I can see only the servers in a 'new window' or 'full screen.

I have Windows Server 2.0 on can I Server 2008, and I can only see the servers in a 'new window' or 'full screen '. I want to select the server and have it open right in Internet Explorer without having to open a new window for each server (see screenshot). "When I select in the Console tab it tells me to ' click anywhere to open.

I tried the things:

-J' tried to unstall and reinstall and it works.

-install and I tried browser Fire Fox.

-tried the two port 8333 and 8222.

Any ideas?

Y at - it customer management console / I can install that does not use a browser?

Host server Win 2008 without Hyper-V server.


Address IP/name, enter

Enter your credentials in the user/pass fields.

BTW. Check this - how to install 32 bit VIC on 64 bit system.



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    Thank you


    Sorry, but I do not understand your last answer. You mentioned the following:

    for option B, even if option A is not checked, you can set automatic ask for organization when assign authorized resources.

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    Necessary to create the share with the local network in the preferences of iTunes on the iMac. Then the Mac Air noted that there is now a drop-down menu at the top left of the screen (same level as the movie, tv, buttons etc. It has two options for me, one for my computer and one for the library, I shared the iMac. When I select this library, I can now see all film, television and music content stored on the Drobo.

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    How should I do to don't see only the tools-plan when I start Dc Acrobat?

    Hey Peter,

    If you use the player, then you can do the same thing in preferences as I mentioned above.

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    Kind regards

    Ana Maria

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    As far as I know there are only 2 Apple ID involved - my own and the one we did for him as a minor.

    If someone has had this problem and can you help me to overcome.

    It is typical that this situation happens the day before her birthday - I wanted to give him tomorrow all loaded with his own stuff. It five of its apps accepted last month when I first came with the idea and now...


    This means what it means: iTunes Store items are tagged with the Apple that was used to buy ID. Apparently in this case, for some reason, over 5 ID are involved. Which could include accounts that are no longer used.

    In general, it is best to follow these steps before giving your iPad to someone else: what to do before you sell or give away your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

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    You are welcome

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    Since then, I have two phones hooked up to 3 different cards it becomes cumbersome to look thorough all the instructions to find out according to bank statements

    Is there a place I can see all the Apple pay transactions outside bank statements

    N °


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    How can I fix the link between adobe and windows if I see .pdf not win32 application, without the disc?

    "Adobe" is the name of the company that provides a great many different applications.

    Adobe Reader is free and allows you to view pdf files.

    Adobe Acrobat is expensive and allows you to create, edit and view pdf files.

    Assuming that you are referring to the reader, uninstall all the versions of it using the control panel > add or remove programs.  Then either

    1. go to http://get.adobe.com/reader/?promoid=BUIGO and download the current version (remember to uncheck the box to install McAfee Security Scan Plus.


    2. go to http://www.foxitsoftware.com/Secure_PDF_Reader/ and download Foxit Reader, a small pdf reader and many more.

    Then, install the reader that you have downloaded.

  • How can I change outlook settings to display the field 'to', so that I can see that the emails were sent at a glance?

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    Office at the above link forums


    Outlook Help Forums at the link above.

    They will help you with your Outlook questions when repost you in the Office Forums above.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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