hp scanjet 4670: hp scanjet 4670 image - scanned split

The picture says it all - that someone knows what's the problem and how to fix it - product hpscanjet4670 - was a brilliant scan until yesterday (think it might be the cable)


Fixed. Engineer opened the hood and tweaked some things and she is good to go again! Happy days! After doing a search online for a scan of his equity was non-existent. Using 10 and former windows software, everything seems to work easily, has lost the ability to OCR but can use a single note in combination and which works very well.

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  • Images scanning continuous hp 5530

    Attempt to analysis of old photographs continuously from the computer, no screen of the printer, but with no go! It's quite a pain to do a new scan each time and rename each picture! UGH!

    My old hp F2100 printer asks if you want to scan another element. If you did, it would have put it in the folder "Scan" with others and he number sequencially (scan1, scan2, etc.). The 5530 will not do that. The manual says you can after you click 'save', but I don't see any button to hit to do another scan. Driving me crazy!

    Old printer has decided to stop scanning and can't seem to reinstall, where the new printer.

    Hp pavillion with Vista 34 bit running.


    He must analyze the images with figures and your prefix. For example, you have a whole bunch of photos that you tokk in Rome. You can select the prefix Rome and it will add 001, 002, 003... for images scanned as Rome001, Rome002, Rome003...

    To do this, please try

    (a) double-click the desktop printer icon.

    (b) select scan Document or Photo to the computer,

    (c), click Advanced (or settings...)

    (d) select the option for the name of the file and output file...

    (e) click apply/Ok

    You can also scan several photos at once (for example: put 10cmx15cm 4 or 4 "x 6" photos on its glass surface and it will give you 4 files ").

    Kind regards.

  • Using scanjet G4050 HP scanning 35mm slide

    A week ago, I bought a HP scanjet G4050. I bought to digitize old 35mm slides, I chose this model because it was written, I could scan 16 slides at the same time, but I can't find a software that can do!

    Please help me!

    My operating system is Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

    Sorry for my bad English, I write from the Italy.

    Thank you very much in advance for your answer!

    Sorry for my bad English but I'm Italian and my English is not very good!

    I solved my problem, I "reset" my mac, so I downloaded this driver

    http://h10025.www1.HP.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareCategory?OS=4159 & LC = IT & CC = IT & DLC = IT & sw_lang = & Product = 3236377 #n177

    and I bought vuescan standard edition (because with the free, it did not work) and now I can scan slide 16 in order!

    I save in 1200 dpi and for all slides 16 it takes more or less 50 minutes, sometimes, it seems that the scanner is stuck, but I think the problem is that my mac is not powerful enough to image realignment process takes a lot of time.

  • ScanJet 4890 cannot scan to PDF (windows vista)

    Recently, I replaced a 6 years Dell Latitude 810 runnung XP pro with a Dell E6520 running Windows 7 64-bit. I installed my Scanjet 4890 using the Windows Vista software and driver (using the compatibility check). I can scan documents to a printer, .jpg, .tif and .gif, but I can't scan to Adobe Acrobat (not an option, I can select). On the 810, I could sweep Acrobat. Can anyone offer any suggestions? Thank you.

    I hacked my way to a solution:

    1. place the document in scanjet, connect to the computer, turn on scanjet;

    2 launch the scanjet analysis, NO Office, with (document) at the far left button on the top of the cover of scanjet;

    3. answer questions on the "Scan button scan" window that pops up just:

    -Click on the option button "Document" and one of the 3 color choices;

    -in "Scan to:" dropdown list, choose 'Save to file';

    -in "file type:" drop-down list, choose one of the options PDF.

    -other options can be selected as required;

    4. click on the button "Scan" (lower left corner of the window);

    5 answer questions on the window "Scan to file Save Options button Scan" which has just popped up.

    6. click 'OK' (at the bottom of the window);

    7 analysis program will launch; Navigate as always;

    8. when all documents have been scanned, will find your document in the selected directory 5, above.

    I hope this helps!

  • 5550c ScanJet doesn't scan Windows 7


    I have a scanjet 5550c I'm scanning for some time with Windows 7 32 bit and no problems at the time.

    Now, I can't scan, even with Adobe Acrobat 10 Pro, said: can not communicate with scaner, and I can't put it back to work as used for...

    So I try all the way, even here, I found different ways and none work...

    The last of them, I try is scanjet full software and driver for 5590 v14 and v 9, I had TWAIN does not work I try to uninstall and no success at all,

    Here's what I got:

    I got this when I try to install 5590.  Now at this moment I don't know how to put this scanner... I love this scanner and was working with Windows 7 32 bit... Now, why not?

    I need your help TEAM... Thanks in advance...


    Hello aacm21

    The series of products Scanjet is commercial scanners and it is the HP consumer forum. As a result, are not too familiar with commercial products, and I suggest you post in the HP Business Support forum for a better chance to find a solution.

    You will find the Board Commercial Scanjet here.

  • ScanJet 8270 ADF scanning stops at halfway down page. "HP scan Application resources has stopped working".

    Scanner works OK with third-party software - but I want to use the features of HP!

    Error occurs using portion of the scanner or ADF (which stops at the bottom of page 1/2).  Software "Full feature" just download on the HP site, multiple times.  Downloaded version: "Setup_Full_8270_14 - 5.exe" tried with 2 computers, both running Windows 7.  Scanner WILL copy a page to the printer, but refuses to create a file for the document or image.

    5590 scanner works fine, but I want that the increased capacity of the 8270!.

    I got the job 8270 as expected!

    Purchased the software on CD, pt # L1975-10010, installed and the scanner now works properly.  Seems to be an older version than the one I had downloaded, but I prefer older if it WORKS again, if it's not!

    Obviously, the HP download package has BUGS.

    Thanks for trying to help; It IS appreciated.  Now, HP will fix the software package on their site, everything will be fine.

  • I have CS6, but I also use Photoshop CS3 if I can use a Hewlett Packard Scanjet 3110 for scanning.

    New drivers for the HP are no longer available and my CS3 crashes in Yosemite.  Someone could suggest a solution or should I just buy a new scanner.

    Use the standalone scanning software provided with the scanner, save the files, then open them in CS6.

    This also gives you the opportunity to work in PS during the scan.

    The stand-alone version should also hang, consider a third-party program, such as Vuescan.

  • hp scanjet G3110: install scan hp G3110

    Setup incorrectly states my new 660 s Dell equipped with 64-bit Windows 7 (installed at the factory) as an operating system 64 - bit XP and falls down (XP has never been installed on the computer).    I downloaded the latest version of the software recommended directly from the HP support site.  Of course, there is an installation problem.

    Is there a solution or another appropriate piece of the scanner software?

    Exit the:

    2014 01-15

    Name of the file:

    setup_full_G3110_14 - 5.exe [1/1, 117.05 M]



    Please help me

    Hi @ChanVo,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    It is a very specific question. I don't know why the installer is grateful your computer running Windows XP.

    You mentioned that the Dell computer was new, there may be some Windows updates that must be accomplished.

    Other than that, I have no documentation that can help with solutions for the thing of installation software that your computer is running Windows XP when it is running in fact Windows 7. This could be a topic better suited for Microsoft Community Forums.

    Please click the "accept as Solution" and the "thumbs up" button up on top of my first response above and other similar issues may find the easiest solution.
    Thank you!

  • HP Deskjet 1510: Image scanned in bits

    I'll try to scan my degree but it comes out in the form of different images, IE, the coat of arms is separated from the place of the brilliant down etc. I can't get a full scan of my degree! It's the same thing, recording to JPEG.


    Thank you for using the HP Forums.

    Think you might have your "car culture" checked.

    This relevant resource will show you how to scan jpeg properly:

    HP Deskjet 2540 scanning tips

    Hope that helps!

  • How can I increase the resolution (DPI / PPP) an image scanned on my iMac?

    How can I increase the resolution of a scanned image. I am currently using a new all-in-one Photosmart HP 5512, I installed everything to the natural drivers have a usp cable connecting the PRINTER to my iMac. I'm on OS 10.7.4.

    The HP icon utility allows me only increase the size of the file (image quality) not the PPP/CIO

    Thanks in advance for any help


    You can change the resolution using the application from HP as follows:

    Click HP scan at the top and then click on Preferences.

    In the launch windows, select the required resolution.

    Close the preferences window and perform analysis.

    Kind regards


  • HP officejet pro 8600 more: carefully analyzed by ADF to produce an image scanned with a line

    Only when I create a PDF from a scan using the ADF, the images result in a line down the Center.  Y at - it something I can clean up in the ADF.  I have not seen information about cleaning this area?

    Hey @kenannee,

    I see that you see a few lines when scanning or copy of your ADF (ADF). I can help you with that.

    This document describes How to clean the ADF. If you have lines after the paper, the printer must be replaced. You can contact the HP Support by clicking on this link and fill out the form below to discuss the options based on your warranty.

    Please let me know the results on the above document. If you turn off the line, click on accept solution. If you appreciate my help, please post it by clicking the thumbs up icon. The two icons are below this post.

  • image scanned when opened to start word is distorted

    With the help of HP Officejet 4620. I scan the image in ocr (editable text) and opened in word startup does not load the entire document and some words are deformed by the original analysis. What I am doing wrong? Help please

    Hi jer-good,.

    Sorry, that did not work for you. Some of the printer works with the searchable PDF format.

    Try saving the scan editiable and Rich Text option or if you have not already tried one of them to see if that makes a difference.

    Try another document with a different type of police. It might have something to do with the reproduction of the sound result formatted who will try to close the original scanned page.

    The alternative, you can try is to uninstall the reinstall the printer software, in which case the driver is damaged.

    Uninstalling the printer software.

    Printer drivers e-all-in-one-HP Officejet 4620.

    Select the operating system, and then click Next.
    Click on driver - product Installation software and download the drivers.

    Thank you.

  • Photosmart C7280 previous image scan will not delete

    I scanned (PDFs in mail) the other day.  When I try a new scan (also pdf to mail), the old image of documents now include in scanning new documents.  I tried to turn off and restart, using vs feeder, nothing seems to disengage the already scanned images.  All updates are underway.  Suggestions?

    Thank you!

    Hey bgroovn,

    How the C7280 is connected to the PC?

    You mention that you restarted the printer, but you've restarted the PC (and restarted the router of network if Ethernet or wireless)?

    Have you run printing HP and doctor Scan?  It is an automated troubleshooting tool that fixes a lot of scanning and printing related issues.

  • divide the Group of images scanned individual photos

    I am a true beginner to Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 so I know nothing atall using this software so please bare with me. I scanned the pctureas finally after 3 days I understood how to get all in my organizer, as sad as it sounds. Now, with the digital photos I sent somewhere with 2, 3 or even four photos on a scan instead of send each of them separately. Thanks to this software it must be a way to separate these photos in a single independent photo of each. Anyone out there help me with this with explicit and easy to follow instructions? I would be very grateful; I am a true beginner, then pity me with software this software - it's great, but I'm just a dumbie I quess. Thanks a lot again! I'll be waiting-

    Thank you so much! Think I got the hang of it now. He has worked with some fine pictures. :))

  • Cannot import images scanned in 11 elements

    After the upgrade to 11 items of 8 items, I find that I can not configure 11 elements to recognize my scanner. My only choice is "frame of video. I have no problem with 8 items that I always use. Scanners appear in the Apple system preferences and are available. What Miss me?

    PES 11, you must install the TWAIN driver. Go to Applications > Adobe Photoshop elements 11 > Support Files > optional Plugins and move the folder ImportModules for Applications > Adobe Photoshop elements 11 > Support Files > Plugins, then restart your computer.

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