HP photosmart printer Wireless Setup

I was given a hp photosmart 6520 without software printer so how to operate?


HP comes with this printer:

You can find the drivers to install and configuration information / user to this HP link Guides.

See you soon

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  • Photosmart B110a - Wireless Setup Assistant starts whenever it is turned on

    Hi all

    I just spent half a day to set up my new printer wireless HP Photosmart B110a. (CN245B)

    He luckily easy, but ultimately all the software is installed on two computers and printer is wireless connected to the router on my home network. Printing, ePrint, scanning everything works fine.

    With the exception of this problem: I turned off the printer using the power and she handed over after 10 minutes. I've done several times, and when turned on, every time the printer wonder if I want to configure the wireless connection. If I click on Yes, then he begins the wizzard - wireless and the password must be entered again etc. If I click on no, then the printer just starts and runs very well. It seems that he does not lose the connection settings.

    Whenever I turn on the printer with the button, it is from the wireless configuration wizard. Is this a bug?

    How can it be solved?

    Thank you


    We will set an IP address of the printer:

    -Print a the front of the printer Network Setup Page. Note the IP address of the printer.
    -Enter the IP address in a browser to reveal the internal settings of the printer.
    -Choose the network tab, then wireless along the left side, then on the IPv4 tab.
    -On this screen, you want to set a manual IP address. You must assign an IP address outside the range that the router sets automatically (called the DHCP range). If you know what it is, set an IP address outside this range but not exceeding 254 (the last number of the address). If you don't know it, enter the current IP address.
    -Apply the subnet (unless you know it's different, if so, use it)
    -Enter the IP address of the router to the bridge and the first DNS entry.  Let the second white.

    -Click 'apply '.

    Now, stop the router and printer, start the router, wait, and then start printing.

    After that, you will have to redo 'Add printer' using the new IP address.

  • C7280 all in the a photosmart printer wireless problem

    Photosmart c7280 All in One

    Windows 7 64 b

    Unable to connect to the modem

    no change

    This photosmart c7280 all-in-one is no spring chicken, and there were no problems so far. It is connected to 2 laptops via a Qwest wireless modem. After that be able to connect to the printer for a week or two the ability to access the printer has disappeared... printer shows offline. To resolve this problem, I had to redo the SSID and WEP information and it would be upward. Today when this 'fix' again once he could not find the modem even if I am connected to my office at the top of the page and online. I had unplugged the modem and brought up in power go online without a problem, I so I stop the 7280 and restarted, is returned to Setup Wizard wireless, put in the news and hit OK... it has started the search for the modem then hooked! Unable to do anything, power button did not work, had to pull the plug to get it to turn off. Back on and everything but the wireless worked, did this x 4 with the same result. Is there a separate card to control the wireless function? It is replaceable and it sounds like the likely cause of the problem?

    Thank you, Bob

    Looks like the wireless card has failed.  Print a network Test Wireless in the network menu on the front of the printer.

    If she does not, reset the printer by turning it off, keeping the # 6 keys while a few seconds after turning it on.

    If the radio is toast, it can be practically replaced.

  • Photosmart printer Wireless

    Just bought a Photosmart Wireless printer.  I thought that it would be a regular cord as well.  Where I got my wirless cpu in the future.  How can I connect my new printer without a cord.  It is said to connect it to the computer via a usb port, but I can't find a usb port on the printer.


    That is right. The printer is supposed to have square USB port (USB Type B port) and the PC should have flat port USB (Type A). Just use the USB cable, I told you about earlier, and it should work perfectly.

  • photosmart printer Wireless 4599

    I had to update my router wireless last week.  Now my printer does not work.  Although I check online and pc displays the printer such as connected, I get the message not connected wireless printer.

    Hi grandmajc,

    Method 1

    I suggest you check out the link below and run the utility on the computer network Diagnostic HP and check if the problem persists.


    Method 2

    If the previous step fails, then I suggest you uninstall printer completely from the computer drivers and later reinstall, check if it helps.

    Range of all-in-one printers, HP Photosmart C4599


    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • in 2920 MG Canon printer Wireless Setup

    Can someone tell me hot to set up wireless in the cannon MG 2920 printer? Thank you

    Hello Guimata!

    So that the community can help you better, we will need to know the operating system you are using (Windows XP/Vista/7/8 or Mac 10.x) and any error messages you see.

    Any other details you want to give help only the community better understand your question!

    If there is an urgent need of support, please CLICK HERE to join our team of technical support by phone or e-mail friendly.

    Thank you and have a great day!

  • D110 printer Wireless Setup!

    Is there an easy to config my D110 printer for wireless use with out having to use the screen of the printer?

    It's the easiest way.

  • 7520 HP Photosmart printer (wireless)

    I use Macbook Pro Version 10.9.2 Maverick and using the Silhouette Studio Design Edition of Version 3.0.343 software. Added silhouette scan in the program, but when I click on scan it says no scanner found. I sent Silhouette and they wasn't able to help me. Any suggestion?

    Yes, HP Scan must have installed in the Applications folder. Uninstall the software again, but do not install the software after. I would like to you to repair disk permissions on the Mac. When finished to check updates on the Mac, the Apple icon > software updates and install all updates. If the Mac does not restart, I would you reboot, and then install the software.

    We'll see how it works

  • print wireless HP Deskjet 6980 and Mac OS 10.6

    I can't print wireless setup for my HP Deskjet 6980 in Mac OS 10.6,

    I can't find any software update and do not have my original installation CD.

    I scoured the help pages with absolutely no information for this specific problem.

    OK, it's going to be difficult because the printer is very old and 10.6 technically impossible to set up a wireless connection for your printer.

    With the printer plugged in USB, go to System Preferences > print & fax.  Click on the printer and then click «Options & supplies»

    See if you can find the button "see the printer page.  I doubt you can, but we will try.  If this does not work, your only choices are to connect the Ethernet printer to your router or to solve your original problem of sharing USB or get a new printer.

    Back to your original problem, fixing, share the printer make sure that printer sharing is enabled on two Macs (System Preferences > sharing).  Then, we will reset the printing on the Mac problem system:

    -Sys Prefs, Print & Fax
    -Right (control) click inside the box that lists your printers and select Reset Printing System.
    WARNING - This will remove ALL your printers!
    -Select the sign + to add again. Search for the printer, select it, and wait until the button 'Add' becomes available. Until it clicks.

  • HP Photosmart premium printer that disconnects constantly with my wireless setup.

    My Photosmart printer disconnects constantly.  I have to go to the Wireless Setup Wizard to bring him back.  I use a laptop HP pavilion dv6-321.  I also have 2 dell desktop computers that are connected is the same too.  I'm using Comcast as my ISP and have a Cisco's Linksys wireless router.  Can anyone help?
    Thank you.


    1 did you change on your computer before this problem?

    2. what operating system is installed on your computer?

    What version of the operating system Windows am I running?


    Follow the suggestions and see if it helps.

    "Method 1".

    Follow the steps in the article.

    Printer in Windows problems


    Method 2

    Check to see if the problem exists in a clean boot state.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7


    Note: After a troubleshooting follow step 7: reset the computer to start as usual

    See also:

    Network printer problems

    (For Windows 7)

    Previous post your answer for you help in this matter.

  • Extremely slow printing wireless with HP Photosmart Premium C309g-m

    I see extremely slow print speeds when printing from a Mac or a Windows XP system on a new printer HP Photosmart Premium C309g-m wireless. The printer starts printing immediately when I request a print, but it only prints one line. It will take about 15 minutes then to print the rest of the page, each print after a very long break line. Print demo page doesn't exhibit this problem, only documents of programs such as Word 2008, Safari, and Firefox (I tried firefox on PC and Mac) are affected.

    If I connect to the printer via a USB connection it prints very well, so this problem seems to be the only wireless printing.

    Printer: HP Photosmart Premium C309g-m
    Computer: Mac mini (late 2009 model) (also tried a Windows XP laptop, by comparison using the latest drivers from the HP website)
    OS: Mac OS X 10.6.2 with all available updates installed
    Method of connection: cable Ethernet connection to the router wireless
    Printer drivers: version 2.2.1 (Apple provided, drivers HP never installed as system comes with 10.6)
    Wireless router: Apple TimeCapsule (early 2009) 1 TB, honing a/d and modes of b/g on 2.4 and 5 GHz. TimeCapsule is in transition as the DSL modem handles DHCP service mode
    Encryption: WPA2 Personal, no MAC filtering or hide the SSID.

    IP addressing scheme: all addresses are distributed by the server DHCP without reservation of any kind

    The TimeCapsule is sitting three inches from the printer and the printer indicates the complete signal. Connecting the printer to the wireless network and setup of the printer on the Mac went off without a hitch. Only when you print a test document discover us the problem. The wireless network will behave as expected when you access Internet from Mac and Windows devices (tested with a laptop computer Dell XP and a MacBook with OS X 10.6.2), so I don't see any problem with the wireless network together.

    Attempt to use:
    1 reboot and power off, wait, restart the computer
    2 reset the print subsystem, the printer off and on again and reinstall the printer

    3. disconnect the power to the printer and let it sit for several minutes before trying to print wireless.

    None of them worked.

    I don't know exactly what is happening... I'll have to think about.

    Looks like you're running with the current configuration.

    Can we call this resolved?

  • Photosmart Wireless B109n-z: Impossible to connect the printer wireless to the new router

    I just changed my wireless router and can not get my printer to recognize the new router.

    When you try to reinstall with the disc that came with the printer it keeps "quit unexpectedly" at the end of the installation, but before I get to connect to the printer.

    The drive indicates that it is for use with Mac OS X v10.4; 10.5, but I can't find an option to update the web site HP despite it stating that my printer is still supported.

    I can still use the printer with a USB cable connected directly to my table, but this is no help for the other devices I have.

    Hi @Paulwrow,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!
    I understand that you are unable to connect your HP Photosmart Wireless B109n-z to your new router wirelessly. I'd be happy to see this with you and don't forget to come back to this thread and check "Accept as Solution", if I have successfully helped solve you the problem. If you want to say 'Thank you' to my effort to help, click on the "thumbs up" to give me a Kudos.
    The CD/DVD software will not work with newer versions of Mac OS X. HP doesn't have the drivers for this printer in Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan. The last driver out of this printer is for Mac OS X 10.6. The only driver available that uses the driver update from Apple. This causes a problem when reconfigure the wireless, as this is the software for help. It would be easier if you have another computer running an operating system that is supported so that you can install the full feature software to configure the wireless.

    As an alternative method, you can try doing as a guideline to connect the wireless printer. We will use the ad-hoc connection. With the ad-hoc connection, you can launch the built-in web server (EWS) to access the wireless configuration wizard.
    Use the following steps as a guide:
    Restore the default settings of the network:

    1. Press the button next to the wireless Menu.
    2. Press the button next to wireless settings.
    3. Press the button next to network by default.

    Once the network is reset, the printer should disseminate the ad hoc connection. It should look like "hpsetup" or "HP Setup (and part of the printer name or MAC address). With an IP address like
    Then, connect to the network printer, that is broadcasting.

    1. On the Mac in the upper right corner, click on the wireless icon and connect to the network "HP Setup" or "hpsetup".

    Print the wireless test report:

    1. Press the button next to Scan.
    2. Press the button next to the wireless Menu.
    3. Press the button next to wireless settings.
    4. Press the button next to run the wireless network Test.

    Browse the test report wireless IPV4 of the printer (IP address)

    1. Launch your internet browser and enter the IP as shown. This should load the printer EWS.
    2. Click on the tab network across the top.
    3. On the left side, click on wireless or network.
    4. Run the Wireless Setup Wizard.

    This is the only way to reconfigure the wireless, unless you have another computer that has supported the software.

    For more information on the ad-hoc connection, see the User Guide.

    Please reply to this message with the result of your troubleshooting. I can't wait to hear strings attached good luck!

  • Printer HP Photosmart C390a - wireless radio does not

    I need help with my HP C390a Photosmart Premium all-in-one printer. Suddenly, the other day he lost, it's a wireless connectivity and I have tried everything I can think of to get it to work - printing and Scan doctor, uninstall the printer and reinsert (2 or 3 times), re-starting the PC, the modem-router and the printer etc several times and nothing works. The printer will print when connected by USB but I have run the wireless network Test and it shows that the "Wireless is WE ', but the ' Wireless works is to FAIL. This explains why I can't get the Wireless Setup Wizard to work. She is saying that he is now "looking for wireless routers", but just keeps looking forever until I have cancel it. Also the small wireless icon which was on the home screen of the printer in the top middle (next to the bluetooth icon) has disappeared. Although mysteriously, small blue wireless light on the far right of the keyboard printer stays on. In any case, I really like this printer but I need a wireless, wired not only, so I would appreciate any help I could get with this problem.

    Oh, I forgot to tell you, I also can I made things worse by selecting two default settings of the printer (when nothing else worked), they were: 'Restore the default network settings' and under Tools "restore default settings".

    Here's the rest of the details on my PC-

    I have a hp Pavilion dv6 - 2057cl computer laptop running Windows 7. Our internet provider is Bright House and we have a cable/modem that works well with this printer for the last 3 months.

    As I said, any help will be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Hello Carol_in_FL,

    Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the Forums of HP, I would like to draw your attention to the Guide of the Forums HP first time here? Learn how to publish and more.

    I understand that your wireless network no longer works on your Photosmart C309a. In the report, it seems that the wireless radio is not working.

    I suggest you then call HP Technical Support to see other possibilities for you, as a replacement or a recovery.

    If you call in North America, the number is 1-800-474-6836 and for all other regions: click here.


    Kind regards

  • HP Photosmart Premium C309g suddenly stops printing wireless

    I recently bought this printer. I've set up to print wireless. I installed and uninstalled twice b/c after about three times wireless printing, it stops wireless printing. Here is the order of events.

    (1) install the software according to the instructions

    (2) test page wireless printing, that always works

    (3) other printing things the same day wireless (works fine)

    (4) try to print something wireless as 2-3 days later

    (5) it does not. Get message of the staing HP Solution Center which is obvious: Document cannot print (duh). Through troubleshooting (Windows help). It tells me to make sure that it is the default printer (it is) and then check if it is online. It is usually not. So I choose to do the printer online (which is a sub-question, and I'm sure is related to the problem, why it keeps automatically be disconnected?)

    (6) attempt to print

    (7) message appears saying that HP Photosmart C309g-m offline (Solution Center)

    (8) read troubleshooting tips (HP Solution Center), which tells me to connect via USB to print (which annoys me because there is no available solution that tells you how to restore a wireless communication between the router/computer/printer)

    (9) which I did the first time around, but find that when I connect using the USB, it prints well. Any attempt to return to wireless printing is reflected in steps 7 and 8

    (10) check the connection of the application printer wireless network printing. Indicates that the printer is properly connected wireless. I know that my laptop is on the same network b/c that's the only one I have and my internet connection is not interrupted somehow.

    (11) get frustrated, uninstall and reinstall the printer

    Repeat step 2.

    This has happened twice already, and I bought it so that I COULD print wireless. He must be troublemaker solution Quen uninstall then reinstall the printer each time that happens (up to once a week).

    I have a laptop computer, a printer and a wireless router.

    have a Belkin g MIMO Wireless router

    I own a Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop

    I have a HP Photosmart Premium C309g (bought less than 2 weeks ago)

    I do not turn off the router or printer. Rarely I have turn off the laptop. Reset the router in the past has not helped. Turning and on the printer or the laptop in the past has not helped.

    Issues related to the:

    (1) how to prevent printing to offline on my laptop

    (2) how to restore communiucation between the printer and the laptop computer on the wireless network?

    (3) how do I keep the communication between the computer laptop and printer (and I assume that the router) to go Bye Bye?

    Thank you


    About what you suggest, the IP address remained the same throughout the facilities and absorption.

    However, I have thought of it. I guess that the wireless connection on the printer. I went back to the office and looked at my network settings. I needed to "find" my wireless signal. The first time that I've refreshed my wireless name does not show upward. I refreshed again and POOF! He was there! So I chose and put in my password (I think that his WPA encryption). When he finished the wireless network connection, it is printed on a network status page. Given that I printed this page so many times already I happened to have an old on my desk. I noticed that the IP address is the same (although today, I uninstalled and reinstalled again) on both forms. Anyway, when I returned to my computer (which is in my living room) HP Help Center had a giant green check mark on it and said that the printer is connected. Then I printed something and it worked! YAY! It would be great if HP put in information on the way to reconnect wireless when you get this message "the printer is not connected. Who knows maybe I needed to evacuate to understand! Laughing out loud

    So for everyone out there, if this happens to you:

    1) go to your printer

    (2) select the arrow to see the next menu. (it should be on the right side of the LCD screen, it looks like a triangle on the side)

    (3) select Setup--> network--> network wireless assistant

    (4) the printer will start to search for wireless networks

    (5) choose your network (or the network you are using...  It should be the same as your computer/laptop is on)

    (6) if it is password protected, enter the password/password

    (7) your printer will print a network status page.

    (8) your computer should "recognize" the printer on the network itself. Your HP help window can display a large green check mark (it's a good thing!)

    (9) print what you want!

    * Note I guess that you may need to do this each time the printer goes into sleep mode. Its not that boring!


  • New HP Photosmart D110 do not print wireless

    I have a new HP Photosmart D110a and have successfully set up and everything seems OK to print until I have try to disconnect from the computer to move.  It says it is connected wireless: the blue light is on, the wireless says wireless network test report is on and working, she carries the correct network name (ssid), Network Setup page indicates an active connection Wi - Fi ready.  However, it does not print if I disconnect the wired USB connection.  I paid extra for the wireless printer so I could place away from the computer so I would really like to get this matter resolved.  Other data that may be useful: computer HP m91000t with Vista 32, which is also connected to a cable modem comcast through a new netgear router wireless.  I tried to turn off the Norton firewall and it will still not print wireless.  All software provided with the printer appear to install correctly.  I tried to use Vista 'add printer' now there's a second printer in printers in Control Panel, one that says "series of HP Photosmart D110 and added one that says: ' HP78EF1A (series of HP Photosmart D110);" " I would like to delete any printer is not necessary.  I can print wired form or printer.

    Your computer thinks that the printer is connected via USB.  You must add a version of it for wireless printing.  Here's how:

    1. make sure the printer is on and connected to your network. Verify that you can access the printer's internal web page by accessing its IP address before continuing.
    2. click on > start > Control Panel > printers.
    3. click on add a printer
    4. Select local printer
    5. Select create a new port and select Standard TCP/IP Port, and click Next.
    6. under device type, select TCP/IP Device. Under the name of host or IP address, enter the host name of the printer (found on the network printer configuration report the generated above). Click Next.
    If you get a message about required additional Port information, then the printer is not found using the host name. You can go back and start over or using the IP address of the printer instead of the host name.
    7. Select Hewlett-Packard in the list of manufacturers and select and select your printer model. Click Next.
    If your printer model is not in the list, then select disk provided, browse the CD that came with your HP printer and select the first file that begins with hp and ends with ".inf". Click Open, and then click OK. Select your printer model. Click Next.
    8. If prompted, use the driver that is currently installed.
    9. He will ask the name of the printer - enter a new name or use the one existing. This will be the name of the printer that you select from other applications.
    10. we may ask you to share the printer. Make a choice and click Next.
    11. the printing area of Test Page is displayed. Go ahead and print it out.
    12. click on finish.

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