I would use Yuanti SC police for my web development project. However, my developer is not able to use the file .ttc I extracted from the library of fonts, and .ttf, .otf .woff formats not available anywhere on the web.

I would use Yuanti SC police for my web development project. However, my developer is not able to use the file .ttc I extracted from the library of fonts, and .ttf, .otf .woff formats not available anywhere on the web. Please, let me know how can I use this font for my project.

Thank you


Unless the site you develop is for the Asian market, I don't know why you want to use that particular font. The Basic, standard and digital alphabet punctuation glyphs has sans serif, Roman characters, but the rest is thousands of Kanji characters. While you can use the font .ttf and .otf and web fonts, it would be very unusual to use one so great. Pages should load quickly and 78 MB, with a value of faces to download for those who have connections slow Internet is not fast.

I would take a different font without serifs. There are literally thousands who look identical or virtually identical to Yuanti.

131 free and high quality without font serif to choose here. I'm sure you can find a desired.

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    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

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    Both will work, but Lightroom would be better to enter metadata in the image. and keep track of them. You get both with the Photoshop Lightroom bundle for $10 per month.

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    This works.

    use another browser and/or connection.

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    Kind regards

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    Simply the zip first.

    Mail servers do not like .ai or .eps files. They must always be zipped before emailing.

    Chances are this is the reason for which everything that you're having trouble. Looks like you save correctly and if you open the files and they seem to always correct, so email should be the question.

  • We try to use Adelle unless the police for our website - link provided goes to the blank page

    We try to use Adelle without the police for our Web site.  I have provided developers with the following instructions of Typekit:


    Install JavaScript

    Copy the code below and paste it into the pages on dev.certifiedalarms.com/ where fonts and settings of your Certified Development Site kit will be used. Make sure it's in the < head > tag.

    "< script src ="https://use.typekit.net/dze4kfy.js"> < / script >.

    < script > try {Typekit.load ({async: true}) ;} catch (e) {} < /script >}

    In your CSS with font family names

    In addition to using the selectors to tell Typekit where to apply this font, you can use the font directly in your CSS rules following font family values:

    "adelle - without.

    Here is an example:

    H1 {}

    do-family: "adelle - without";


    You can also include a policy of aid for older browsers by listing after the Typekit font family values. Here is an example of this:

    H1 {}

    do-family: "adelle - without", without serif.



    Developers do not have to operate this policy.  Specifically, the web link ttps://use.typekit.net/dze4kfy.js's not going anywhere but a blank page.  We want to use this font and would appreciate any help to make it work on our site.

    Hi Tomm,

    I responded to an email on the subject but thought I'd post here for others.

    This kit has not yet been published. You can publish the kit the Kit Editor and that should solve the problem.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    See you soon,.


  • If I use a web font in my Web site can I use the same font for documents printed such as company car

    I'm a graphic designer who intends to design a portfolio Web site in Adobe Muse. I intend to use TypeKit web fonts to design my Web site. On the Web site completioin, I have plan to design business cards and my CV to match the look of my site. I would use the same fonts I've used on the Web site. Is it possible to use web fonts for printing purposes? If this is not the case, what usually people do in this situation. The last thing I want to do is use a font that "similar" to those used on my site.

    Hi redsoxfan15b,

    (I think I can have answered your ticket of Support of Typekit earlier today, but I'll post here the same information to be certain).

    We have recently added a new feature to Typekit that can sync your desktop fonts and use them in print design. The announcement on our Web site has more details:


    Font sync is available on any portfolio Typekit, Performance or Business plan.  Here is a list of all available fonts to use the Office to:


    We continue to pay more of the library to use the desktop, but for now, you must confirm the police you want it available for both web and desktop.  And if there is a font you want to use is not available for desktop synchronization, you can also buy a license directly from the foundry.

    I hope this helps; Let me know if you have any other questions!  Best,


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