Hyperion email notification does not work

I tried Hyperion config but it doesnot work.

I had to follow john goodwin blog to test it several times. I also tried to set up hyperion with anonymous email service. But the mail server does not have a single piece of Hyperion.

More of life than that...: Planning - e-mail configuration

I had use tried to follow this guide to test the mail server: https://www.ndchost.com/wiki/mail/test-smtp-auth-telnet

And it works find I can use telnet from Hyperion Planning server to control e-mail server send e-mails.

Anyone has any experience with Hyperion e-mail configuration? Because something is missing or it is a bug or not in this Version?

I got raises a SR but he almost months pass and I get no solution so far.



I was wondering have you set admin email id in the planning of the preferences? It's something that we've missed during the configuration of e-mail beyond for our planning system. You must connect using the admin username and identification of email that you use during the configuration of the value. There are also that all users key in their mail electronic id in the preferences of the user for an application as well...

Just a wild guess, maybe you already have.

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    Hi all

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    Thank you

    You must configure the e-mail of the BONE - test telnet SMTP to perform according to them (how to perform a significant Telnet SMTP test to troubleshoot Java Mailer to Send Notifications by e-mail [753845.1 ID]). If you can send an e-mail message from the operating system, you should be able to receive emails from adpatch session.

    Thank you

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    Did you follow the suggestions in style and contact forms add form widgets in Adobe Muse.  ?

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    You have to drive to extend the form to allow this. Open in Acrobat and under the Advanced menu choose the option "extend features in Adobe Reader. This will start a wizard. Take all the default settings. When finsihed, save the file and distribute that saved the file.


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    Your kind comments and advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Only social messaging provides notifications of Message Direct to Facebook and Twitter. So you're not going to receive notifications of new messages on the wall, love, tags, tweets, etc.

  • "email link" does not work with exchange or 365 in version 34.0.5 - he continues to send me to an account page add and then tells me that the page is already added

    Emailing links directly from firefox using my email to business was easy, but now, using windows 8 (currently firefox v 34.0.5) I keep getting redirected to a page asking I have add my e-mail (exchange, office 365) account. However when I do this it just says that this account is already added and don't give me any other options. I also tried to add Outlook and Exchange ActiveSync and the result is the same. Can someone advise please?
    If I open the same pages in internet explorer, I can send the link without any problem but firefox is my favorite browser.

    You are using an add-in on? https://addons.Mozilla.org/en-us/fire.../email-link-button/
    Once reach you the accounts and check the credentials on your operating system, it should work.

    However, if you want to change what is happening to try the following steps: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/change-program-used-open-email-links

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    We have recently acquired a SAS MD3200 and we are very happy about it.

    But yesterday we had a drive failure and no alert message,

    Description of what we have:

    -Storage Manager upward and running on a Win 2008;

    -Email and all selected filters (warning, information, etc...);

    -e-mail tested ok.

    -the SMmonitor to the top and the conduct;

    -the server, where the SMmonitor and the Storage Manager are running, is on the same network of the MD3200;

    -I can ping both NICs of storage;

    I also disabled the windows firewall (I don't know if that is the question), put the new drive in the hope of receiving an email, but not... :-(




    Thank you Kenny.

    Everything is well configured.

    The problem is some kind of incompatibility between the SMMonitor and the mail server (qmail). When the coordinates with alerts "include" is disabled, all goes well.

    It must be a '\n' somewhere.

    See you soon!

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    I created the group 'Test' in Hyperion shared services and put into service the group with the role of "filter". The filter has access read/write for specific entities and costcenters in Essbase application. I added a Test_User to this group and attempted to retrieve the data from Smart View. But I m not able to retrieve the data. It is throwing below error.


    Oracle Smart View for office


    Cannot open the selection of members. Essbase Error (1001064): you don't have sufficient access to perform a reading on this database




    I created the same group & user with the same role services in Hyperion shared and able to recover the data without any problem. Please can you help me solve this problem.

    Thank you

    Michel K

    I like living in a world of pictures to show it works in

    Connect and retrieve with ess2015 of user

    Everything is good

  • Push email suddenly does not work?


    I had very few problems with the pre previously (except battery life, but I'm learning how to keep), but from around 10:00 this morning, I stopped to push email.  I upgraded 1.0.3 Friday, things worked just fine over the weekend, but for some reason, today, that it is to stop auto email recovery.  Everytime I open a mailbox (I have a pop account, a gmail account and my work EAS account) then it synchronizes very well and all my pop emails through, but I have to draw all the way on this specific Inbox to be able to synchronize.

    I put it to recover the last 7 days of messages on a 15 minute interval.


    I don't know what caused it, but I decided to try and fix it with a power Cycle, and now I'm getting the push email again!

    While gives an Opticrealm, I hope it will solve it for you as well.

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