I can't make phone calls. Calls cut.


I can do Skype Skype calls but cannot call some phone numbers in Turkey. I tried on my mobile phone Android and Windows client. I have a Skype credit, and there is no problem on the network connection, when I call another Skype account.

Versions: Android: Windows

I reached the support team and figured out that the ISP I use United Arab Emirates does not support Skype calls to phones. My payment is refunded.

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  • can not make phone calls

    I use Skype for phone calls to phone numbers in the United States. After downloading a new version of Skype I can't make phone calls more. The call button is not active. The account is closed to date. Help, please.

    Is your login on Skype online status? The status icon next to your name should be green with a white check mark inside. Try to change the status by using the drop-down arrow next to this icon.

  • Siri can not make phone calls

    After the passage of an iPhone 7 from an iPhone 6 via iTunes backup everything (well almost) works very well.

    However, Siri refuses to launch phone calls: 'sorry, I can't make your phone call. Each component seems to work separately: Contacts can be consulted and have found with the help of Siri, contacts can be called, and the phone is very good as well. I do not use any Bluetooth device, just the phone.

    I tried to restart, a soft reset, re - insert the SIM card, restart Siri and through all relevant parameters in iOS10.0.1, Siri in the lock screen as well as after having unlocked the phone with several of the contacts and the types of numbers.

    Don't forget: I can put any call I want, but not with Siri.

    As I have yet to find advice through Google I hope that here, experts can provide further advice!

    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards, Kay Hidde

    Talked to the hotline from Apple Support today. They convinced me to try reset the network settings. However, this does not have the problem.

    So I decided to reinstall from backup again (their second and final suggestion): I stored the new pictures that I shot with the phone before restore the device with exactly one that I used when the new machine was delivered two days ago:

    If it was the same data as iTunes sent to the same device, it worked!

    Interestingly other small issues were fixed as well (for example some photos were missing in camera rolling despite the fact that they were on the phone) and the whole process was not too long, since iTunes stores now sync settings for the lists of reading, books, movies, and photos on this unit (except for the initial setup of the new device two days ago).

    In my opinion the iOS in the update interval can be the reason of this problem-free second run: 7A iPhone shipped with iOS 10.0.0 but I updated to 10.0.1 after initial installation.

    Thanks for listening and I hope, the description may help someone else in a similar situation.

    Best regards!

  • I can't make phone calls

    I can't make calls, when I compose, my phone displays "composition", and then "call ended", I tried with different numbers, and it's always the same, I already did a soft reset and it does not work.

    What could be?

    Does this happen everywhere, or only when there is a questionable signal? Try roaming:

    Start > settings > phone > Services > roaming > 'Roaming networks only.

    If it works better, complain to your signal Sprint.

    If this also does not work, you may have to hard reset your phone. Do first a good backup.

    == == Edit

    I just noticed you have unlocked Treo Pro. I don't know if you have this option.

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  • Can't make phone calls after update 9.3.2

    Since I downloaded and installed the 9.3.2 update, I'm unable to pass voice calls - use as a portable device or by using Bluetooth connectivity.  Suggestions?

    Try restarting of strength:
    Hold the home and power buttons at the same time until the Apple start-up logo appears.

  • Hello. Dear Apple, I just want to know y iPad 2 Air cannot make phone call or what app or SIM card text have number can you improved

    Hello. Dear Apple, I just want to know y iPad 2 Air cannot make phone call or what app or SIM card text have number can you improved

    Thank you

    There is nobody here from Apple, just we users.

    WhatsApp has not been developed for the iPad. Ask the developers.

    The iPad can't make a phone call because it is not a phone.  But there is a choice of applications such as Skype to make calls over the internet.  The SIM card in an iPad has data only.

  • BlackBerry Curve 8330 Smartphone: I can't make outgoing calls to some phone numbers. Help!

    I recently bought the Curve 8330 from Sprint (about 3 months ago).  It worked fine for a few months, but now I can't make outgoing calls to some phone numbers.  It is almost constant.  I have signal strength strong (1XEV bars full).  Then when I make an outgoing call from the phone book or just manually enter the number, the call disconnects after a ring or a few rings.  Most of the time it just says: "disconnected" even though I didn't touch any button.  I tried to remove the battery for a few minutes, as well as the SD card, but it does not solve the problem.  I am very frustrated.  I'm technologically challenged and would like if someone could help me.


    I just re-read this thread again, how many numbers is affected?

    You can call the carrier first, make sure your line is an option correctly.

    Let us know how many numbers, OK?

    Thank you


  • SBH52 don't make phone calls after the installation of Marshmallow


    I upgraded my Z3C Marshmallow Android and since then, the SBH52 does not allow me to make phone calls from the call log.

    I had similar behavior original lollipop but discovered "Call Log Smart Extras" had to be installed and the problem solved.

    However, after upgrading to the marshmallow and noting that I couldn't dial from the SBH52, I uninstalled and reinstalled Smart Connect, SBH52 app and Call Log Smart Extras but everything remains the same. I also tried disconnection and reconnection of the headset to the phone, both via NFC and Bluetooth.

    The headset works. I can 'throw' music, audio, videos and maintain telephone conversations. I can also access the call log and read SMS.

    If I want to hang up, I can still do it by pressing the big round button on the front of the helmet, so my problem is not this one:


    Everyone found this problem too? Is there a solution?

    Thank you.

    I wonder there was an update for applications, but resumed making phonecalls through SBH52

  • BBM needs your help! Can't make video call on BBM!

    Hey, maybe someone had a problem, or someone knows how to solve. I can't make video calls to BBM. I know that the green icon appears when you have 3G and superior or wi - fi, but the green icon does not appear even when I use a wi - fi connection. Only a green icon for voice call is displayed and I can do voice calls only. I contacted blackberry support on tweeter and been disappointed, cause they did not help me. What can cause these problems? Know someone? Thanks in advance

    Yes, BBM Video Chat is so far only available for BlackBerry 10 users.

  • A K1 with 3G can make phone calls?

    I would like to know if the K1 with the 3G (available in europe and Asia) make telephone calls?

    calls can be made threw the internet with the correct application. Like gtalk, for example. GTalk is free right now to make calls within the United States. There is an application that uses your gtalk account to allow you to make calls. So it depends just on the place where you stand.

    With regard to the telephone service, probably not. As it is a Tablet OS and not a phone OS.

  • Can I make telephone calls via Satellite A100-233 modem?

    Can I use my Modem A100-233 to call a phone, and what is the porgram should I use to make & receive calls?

    Thank you


    Did you mean voice over IP?
    Well, I m not an expert but I think that it s a good idea to have an internet connection broadband to use voice over IP. I think that the modem data transfer is low use of these technologies. But I recommend you to check some particular voice over IP forums and websites. You will find detailed information about this technology.

    I googled around and found a few sites.

    Do you know Skype? It is a program that allows you to call trough the net.

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not make a call, but can receive calls

    Hello! I BBCurve9380 and somehow it just stopped making the calls, but I can still receive. I don't know if it's on the changed settings but on what I read in other forums, it's on the it policy. I checked mine and it says BBFS1 [GTALKAP1] and WLM 2.1 [WLMAP01]. I've updated all my apps and my computer can read my phone just fine. When I try to make a call, it automatically disconnects. Any help would be appreciated.

    In fact, you have a lot more work to do, in light of your acquisition method. Reference:

    • KB05099 Steps to take before selling or after the purchase of a used BlackBerry smartphone

    For step 3 stages of seller, you should replace it and it will remove unit COMPUTER policy:

    • KB31291 How to reset a BlackBerry smartphone to factory using BlackBerry Desktop Software Settings

    However, later, when you restore, DO NOT do a full restore. On the contrary, do only a selective restore of only those databases that you absolutely need (e.g., contacts, calendar, messages) and specifically avoid restore databases that have nothing to do with HIM, political, business or other similar things. If you restore those, you'll just be right back where you are now, as a full restore will conscientiously COMPUTER policy again on your device.

    Note Please that I really have no idea if doing this will restore your ability to make calls... 100% of the information I have comes from what you have posted here. I'm guessing that the policy could be the cause of your problems, but I can't know that. No matter, since there is an IT strategy on board and you are not on BES, then you definitely want to get that deleted. But regarding if that will restore your ability to make calls, I have no way to predict the future... If something is the cause of this specific problem, then we'll have to deal with this - AFTER you remove the it policy so that we can be sure it does not hinder anything else.

    Good luck!

  • How can I make a call remote LVRT vi

    I would call a vi on my host of windows since a cRIO vi.  I understand my options here:

    Can I make a remote call with the string name of path, or vi if it is in memory?  What is the format of the name?

    Does include both the name of the project?  So far, I have tried every permutation I can think but cannot get

    a good reference of vi.  Also, is it possible to open a remote reference to a reentrant vi that is currently in memory?

    The name VI string is just the name of the VI. You must apply for it to the correct server VI instance.

    This is the VI that works on my CRIO:

    Notice I had to specify the port instead of the default 3363 3364. Port 3364, that's what I configured VI server on my 'my computer' to listen.


  • BlackBerry smartphones spontaneously begins to make phone calls

    Yesterday my Blackberry started making phone calls to the last issue, I called.  I rebooted and it always does.

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    I recommend that you try to start safe mode:

    • KB17877 How to start a smartphone BlackBerry in Mode safe

    It will take several attempts to get the combination of keys ESC (press/release/hold) OK, so be patient. When properly in Safe Mode, see what happens.

    If the behavior continues, then well... think what happened just before this behavior started? A new application? An update? A theme? Something else? Think carefully that the slightest change can be causal... and try to undo all that was.

    But if the behavior continues mode without failure, you may need to consider more drastic measures - WIPE, OS Reload, BBSAK Wipe/Reload and the process of reloading OS 'skeleton '. To prepare, you should be sure that you have a full backup of your PC... Please see the Backup link in my sig auto on this post for instructions.

    You may also use these tips:

    Of course, if the problem is something physical (for example, a key is stuck, something broken inside, etc.), then no amount of diagnosis distance internet or 'Patches' level OS/software will be of no use.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • Microsoft make phone calls on the error reports? Is it a scam?

    I got a phone call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft - I was very suspicious, but it was not long after that a few errors on my pc today so I me asked if Microsoft never contact customers by telephone on error reports? I don't remember ever giving Microsoft my phone number and saw that a number of scams reported that its like.


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