I never had trouble with my server out log out before. I'm travelling and my first day I can receive but not send mail. I went through all of the suggestions of support, nothing helps. I can not send emails. I El Capitan on my Mac

I have a macbook of El Capitan and my first day on vacation to halfway around the world, I can receive but not send emails. I had a conversation with my provider and all the settings, usernames and passwords are correct. I tried everything I read so far related to this topic from Apple and I can not send. Any other suggestions?


What happened to me several times over the years, as different local networks may not connect in order to SEND email but without reception problems.

My solution is to always use the WEBMAIL service belonging to the service of your email provider... be it Apple or Blueyonder, or anyone.

Occasionally, a national internet service - for example; the Sultanate of Oman, in my experience - can refuse to deal with mail because the discussion on a particular topic is not permitted in the jurisdiction of that country, but it is very rarely the problem. Try just using the webmail online pages - for example; webmail service to iCloud in the case of an Apple (.mac, .me, .icloud) email address - and who usually works for me, anyway.

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