I need Windows XP drivers for Satellite M300 FM home edition


I need the drivers for * windows xp for M300 Satellite * for * remote control and FM utility *. Please update me or send me the drivers for the mail or please give me the link for the drivers.

I can find these drivers for VISTA only. But I need for Windows XP Home edition.



If it is a model of cell US the best place to search for drivers is Toshiba U.S. support under http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/su/su_sc_modSel.jsp page

You can also ask for it on Toshiba U.S. forum under http://community.compuserve.com/n/pfx/forum.aspx?webtag=ws-laptop&redirCnt=1

Good luck!

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  • I need new display drivers for Satellite A200 - 14 d

    I need new display drivers for my A200 - 14 d, the version provided on the downloads page is quite old, not to support some new games! :(
    I would use the drivers supplied by Toshiba, but if it will not be a newer version, I

    install one of laptopvideo2go.

    Feel free to use the drivers from the pages of third parties.
    But note; No driver Toshiba can be used at your own risk!

  • Need the Windows XP drivers for satellite A210


    I just bought new Equium A210-17I. I want to change my OS Vista and want to install Windows XP, so everyone had drivers WXP then please post links so I can download it.

    Thanks in advance...

    Please check what A210 you exactly (PAxxx) and use the option search on this forum. There are several very interesting discussions about the drivers of Windows XP Home edition.

    Right now the WXP drivers are available for the PSAFG model only.
    Good luck!

  • Need Win XP drivers for Satellite L30-10 t


    I need drivers for my laptop Toshiba Satellite L30 - 10 t 32-bit for Win Xp OS and Toshiba Satellite L300-19F 64-bit for Win Xp... Web page there in no such drivers on Toshiba... Where can I find them?

    Help, please... Martin

    Windows XP 32-bit is supported for your laptop model and you can find them on the download page of Toshiba.
    WXP 64 bit is not supported and if you need these drivers, you can try to find them on the manufacturers of hardware support page directly.
    Maybe you can find some of them, but, in my opinion, you should install OS supported with all the available drivers, tools and utilities.

    If you you have configured OS.

  • Windows 7 drivers for Satellite L550D


    are there drivers available for Windows7 - 64 bit laptop Satellite L550D?

    If this is not the case, there will be some available in the next few days?
    Can I try to install the drivers for Windows Vista - 64 bit on my Windows7 system?

    Thank you very much!


    Yes, there is.

    s http://bl.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/windows7_drivers.jsp?macId=&LNG=30&mode=allMachine & userOS = & action = search & SelCategorie = 2 & selFamily = 2 & selSeries = 178 & selProduct = 859 & selShortMod = 518 & selOS = 29 & selType = all & country = all & language = all & search =

    Just choose your model and the Web site will find everything that you need. You must install the 64-bit only version if you have more than 3 GB of RAM.

  • Need a few drivers for Satellite A300-1MW

    I have a problem once more. I need some bacic system device drivers, but I don't know what drivers I should download and install.
    You can see something on this picture:


    And here is the screen with the list of drivers that are now installed on my computer:


    My operating system is Windows Xp Pro + SP3 with SATA drivers integrated.

    Can someone make a list of the drivers for Toshiba Satellite A300-1MW?
    Where are a lot of drivers on toshiba site but I don't want to install them all because some of them are unlesses.
    They are only my computer slowly.

    Thanks in advance and have a nice day.


    > Where are a lot of drivers on toshiba site but I don't want to install them all because some of them are unlesses.
    Funny... I doubt that. ;)
    Why do you think that should Toshiba offer drivers that they are not needed?

    To be honest, I can't tell what drivers are missing because the screenshots are not in the English language.

    In your case I would visit the Toshiba driver download site. Download and install each driver and tool that you can find for your laptop model. It's really important. Otherwise, things will not work properly. They do not slow laptop because they are needed.

  • Need a few drivers for Satellite A100-773


    I just bought a Satellite A100-773. I also bought a Windows XP home license. Windows Setup works fine. But I canĀ“t find driver for wireless oder grafic card and I didn t get the CD driver & utility.
    Where can I get this CD?

    Thank you very much!

    It's old model of laptop, and I believe that you will not be able to get this record. To be honest you don t need.
    All the drivers for that old model of laptop that you can find on Toshiba download page http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp
    Please use archive option and you will find it.

    If you need assistance more let us know.

  • Question about Windows 8 drivers for Satellite L850 - 16 d

    Hello world

    I just know if the drivers available for the Satellite L850 - 16 d under the title "upgrade of windows 8" are also good for a new total installation of 64-bit windows 8, or if they are only good for an upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit.

    Thank you


    Win 8 Upgrade Wizard connects to a Server driver and download the Win 8 drivers for the laptop.
    It should also work with the new installation of Win 8.

    But don t forget to create a Toshiba drive recover before moving on to Win 8.
    The restore disc to return to Win 7 If you do not use the Windows 7 in the future...

  • Need Windows 7 drivers for hp ENVY m6-1183eg

    I need all drivers to install Windows 7 please help!

    Have you installed the Intel chipset installation utility?

    Normally, which installs the drivers for the USB 2 controllers.

    If you did, then I don't know what could be the problem.

  • Windows 7 drivers for Satellite A300-20v necessary


    I bought Windows 7 from Microsoft, but I faced the most difficult thing: that Toshiba did not support win 7 drivers for my computer laptop "Satellite A300-20v.
    I don't know what I can do now.
    Thanks for supporting me in this situation.

    Thank you.

    Satellite A300 is certainly supported and I can't believe that the Win7 drivers will be offered for this model of laptop.
    I am owner of Satellite A300-1LI, and I checked Toshiba support page first. At the time current stuff Win7 is not available for my PSAG8E model and I have to wait with the Win7 installation.

    I just hope that the drivers will be available soon.
    Did you have a Win7 DVD under Vista? Can you use it for upgrading too?

  • Need Win XP drivers for Satellite A350D-10O


    I need xp drivers for my Satellite A350D-10O?
    Can someone help me with this problem?

    Thanks for the reply


    I think that the Satellite A350D-10O was equipped with the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 graphics card.

    You can find Win XP drivers in the Satellite P300 series for example.

    Media v8.477 driver ATI ATI Mobility Radeon HD 34xx/36xx of chips.

    It should support your card too!

  • Need XP graphic drivers for Satellite 5200-902

    I need graphics driver for my toshiba satellite 5200-902.
    Where can I find it?
    (windows XP)
    Thank you!

    Post edited by: LoreViola

    So what s the problem?
    Why did you download the page to Toshiba display driver?


    You should look in the Archive-> Archive Satellite-> Satellite 52 *-> Sat 5200 - 902-> Win XP

    Currently, 43.36 nVidia display driver version is available.

  • Need Win XP drivers for Satellite A100 (PSAA2)

    Hi all!

    I got a troyan horse program, so I formatted by the magic of the part.
    I have installed 2 new windows (for XP Recovery CD is corrupted) on "C" and "D", but there are now some problems:

    the following things are listed with a "?" in the Device Manager: 1.

    Ethernet controller
    SM Bus controller
    USB universal host controller
    PCI device (Bus PCI 7, device 6, function 3)
    videocontroller (VGA compatible)

    2. I checked the system by Everest, but he cannot recognize this device (brands like [NoDB]).
    3. I can't install driver so that the features of the Toshiba site... Windows does not see, does not recognize drivers for Ethernet controller. Altogether.
    I know that this procedure, but this driver can be installed somehow!

    4. especially important. I can't connect to the internet. Cookie is green, connection looks to be OK, but I can't download all the information on the internet, I can't open any site!

    Satellite A100 (PSAA2), Windows XP. SP1

    My situation is in part as http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?messageID=143532𣂬
    (Technical Spike), but I can't find the Canada-specific triggers! (((
    Help me, please!


    Please take a look on Toshiba Canada website. It is easy enough to download all the drivers:

    http://www.Toshiba.ca-online Support => Mobile Computing-online drivers and utilities
    Then, you can search for your model.

    I'm a little confused as to question 3, you said that you can t install the drivers of Toshiba and at the end, you said that you can t find the drivers of Canada m

    Please download and install all the drivers, then problems are solved because without a driver, you are not able to go into the internet.

    Good bye

  • Need audio XP drivers for Satellite L300 (PCI-Device)


    I installed windows xp pro on my satellite l300 and now I am looking for the drivers get all devices running.

    Unfortunately, I can't find the drivers for "PCI Device" which is, I suppose, the audio device. Also, I can't find any information about the manufacturer of this device.

    So can someone please tell me where I can find these drivers?


    The L300 is a new series on the market. I checked the page European driver of Toshiba and it seems that XP drivers are not being released at this time

    What to say to boyfriend. I think you have to wait until Toshiba release all the XP drivers for this series L300

    By the way; As far as I know a few series L300 is equipped with the chip Realtek audio.

    If the its doesn't work under Win XP you could install the audio driver from Realtek site.

    Best regards

  • Need help with drivers for Satellite A210-186

    I have a Satellite A210-186 and I can't find the drivers for Windows XP. Can someone tell me where to find the drivers for XP?


    If you follow this [LINK: http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/download_drivers_bios.jsp?service=EU] you can reach the site to download drivers. But I must warn you, momentarily, except for the wireless and display no other driver available. Either they will download the other one or you will have to pick up the remaining drivers in the internet (such as LAN, flashmedia, etc...)

    But I think they should update the section soon and allow us drivers...

    Welcome them

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