HP s3700y Slimline power button does not switch on contact.

Granddaughter, pushed down a little too strong on the button works / stop when the screen froze - upward, even if the button is not jammed or blocked, but I think does not make contact, so cannot depend on cpu.  Green light is stable after trying various information provided here.  Is it possible to remove the cover to access the switch without having to remove the block power and/or other internal hardware?  Its a very tight to access this area fit.

Here are the specifications of the desktop HP Pavilion Slimline s3700y. Here is a link to 'How to' topics to your computer. And here is a specific guide on "removing the cover" on your computer.

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    Windows 7.

    the light on the power button does not work. How can I activate it?

    If the key light is not lighting up, then more than likely that the LED is just out for your power button. If the laptop is still under warranty, you can it be repaired or replaced, but as long as its not causing you any serious issues, I worry too much with it.

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  • My computer is stuck on the Welcome screen and the power button does not work. How can I activate it finish (and on)?

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    Its best to contact the manufacturer of the computer as it might be a hardware problem.

  • On 1900-303 power button does not work

    Hey all!

    After that some problems with laptop computer requiring a major revision (doubtful fan it replaces to cite one) after putting the laptop back together the button works / stop workinh, I can't turn the phone on or off using it.

    As it's 303, and I have the digital controls for MP3 playback on the front, I can activate the laptop from there so this isn't a problem of 100%, but it would be nice to make it work again.

    Can anyone help?

    Hi Rabbi

    It is not easy to say because there may be several reasons for this. The fact is that unit has power, but in my opinion, there is a contact problem. You have two options. Either check all contacts and connections of cable or partner once again.

    I put t know how much experience you have, but as you can see the construction of the laptop is very damaging and a small mistake can be reason for something like that.

    Good luck!

  • The power button will not turn on my computer. Is there a way to solve this problem, or the computer not sleep once I do back on?

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    The power button does not turn the computer on when the computer goes to black screen.

    The battery he is

    iI tried to Community assistance to research and tried to wait. The next morning, I was able to turn it back on. Now, it happened again.

    Please help me. I can afford a new Mac.

    Thank you

    Get it fixed. Make an appointment at the Genius Bar in Apple for the service. If you need a Apple Store - find a store - Apple.

  • Satellite A300 - 1GN PASGCE - LED light button does not work with Win 7

    I improve my laptop for windows 7 everything works fine but the touchpad multimedia light led power button does not work.
    Play, stop, next work earlier but not the light / off does not work.

    No idea why?


    Maybe it's a question of s a Win 7.
    I mean that the software is not intended for Win 7 but only for Vista.

    But you should check if you can reconfigure this button again.
    In Toshiba Assist-> optimize, you can find the Support of Toshiba Button tool.
    This tool can be used for the new configuration of the control buttons.

    First click on the button that you want to reconfigure and target path you can then choose the path to the exe file that must be executed by pressing this button.

    As far as I know that the exe files are placed in the program files/Toshiba/TSB folder.

    You will find different applications and one of these applications control the light on/off.

  • Re: Satellite L655 - the Touchpad on/off button does not work

    This morning, I noticed that the power button of the touchpad of my Satellite does not, although the Fn + F9 key combination works by enabling and disabling my touchpad.

    It was working well until what I slept last night when I woke up, my laptop has rebooted due to updates of Windows during the night. I don't read anything since I have been using a wireless mouse. Then reach work and check if I can activate my touchpad (Windows has loaded and connected), the display screen that shows if the touchpad is active or not does not appear and my touchpad, power button does not work.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Is this problem only you?
    I mean it's not so important, and I would not reinstall or change anything because of this.
    Until you can use the FN + F9 key combination I put t think it's a serious problem.

    What do you think of this?

  • HP HDX 9430EA - Media Console Power On / Off button does not


    The HP HDX 9430EA - Media Console Power On / Off push button does not not but the light blue on the push button is still.

    I think that HP Media Console rear plastic cover retained is part number 448161-001, but I'm not too sure.

    Help, please



    Hi BHK6,

    The power switch suddenly started working again, I think it might be a dirty contact problem flattens.

    Thanks a lot for your help.



  • Satellite A300-15J: touch button does not work properly from standby

    Recently I bought this laptop, works great except one problem...

    There is touchbutton for LED switching power.
    When I close or put the laptop in sleep, this button does not work like that but activates or disables the sound.

    I'm using Vista, I wonder if there is any patch or something for this problem.
    Thank you


    Can you please tell me if that happen after the day before, or after using the hibernation mode too?

  • Inspiron 545 desktop on/off button does not

    Hey friends,

    Went to start my Inspiron 545 this morning and zilch zero action on the button does not illuminate nothing.

    Fans of seeing work orange on the main map on green led light near the power cord.

    would this be a case of just a new switch? IIs there anything else I could try and see if she could turn.

    Would really appreciate your help.  Soon Jimmy

    Hi Ron,

    Take off unplugged bezel wire switch switch a small rear wire handed tightened loose switch machine good news. Thanks for your help guys

  • "Back" button does not work and lost bookmarks

    I followed the instructions that Firefox has been extremely slow. He said my favorites would be saved and everything should work as usual. However, I lost all my precious Favorites, and now the back button does not work. She is pale grey all the time, and itls drives me crazy, that I can't go back to the search page. I have to type everything in full again.
    If I can't change it, I'll have to switch to another web browser, after being with Firefox for more years than I care to remember.
    I liked using Firefox and have recommended it to all my family and friends.
    I'm very angry on my favorites, because I used these regularly and had a few coordinates links and important model for my sewing and knitting, as well as time-saving links. Now, I'm completely lost without them.
    If this isn't the page said it would be saved, then I would not have changed anything.
    It's very frustrating and annoying, after spending months, where I wanted and now he lost get it all because of the wrong information. I am very anxious.

    You can check for problems with the database places.sqlite file in the Firefox profile folder.

    You can see if you can restore bookmarks to a JSON or a compressed backup of JSONLZ4 in the bookmarkbackups folder in the "Old data Firefox" folder on the desktop.

  • the 'Clear now' button does not not on web content caching

    I clicked on tools > option > advanced > caching of content, then clicked on the "Clear now" button > ok, nothing has shown that if the button does not work and there was no clear action.

    This button to clear the cache is probably broken because the current version of Firefox 32 has switched to a new service named Cache2 cache.

    This change will result in extensions that use the old cache service to stop working and its developer must update the extension.
    You can see the site of Add-ons to see if there is already a version available that maybe is not approved yet.

  • "Back" button does not work with the latest version of any help?

    Hi, I use the latest version. When I go through the pages, I can not be able to return to previous pages. The back button does not work. When I click the back button, the same page, it's not coming back... Any help would be much appreciated!

    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > appearance/themes).

    You can click right back or front button to open the history list.

    You can hold down the left button of the mouse either back or next to the history tab list opens.

    The current active entry has a bullet in front of it.

    If you place an entry in the historic session with the mouse tab, so you see an arrow to the left pointing (rear) left or right (forward) to show the direction.

    You can left click on an item to open it in the tab active or middle-click or Ctrl, click on an entry in this list to open that link in a new tab, just as you can with the other links.

  • "back" button does not work and the home page does not display on startup

    My buttons next and previous no longer work. They show just gray and I cannot click on them.
    Also my home page does not appear when I launch firefox.
    I reinstalled firefox 4 and then I went back to firefox 3.6.16 and have the same problem in both versions.
    Don't know what to do anymore
    I just found out that when I opened a second window everything works well in the second window, but it still does not work in the first window.
    The same thing happens when I close both windows. The first window of my home page does not appear and the back button does not work, but the second window is operating normally. Including my home page.


    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the Add-ons is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools > Modules > appearance/themes).

    • Makes no changes on the start safe mode window.


  • "Play" button does not work on Satellite L500


    The title says it all... My 'play' button does not work. All the other buttons on the Panel works... Like power, next song, previous and silent song.
    I use the Satellite L500-12th, I had for 3 years now with no problems until today.
    Can I do to solve this problem?

    Which player do you use? Maybe Windows media player?

Maybe you are looking for