I have upgrated to El Capitan OS.  Unfortunately, I lost iPhoto in the process.  When I try to update iPhoto on iTunes I get a message saying that the iPhoto update is only available in the United States (!)  How can I get this app from Canada -

How to upgrade to iPhoto on an IMac (El Capitan, OS).  Tried to find it on iTunes but I get a message, it is not available in the Canada.


What version do you have now? You can use iPhoto 11 v9.6.1 on El Capitan. If you have a version earlier than iPhoto 11 then there is no way to upgrade and you must use the new Photos.app instead.

If you have a version of iPhoto 11 then put it in the trash (not empty it) and reinstall it from the shopping list of the Mac App Store - note it is the Mac App Store and nothing to do with iTUnes.

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