I can't delete a folder because I do not have the permission, but I am the administrator. It doesn't let me change the permissions. Help?

First of all, sorry if this is in the wrong place. I had no idea what section to post this in.
Today, I was using a program for the 'Minecraft' game called MultiMC and removing files that it created I don't have anymore, I came across a folder, I could not open, delete, or do something with. When I try to open it it says ' (place) is not accessible. Access is denied. " When I try to remove it, he said ' you must be authorized to perform this action. You need computer administrator permissions to change this folder ' (though, I'm the administrator - only account on the computer). It also gives me 'Retry' and the options to cancel, nor necessary. On properties it says "Unable to display current owner" and won't let me change the owner, even to the administrator. The file is 0 bytes in size, but I want to get rid of because I might want to remove the folder that it is in the future, besides I don't know if it's a virus or whatever it is. Please can someone help.

Try this:
How to take possession of an item in Vista. Works also under Windows 7
And it is necessary:
Unlocker File Remover
Alternative download sites.
Download it from FileHippo

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