HP Pavilion suddenly cannot connect to Wi - Fi

I turned on my computer this morning, after a Windows Update and it would not connect to my wifi. Initially, he said I have been connected manually to a former network but I deleted that and tried to manually connect to my home network but no luck. I worked through all the options of troubleshooting and checked to see if the driver was updated (it was) - all of this without success.  My computer allows me to plug in an ethernet cable and the router and use the internet like that. I know it's not the router because I use the WiFi with my iPad. Here are some details:

Product model: E4X87PA

Product name: HP Pavilion TouchSmart 11-e004au Notebook PC

Pilot: Ralink RT3290 802.11bgn wifi adapter

When I look on the driver details, it seems that it is a driver of 32system while I think, I'm running a 64-bit operating system (but I could be wrong to interpret that as I don't know much about these things).

Can anyone help?


Hello @HappyPaul,

I see that you are a problem with the wireless and internet access. I will try to help you with this.

As you mention this just happening and recently updated Windows, I would recommend starting with a System Restore before the problem started. There is a possibility that something for the update has problem.

If this does not help, try the following document: troubleshooting wireless network and Internet (Windows 8).

To go with the document, you can go to Device Manager > network adapters > right click on the wireless adapter > uninstall. Restart your computer, start Windows reinstalls the driver.

If when you do that, you have no success, make sure you did the step in the chapeau of this document has reset power to the router/modem. Yes, the iPad connect, but this does not mean that it is not a problem between the laptop and the router. The iPad is a completely different device, how it interacts is not the same (think people, I will interact differently with someone, then you would). This step usually reduces these conflicts.

Try the above and let me know how it goes for you.
Thanks for posting on the HP Forums.

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    Hi @Pro8625,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I see that you are unable to print to your printer HP Officejet Pro 8625 wireless. I'd be happy to help you and don't forget to come back to this thread and check "Accept as Solution", if I have successfully helped solve you the problem. If you want to say 'Thank you' to my effort to help, click on the "thumbs up" to give me a Kudos.

    I understand that the wireless is out in the middle of the night and since that time you could not reconnect the printer.

    If you encountered problems with the wireless did you click on the "Reset" button on the router? This restores the factory settings, that would have removed the password wireless. If so, please reconfigure the router settings before reconnecting the printer to the wireless network.

    To help determine the cause of wireless questions use this guide HP Officejet Pro 8610, 8620, 8630, 8640 and 8660 e - all-in - One Printer Series - printer does not maintain the wireless connection.

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    Please reply to this message with the result of your troubleshooting. I can't wait to hear strings attached good luck!

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    Hi Philippe,.

    1. What is the error message received when the network tries to connect and fails?
    2. What is the exact model of the wireless device number?

    You can try the following steps and check if that helps.

    Method 1:
    You can update the drivers for the device on the manufacturer's Web site.

    Download and install the drivers

    Method 2:

    I suggest you remove the existing network, and then create a new one.


    Please return to the State of the question.

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    Hi Slpyjim, I hope you do well;

    I'm tender hand to probe if you still experience this issue. If you are, maybe this click here I hope this helps. If you do not experience this problem not liked, you can ignore this message, although I would appreciate if you can take I little bit of your time and let me know.

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    Assuming that you have a valid SIM card in the phone, it is more often symptomatic of a phone that has been hacked or jailbroken to unlock.

    Where do you have the phone first?

  • I cannot connect hp pavilion labtop 2000 fx for I - Phone 3 16 GB via blue tooth

    I cannot connect hp pavilion labtop 2000 fx for I - Phone 3 16 GB via blue tooth

    and not even with connection cable USB

    Hi removed Abu Qorah,

    1. are you able to connect the iPhone to other phones or another computer via Bluetooth and usb with no problems?

    2. you receive messages or error codes?

    You can see the Apple support article and see if it helps:

    iOS: device not recognized in iTunes for Windows

    Hope this information is useful.

  • Cannot connect to Windows XP SP3 because of malicious software, continues to connect then suddenly off. What I can do. Will do the same in Safe Mode.

    Cannot connect to Windows XP SP3 because of malicious software, continues to connect then suddenly off.  What I can do.  Will do the same in Safe Mode.


    If you have another system then plug your HARD drive as a secondary to another system & copy below the files of this machine.


    Paste these files in the same location in the C drive of the problematic computer.
    Search now for your question.

    If it won't, then I suggest you to repair your operating system.

    Thank you.

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    How are you communicating on this forum?

    I suppose that from another PC, correct?

    Download you the driver on the PC that you are using, and you glitches the file on a CD, or copy on a USB key.

    You transfer the driver file that you copied to a flash drive or a CD into the computer that needs the update of the driver, then run.

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    Hi mcraigQY


    1. when exactly you get the error message?

    2. you try to listen to music from any remote location or try to play a DVD?

    3 have you tried to play a different CD or DVD?
    4. what happens when you play the same DVD on another computer?

    5. for how long have you been faced with this problem?

    6. the DVD folder that you are trying to play supported by the windows media player is it?
    7. What is the type of DVD that you try to play?

    Let us know the answers to help you best.

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    The software works smoothly on the other 2 windows 10 x 64 machines I have.

    executable is: Aldi photosoftware.exe (original ephoto.exe)

    Hi there @yotboy,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!  I understand that you have a problem with some photo software does not connect to the internet.  I'm happy to give you a helping hand with this.

    First of all, I would recommend a quick test. Temporarily disable your firewall software and then test the photo software. So now you know the question works with the firewall, otherwise the question is the software itself, in which case you need to contact the Publisher of the software support page.

    Please let me know if it works for you and if it does not solve your problem, please mark this message as a solution. Bravo would be appreciated as well.

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