voltage different, even 19.5 instead of 19, will eventually damage the laptop. The amperage is not as critical because the laptop will draw only as much amperage it takes. Most of the people do not use the amp models higher on smaller model laptops because it adds extra package but weight if the card is the same voltage and it caches and works, you are safe to use. You will find the plu amp adapter charges the battery much faster.

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