I can't make any changes on the WOOD of Lenovo E530C boot order.

I have this laptop here as I want to get off the machine, I can not set the boot order.
I can't get into the BIOS but I can't make any changes in the boot order, upgrading the BIOS is the current.

How can I solve the problem? Please help.


Hi Mehlo,

Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

I'm sorry to inform you that you are not the right forum to get answer to your query. That you are facing problem with set BIOS settings that require a specialist equipment or their technical support technicians. Here are a few discussions with the manufacturer of your computer that deals with the same issue that challenge you. Please check and see if it helps.

Change the boot order in the BIOS

ThinkPad E530 will not boot from the CD

If the problem persists, try to contact your computer support center and see what they suggest. To contact the Lenovo Support, you can consult this link.

Hope that the information provided is useful. Let us know if you have any concerns related to Windows. We will be more than happy to help you.

Kind regards

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