I have been overcharged for Pokémon go parts what do I do?

I have been overcharged for Pokémon go parts what do I do?

Which country are you? Some countries (USA, for example) than the sales tax on the price of the top article, and if you add/change payment details you also may have received a temporary store maintain charge: on the payment card's authorization in the iTunes Store - Apple Support

If you have been overcharged iTunes Support contact: http://reportaproblem.apple.com

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    Looks like the switch Board is defective. I would like to send the laptop to a Toshiba repair center. There is a list of ASP on the Toshiba site.

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    Perhaps the following freeware can be found the
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    Belarc Advisor - free PC Audit staff

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    "Manage all your software licenses" and watch
    for a Microsoft Office 25-digit product key.

  • my windows photo gallery will play is no longer my videos (they have been there for 2 years and always worked before, now when I try to play them just the photo gallery)

    my windows photo gallery will play is no longer my videos (they have been there for 2 years and always worked before, now when I try to play them just the photo gallery)

    Maybe some type of update caused a compatibility issue.
    Doing a system restore to an hour before the beginning of the question could
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    Hi experts,

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    2014-11-21 06:09:18, 601 INFO [AIF]: beginning of the process FDMEE, process ID: 268

    2014-11-21 06:09:18, 601 [AIF] INFO: recording of the FDMEE level: 4

    2014-11-21 06:09:18, 601 [AIF] INFO: FDMEE log file: D:\fdmee\outbox\logs\TESTING_268.log

    2014-11-21 06:09:18, 601 [AIF] INFO: user: admin

    2014-11-21 06:09:18, 601 INFO [AIF]: place: Testing_loc (Partitionkey:3)

    2014-11-21 06:09:18, 601 [AIF] INFO: name: OCT period (period key: 31/10/14 12:00 AM)

    2014-11-21 06:09:18, 601 INFO [AIF]: name of the category: real (category key: 1).

    2014-11-21 06:09:18, 601 INFO [AIF]: name rule: Testing_dlr (rule ID:8)

    2014-11-21 06:09:19, 877 [AIF] INFO: Jython Version: 2.5.1 (Release_2_5_1:6813, September 26 2009, 13:47:54)

    [JRockit (R) Oracle (Oracle Corporation)]

    2014-11-21 06:09:19, 877 INFO [AIF]: Java platform: java1.6.0_37

    2014-11-21 06:09:19, 877 INFO [AIF]: connect the file encoding: UTF-8

    2014-11-21 06:09:21, 368 [AIF] INFO: - START IMPORT STEP -

    2014-11-21 06:09:24, 544 FATAL [AIF]: error in CommData.insertImportProcessDetailsTraceback (most recent call last): File '< string >", line 2672, in insertImportProcessDetail

    RuntimeError: No periods have been identified for the loading of the data in the table 'AIF_EBS_GL_BALANCES_STG'.

    2014-11-21 06:09:24, 748 FATAL [AIF]: load balances data launch GL error

    2014-11-21 06:09:24, 752 [AIF] INFO: end process FDMEE, process ID: 268

    I found a post related to this error, but did not respond.

    I know I'm missing something, gurus please help me to overcome this error.

    ~ Thank you

    I managed to overcome this problem,

    This was caused due to an error in the map of the time.

    In the mapping of source, the name of period should be defined exactly as displayed in the EBS.

    for example: {EBS--> OCT - 14} FDMEE {mapping source--> OCT - 14}

    The names of the time must be identical.

  • "This document may not be printed, no pages have been selected for print".

    When I go to print, Adobe Reader said "this document may not be printed, no pages have been selected for print". Has anyone experience this problem? And if so, how you go about fixing it?

    Hi cindeer74034810,

    Try the following: open Adobe Reader go to edit-> Preferences menu

    • under Documents, change "Show the documents in PDF/A mode" Never
    • under the (enhanced) protection, clear protected at Startup Mode

    Let me know if the problem persists.

    Kind regards


  • They sent me a serial number for a windows version of PS Elements when I ordered a mac version.  The serial number does not work, it is not surprising, but they don' t seem to care.  I tried the online chat and have been waiting for almost a day unanswere

    They sent me a serial number for a windows version of PS Elements when I ordered a mac version.  The serial number does not work, it is not surprising, but they don' t seem to care.  I tried the online chat and have been waiting for almost a day unanswered.  What should I do?

    Look here

    Product order | Platform, language Exchange

  • A few days, I bought a mac mini which I transferred the data and programs with time machine: programs have been updated except for iMovie, and now it seems that I have to pay for the update: possible? What I am doing wrong?

    A few days ago, I bought a mac mini and I transferred all my data and programs with time machine: all programs have been updated but iMovie (7.1.4)... However, it seems that, to update to the latest version, I have to pay to download on Appstore: is it possible? what I am doing wrong?

    If it were a new mac mini, you need already installed 10.1 iMovie.  Otherwise, but you already have iMovie 9 registered version to your Apple ID, you can upgrade to version 10 for free, but if (as it appears) is an earlier version then you have to buy version 10.


  • Where is the patch to activate CS5 to work on a Mac w / ElCapitan? Someone at - it a? You know, quit after opening, inability to update, issues that have been around for many years. I am a teacher and can NOT afford an upgrade. Help, please.

    Applications leave right after opening, cannot be updated. Yes, tried on each option on many forums. Easy to follow instructions or a GOOD prosaic site?

    You have JAVA SE 6?

    Download Java SE 6 Direct:


    CS5 is legacy software. He was never certified to run on El Capitan. It might work, but again, he could not.

    The last update for CS5 is released in 2011 in support of the browser lab.  But the lab browser servers have been offline in 2012. There are more.   For what it's worth, the link for updates can be found below, but I don't think it will be very useful for you.

    Adobe - Dreamweaver Support Center: Updaters

    Students & qualified teacher can go down the creative cloud 60 percent Plan.

    Students & teachers


  • Why not all e-mail accounts that have been accessed for my PC have a record in the registry of unread mail?

    I was check my registry unread mail folder. I discovered that only some but not all e-mail accounts that have been accesed from my PC (all are hotmail accounts) have their own folder. Why is this?


    The question you have posted is related to Hotmail and would be better suited to Windows Live help community. Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the best support.


  • I downloaded mine craft forge so I could add gun mod to small-scale mining. I have been charged for it on my card but can't find anywhere. No forge and no mod. What should I do now.

    I downloaded forge so I could download gun mod for my job as a mine iPad. I was charged for the download, but don't have it anywhere. Any forged or Fargo and only an icon for gun mod. Nothing else. How to find it.

    Try to contact Mine Craft admin and see if they can help you.

    If not then contact using iTUnes and address the issue with them.


  • June 24, Yahoogroups started to give an error message when you try to access the groups, I have been on for years. Same thing on three computers.

    The error message was: -.


    The page is not redirecting properly

    Firefox has detected that the server redirects the request for this address in a way that will never end.

       This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies.

    I've been on these groups for years without any problems and all of a sudden happens.

    ... Graham Newton gn@audio-restoration.com


    I also had the issue. It seems that it is a problem with cookies. So what I did to solve the problem was to do the following (I use Firefox 30.0 with the add-on to make it look like the old Firefox):

    1. Go to Options (either with the key or tools-> options)
    2. Click the Privacy tab
    3. Click The remove individual Cookies
    4. I deleted all cookies, but maybe it's not necessary to do what you could just delete cookies from Yahoo to return to Yahoo groups.
    5. I went back to Yahoo groups and was able to go to my groups.

    I hope this helps.

    George Worley

  • CSS does not not in the browser and have been debugging for hours, is there something I missed?

    Recently, I built a website for a client (boelmanshaw.com) in Wordpress. CSS of the site fits fine in all other browsers (IE, Chrome and Safari), but it does not work in Firefox. I've debugged the HTML code as I could, and I went through the CSS several times to see what could be the problem. I have not found anything that would be a problem. I'm not familiar with php, so I don't know if that would contribute to the problem, as well. I'm new with coding of websites, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I see in the error Console that you have made a typo: tour support (instead of a hug {and seems to be.)

    You can also use the Web Console (Web Developer > Web Console;) CTRL + SHIFT + K) to see this error.

    Warning: Expected ',' or '{' but found '('.  Ruleset ignored due to bad selector.
    Source File: http://boelmanshaw.com/wp-content/themes/Ultra/style.css?9d7bd4
    Line: 54
    a{color:#003267; text-decoration:none}
    a:hover{text-decoration:underline; color: #535552}
    p{margin:0 0 15px}
    li{list-style-type: none}
    #leftlist{float:left; padding-right: 8px}
    pre{white-space:pre-wrap; white-space:-moz-pre-wrap; white-space:-pre-wrap; white-space:-o-pre-wrap; word-wrap:break-word}
    blockquote{border-left:2px solid #CCC; margin:20px; padding:0 0 0 20px}
  • How can I remove the Apple one of the 5s 2 phones in order to separate the two that have been synchronized for 2 years, ID also pay 2 to 1 TB of space iCloud that is synchronized on both, how separate it so

    How to delete & recreate ID Apple on 2nd-5 used by my son? Separate lines, using the same Apple ID. Also, I pay for 1 to iCloud space used by two phones, can it be "assigned" or separate?

    Howdy Dereck,

    This looks like what you want to do, is to have your son to use his own Apple ID, rather than your own, because there is currently, on his iPhone. Is this fair?

    It is recommended that each user has their own Apple ID. This makes sure the property of purchased items, such as music and apps, goes to the person using them. It keeps your privacy, so that emails, messages, and passwords are available for the person who has to do. See this article for more information - use your own Apple for sharing the family ID. In particular.

    Avoid sharing an Apple ID

    If you share the same Apple ID with a member of the family to iTunes & App Store purchases, some services will treat you like the same person. You can see these and other questions:

    • Family membership Apple music: rather than receive your own membership with your own library, you will share a library and recommendations with the other Member of the family.
    • iTunes, iBooks, and App Store purchases: If the family sharing is already stopped, the owner of the common Apple ID will keep all purchases. You may lose access to everything in the account, including all purchases that you have launched.
    • IBooks and iTunes u Podcasts: Podcast episodes, bookmarks, and iTunes U course could synchronize according to the preferences of the other Member of the family or deleted accidentally.

    So, you will need to create an Apple ID for your son, if you don't have already done. If it is less than 13 years of age, this should be done by using the share of the family. See this article - family sharing and Apple ID for your child. Older children and adults can create an Apple by following the steps in this article - ID create and start using an Apple ID. IMPORTANT - If your son already has an Apple ID of hers, do not create one for him.

    Once the Apple ID for your son was created, he will want to enter important places on his iPhone. This article tells about all locations, you may need to change the ID in use on this phone Apple - where can I use my Apple ID?

    Your iCloud account is intended for an Apple ID.

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    Best for you.

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