I have a problem with error 53.I know this mistake is for people who have their iPhones fixed by a third party before, the thing is my iphone 6 was never taken to a third party before, so all opinions

I have a problem with error 53.i have 6 + and I m out of warranty. I know this error is for people who have their iPhones fixed by a third party before, the thing is my iPhone 6 + was never taken to a third person before, error 53, it isn't my fault .i was going to do a upgrade to the new version

All view of what can be done

If your device is outside its warranty, you can always make an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar to have the studied unit. 53 error will also occur if there is other material errors that are not defined on the device. One of them has to do with contact IDS. Your Touch ID was never working, or did it stop working? Have you had damage to the device by dropping, water damage or damage to the 'home' button?

Apple can examine the device and determine your options. You will also be flooded with other options for independent repair facilities, however before turn you to this, understand that their work on your device will void any support post-warranty Apple, and there is no way of knowing that the qualities of these repair facilities, as they are not certified by Apple, as Apple does not certify independent repair facilities. If you decide to go this route, be sure to only find a way to check the reviews, etc..

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