I have a p6210f (Win 7), that does not illuminate. As recommended, I tried a new power supply with the same results.

In my post in November, I explained that I had tested the power supply with a multimeter and read the correct voltage. Two people to the Board of Directors always seem to think it was the power supply, so I replaced it with a new one (Corsair CX 430 R) and it still won't turn. I had suspected the power switch because when I bypass the MOBO 20 pin plug 'on', the power led lights up, fans have come on short and I heard the rotation of the disk. I also tried to troubleshoot the switch by jumpering the pins on the motherboard, but still no luck. Someone there ideas more before I replace the card MOTHER and CPU? Thanks in advance.



Thanks for the reply. After swapping the PSU, CPU, taking the RAM pins on jumping on the MOBO for power/LED/reset button, each separately and with the same result, I eventually swapped the MOBO to an ASRock A785GM - THE and who did! He finally put under tension. Thanks again.


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