I used to be able to see all the cookies that had been installed, and now I can't.

I am irritated beyond belief. Why should you change a good thing and make stupid?
In the part of privacy options, I used to be able to see ALL the cookies that have been installed in a window, and I could choose those to whom I want to delete. I guess it was just too much control to give to us, if you had to remove this feature, right?
I would go back to a previous version of Firefox. I'm sick and tired of your stupid updates that screw things for everyone.
How can I revert to a previous version?


  • IF you use the parameter "Remember history" (as described in this article-> story to remember), click Delete the Cookies to view all cookies
  • IF you use the parameter "use custom settings for history" (as described in this article-> use the custom settings for history), click View the Cookies to view all cookies

Check and tell if its working.

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    You can set security on folders of report in workbench.  You go to the report tab in the workbench and right-click on a folder (cannot do on the individual report, there must be on the record), and you can assign security levels to the report folder.  There are some here who by default at the level of the admin, but you can ignore it.



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    You use software to see all the devices that are supposed to be connected to your router? You can reset and start over with your router.  Make sure you have security enabled on it as WPA Personal. You can try a DHCP reservation so to ensure that devices that will have access to your router are those you have included on the list.

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    You are welcome

  • How to use the Explorer under Vista? Like in XP, I was able to change the 'view' of all the files that have been hidden.

    I want to change the view and see all the files.  Reason is to move files from one hard disk to another instead of doing the method of file transfer.

    Go to start / Control Panel / folder Options / view and scroll down and check the box to show the hidden files and folders.  In addition, uncheck to hide system files. In addition, uncheck to hide extensions of known file types (the last because it can be useful and worth while you're brings other changes).  Your problem should be solved.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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    I wonder if it is possible to choose a file (say "test_photo.jpg" image) and ALL the other files that the image is linked to see. If ideally I would choose "test_photo.jpg" and somewhere, he would show me that "test_photo.jpg" is used as a link 'brochure_layout.indd', 'business_card.ai' and 'postcard.indd'.

    This could be in Adobe Bridge, in the meta data in another program, anything really. I just want to know if this information is stored somewhere on the computer?

    I know that the bridge can select an InDesign file & tell you what are the links; but it's not the information I'm looking for; again, it is more for the image files to see ALL the different files that link to him.

    Hope someone has an idea if it exists.

    Thank you!


    N °

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    VLC can play BDMV on a Mac files.

  • You used to be able to scroll through the story of a tab with an arrow on the left of the screen to see all the pages that you have visited on this tab and now it is absent. You cannot select a page that has been perhaps 12 clicks back now.

    If I am on a site and click on several links on the page, I want to be able to look at the history of my clicks and return click earlier - as the second or third one instead of hitting the button arrow 12 times. You used to be able to get a history of drop-down list of all clicks on a tab - it has gone now and it is really annoying.

    There is an arrow to the left ("back" button). Click and hold down and after a second, you will have a list of the tab history. You can then select the page you want from there.

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    If you use database 11g, you can use bed > view and manage Transactions that shows all the steps of sql in transactions.


  • What is the "best way" to see all the 'hooks' that affect the database?

    Hi all

    I'm responsible for exporting all schemas using the data pump and then re - import the scehmas, yet once so we can reorganize the real table spaces.

    I know that this can be done using grid 12 c, but I'm not sure I want to use this feature for this task.

    Anyone who has used the feature of grids to 'keep the tables' and then re - organize them while they are still online?

    I'll have to finally make it to the PROD database and I am concerned about the "break" out of jobs, items, ect, ect.

    What is the "best way" to do a proper verification of all database objects and or work, that the export/import might pipe upward?

    As I did for example, a simple count on all objects and of course excludes "SYS and SYSTEM" and the County was in close 60 000 objects.

    How do I know all 'hooks' that are inside the database? What is the way that do you?

    Thank you

    Lady Allora.

    Hi, Justin.

    I think that's what I'm going the way of...

    Select os_username, username, OWNER, dba_audit_trail SQL_TEXT

    where rownum<>

    where username <> 'SYSTEM '.

    and also have different variations all asking questions them the same point of view...

    Modes of verification do you find useful?

    Also I'm using something like this as well.

    Select "check standard", sessionid,

    proxy_sessionid statementid, entryid, extended_timestamp, global_uid,

    username, client_id, null, os_username, userhost, os_process, terminal,

    instance_number, owner, obj_name, null, new_owner,

    new_name, action, action_name, audit_option, transactionid, returncode,

    SNA, comment_text, sql_bind, sql_text,

    obj_privilege, sys_privilege, admin_option, dealer, priv_used,.

    ses_actions, logoff_time, logoff_lread, logoff_pread, logoff_lwrite,

    logoff_dlock, session_cpu



    where rownum<>

    order extended_timestamp;

    Thank you

    Lady Allora.

  • How can I restore my empowering technology from acer asire Home premium back to factory with a recovery disk? All the factory settings have been destroyed, and windows vista ultimate sp1 has been installed on my computer.

    I have an acer aspire 4720z / with windows vista home premium / with the enabling technology / processor intel pentium dual core. I think I downloaded a program limewire lennex, it was suppose to be something else. Somehow that he closed my computor, luckly my cuzin was able to download windows vista ultimate SP1 64 2007 multimedia content on my laptop so that I can at least use MY COMP. But I think I like the version that is installed on my comp.better to the ultimate version on my comp.now, it does not seem as before prefome. Some things on my computer laptop don't prop wk. What should I do, go back to my version Home premium of moose? If so how to do that? I don't have a home premium recovery disc. I tried to install the updates of windows SP2 64 thought repairs that would set back 2 the origonal but settings it na not or at least update the ultimate version do you think I should do.

    If you have downloaded Vista Ultimate and not bought, you use pirate software.

    You will receive NO Support for pirated software.

    If this does not work, contact Acer:


    Acer eRecovery made


    1. on the Acer splash screen, you can press Alt and F10 (at the same time press F2 to enter the BIOS) to make it appear a version BACK style eRecovery.

    ·        The unit is able to reload Windows from this mode faster then CD.

    ·        The default password is 000000 (6 zeros) and it is shown when you are prompted for the password.

    ·        Users are able to change the password in this mode for eRecovery only.

    ·        The system can retrieve the hidden on the hard disk (partition PQService) image or a CD/DVD media.

    ·        It is possible to reload the factory CD/DVD style or snapshots that creates the eRecovery Windows version.

    2. in Windows, there are 3 ways to access eRecovery functionality.

    ·        Press Alt and F10

    ·        Open Acer eManager and then double-click eRecovery.

    ·        When a system is new it should automatically open this application and invite you to do the recovery media.

    3. the Windows version of the eRecovery program is stronger then the Dos Version. Below you will find the various features of the Windows version:

    Recovery settings: create backup files and change password

    ·        Picture of the backup snapshot (create a disk image of your system configuration)

    1. the system is able to make a CD/DVD image of the current state of mobile software including customer programs installed.

    2. This CD/DVD is usable in Windows and DOS of the program version.

    3. the drive should start, but isn't always.

    4 when a snapshot is in fact the image is on the D: partition and then can be burned to disc if eRecovery is said to.

    ·        Burn the Image to disc (create a backup disk)

    1. you can create 3-7 CD or DVD 1-2 such as those that were sent with the units before eRecovery.

    2. the serious CD are equal in usage to the system recovery CD and CD

    ·        Remove data from backup image of capture instant user (if available)

    1. This is how delete you the snapshot on the D: partition images

    ·        Password: (change the eRecovery password)

    1. measures: restore your system using an existing backup file or restore the default configuration in your system factory.

    2 backup copy using one of the snapshots has been filed or the original image on the D: partition.

    4. made eRecovery

    ·        When the hard drive is replaced the system loses its characteristics eRecovery. These features are on the hard drive and cannot be reinstalled.

    ·        When reinstalling from the CD/DVD's you will lose the eRecovery program but the DOS version can still function, as if uninstalled, you can not reinstall.

    ·        eRecovery uses Ghost (as well as the use of our recovery CD) to create snapshot images.

    ·        If the PQService partition is removed using fdisk or a utility under Windows, you may need to reinstall Windows.

    ·        If the system is recharged using the DOS version you retain the eRecovery feature

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • How to save install them all the updates that Windows Update downloads and installs automatically (when the automatic update is enabled).

    My automatic update of Windows 7 did a great job, whenever I discovered a new criticism / or useful update is available on the microsoft site / or any other tech site, I always find the update is alreay installed via Windows automatic update (thanks microsoft)... but I want to save all these (the installation program updates (, of course) that I can use to update all the other windows 7 running pc with no internet connection.

    is this possible?

    My automatic update of Windows 7 did a great job, whenever I discovered a new criticism / or useful update is available on the microsoft site / or any other tech site, I always find the update is alreay installed via Windows automatic update (thanks microsoft)... but I want to save all these (the installation program updates (, of course) that I can use to update all the other windows 7 running pc with no internet connection.

    is this possible?

    Updates automatically downloaded cannot be reused. Suggest you open the link "View update history" of the icon of the Windows Update control panel and write updates have been downloaded and installed.
    Then download and save them from the Microsoft Download Center .
    Just enter the number in the field to Search All Download Center and then click on the "magnifying glass" to start the search.
    You can also change the language and geographic location by clicking on the link edit in the top right of the page.
    MowGreen MVP Data Center Management - update of safety Consumer Services

  • My expansion drive has been disconnected, and all the files that have been renamed on Premier Pro are missing!  Help!

    I use Adobe first Pro CS5.  I'm working on a project for a month and this morning, I realized that there is a problem with it.  To make sure that I don't junk my computer upwards, I have always to leave the files I'm working with my expansion drive and I work from there.  I have autosave all the time, etc, but apparently, at some recent point, my disk expansion has been disconnected, and Premiere Pro tells me that all my files are offline.  My biggest problem is that I've renamed all my video files in Premiere Pro, but I not rename them on my drive for expansion.  Thus, for them find would probably take me as long, if not more, of my original work.  Is it possible in the world that I can record these files and the long hours that I've already spent editing this video?  If you have an idea regarding what I can do, I would be eternally grateful.   Note: I work with AVCHD clips.

    Please, I beg you.  Whatever that is would be helpful at this stage.

    Make sure that Premiere Pro is closed, and reconnect the drive.  Everything should be good when you reopen the project.

    The exceptions are two.  Bill has raised the first.  The second is that if you have already saved the project with offline files.  Once you do that, you're done.

  • Officejet 5610 all-in-one printer has been installed and is not printing... Please help... :))

    Officejet 5610 all-in-one printer has recently been installed (I had printer for 4 years) and now does not print...


    1. you remember to make changes to your computer?

    2. you receive error messages when you try to print?

    Try the steps in the following article: printer in Windows problems http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/help/printer-problems-in-windows

  • When you delete a folder of photos empty, all the image files have been deleted and are not in the Recycle Bin

    I've highlighted that an empty images folder and you press the button Delete. Each photo file (and the content) in the library has been removed. Basket is empty

    * original title - all images disappeared in cyberspace *.

    Sorry if I look like I ask the same thing again and again I REALLY don't want to hear it, but just beyond bizarre. There is no reason crap for photos to just upward and vanish.

    OK how bout this. Assuming the photo library you meant the images library, like the one on the little box in the file Explorer, users, go to start, computer, drive C, and right-click on my pictures, and then select Properties. If this was not the 'official' picture library, go to the folder view these photos and go to properties it there instead.

    Now on the shortcut menu, click previous versions, wait list to fill out, when it does, click one of the folders that was before the photos have disappeared and select restore.

    Essentially, this will make the pictures folder how was the date that you have chosen your photos, then all must return.

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