I have the feat: java / cve-2008-4910. How can I get rid of him?

What ever it is, it redirects my research on the web.  My home page load ok and my favorites go directly to their destination, but if I perform a search Internet and click on the ".com" that I know that I want need me somewhere else.  Never in the same place twice.   I have webroot antivirus, spybot, and malwarebytes and nothing is done or to detect.  I used the Microsoft safety scanner, and he found.
Thanks for your help,



Feat: Java / CVE-2008-4910. A is a malware. You can install another antivirus on your computer program. I recommend Microsoft Security Essentials, which is a free antivirus software from Microsoft.


Perform a complete can be downloaded to your computer and also to download the latest definition updates.

: you need to uninstall all other antivirus programs on your computer before installing a new one.

Kind regards
Afzal Taher
Microsoft technical support engineer

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