ICloud deleting deletes photo library photos from iCloud, photo sharing

I have iCloud photo library on my Mac and on my iPhone.  I created an album of photos and videos to spend several weeks going apartment hunting in my neighborhood.  I have friends who are also looking for apartments in my neighborhood and these photos and videos would be useful for them.  So I want to share all these content with them using iCloud, photo sharing.  However, I have this great set of photos/videos over on my Mac or my iPhone, because I have an apartment and my use for these photos.

So I want to:

1. create a shared album (let's call it 'Videos apartment').

2. Add all my photos and videos of my apartment hunting that is currently in my library to iCloud.

3 share only iCloud library with my friends (they can add, comment, do what they want)

4 delete the original files from my library to iCloud I don't don't need or want these photos over on my personal devices.

My question is: if I delete the photo in step 4, which will also remove the same pictures of the iCloud Shared Library?

It would be useful to know if the iCloud share photos are copies separated from my photos of the library, or are the same.

Sharing albums and Photo library iCloud iCloud different services and are stored independently from each other.

When you create a shared album and share with your friends, you will see the shared album and photos in your photo library, but you can remove the originals from your photo library, as long as you do not remove the shared album photos. In the shared album photos can be slightly smaller than your original photos, because there is a limit of size of pixels for shared photos.

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    All my deleted photos (even older then 30 days) are still there. All the pictures I deleted on my iPhone before, in aid of the iCloud photo library, is always there. They are now on my PC in the download folder.

    This means that all of my photos are stored by Apple, even if I delete them!

    PS: Sorry for my bad English language skills.

    Yes, exactly the same problem here. Did you get a solution? I wonder if destroy our libraries all work...

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    No, because it would remove them from the photo library iCloud

    You can try to save storage by going to settings > Photos and camera > storage optimize

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    You can not.

    iCloud is not to do what you ask. It is a synchronization service. It is designed for exactly what you see.

    You could import from the phone to a PC. This would free of space on your phone. You can use iCloud for synchronize * only * between your PC and the cloud.

    If you set the photos on your to OPTIMIZE, will decrease the amount of space on your phone.

    Please read these FAQS. > > > Photo library FAQ - Apple Support iCloud

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    Julievite g ' Day,.

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    I see that you want to remove photos from your iPhone, but still keep the photos on your Mac. Use the article import pictures and videos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to import all the photos from your iPhone to your Mac, more specifically, this section:

    Import into your Mac.

    You can use Photos for OS X to import photos from your iOS device to your Mac without using iCloud photo library. This procedure also works for the import of images from digital cameras and SD cards.

    1. Connect your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or digital camera to your Mac with a USB cable. If you use an SD card, insert it into the SD slot on your Mac, or connect using a card reader.
    2. You need to unlock your iOS device using your access code. You can also see a prompt on the device iOS asking you to Trust This Computer. Tap the confidence to continue.
    3. On your Mac, the Photos app automatically opens. If not, open the Photos app.
    4. The Photos app shows a screen of import with all photos and videos that can be found on the connected device. If the import screen does not automatically appear, click the Import tab at the top of the Photos app, or click on the name of the device in the sidebar of Photos.
    5. To import a selection of photos, click the ones you want, and then click Import selection. To import all new pictures, click Import all Photos again.
    6. Once the import is complete, a message asks if you want to delete or keep the photos on your device. Click on remove items to remove photos or click on keep items to keep them on the device.
      If you select keep items, you will need to remove them directly from your device when you want to remove.
    7. You can now disconnect your device from your Mac. If you imported photos from an SD card or USB, safely eject the device first device.

    Imported photos appear in the album last import of the Photos app.

    Photos and videos that sync you from your computer on your device iOS through iTunes can be imported to your computer.

    Know what to do If you can not import pictures from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your computer.

    Once you have made sure all the photos have been imported to your Mac, you can then safely remove them from your iPhone. The iPhone user guide has the steps to remove photos from your iPhone, in particular, this section:

    Delete a picture or video from pictures. Click on the Photos tab, tap the photo or video, press on , then press to remove the Photo or video delete. Deleted photos and videos are stored in the album recently deleted on iPhone, with a badge showing the remaining days until the item is permanently deleted from the iPhone. To permanently delete the photo or video before the days expire, tap the item, tap on delete, then remove the Photo or video delete. If you use iCloud photo library, deleted photos and videos are permanently removed from all your devices using iCloud photo library with the same Apple ID.

    See you soon!

  • If I delete photos from my iphone library can I keep them on my macbook?

    The photos on the macbook app is connected to my phone via icloud, which seems to be the only way to transfer photos to my computer. The problem is that my phone is running out of memory and I need to remove photos from my phone. If I delete the pictures from my phone they also permanenty will remove my library of photos on my macbook?

    There are many iCLoud services so the answer depends on the services you use

    If you use iCloud photo library, so you have a single library for any and every change made anywhere is made everywhere

    If you are using MyPhotoStream, then remove a device of form does not affect other devices

    If you are using iCLoud, photo sharing, then you are the owner can delete the photos and they are deleted in the world

    See iCloud Photo Sharing FAQ - Apple Support


  • I turned on optimizing iPhone storage in my iCloud settings is not to do so. I have still the pictures in full resolution on my phone. Please help I don't want to start deleting photos

    I optimize storage iPhone enabled in my iCloud settings but it doesn't seem to work. I still have the full resolution original on my phone. Please help don't want have to delete photos to free up disk space.

    You continue to have images full resolution until you start running out of space. Then the resolution will change accordingly. Leave it alone.

  • Update to new IOS - now all the photos from iphoto to my macBook suddenly are also on my iphone5S - how to delete photos on my phone without deleting on the macbook?

    Hello dear, I need your help.

    I did yesterday an update to new IOS - now all the photos from iphoto to my MacBook are suddenly also on my iphone5S - how to delete photos on my phone without deleting on the macbook?

    They are very old photo from my childhood so I definitley them do not need on my phone, but on my MacBook, I want to keep them.

    Thank you very much for your support.

    Check the settings on your iPhone.  Have you enabled iCloud photo library in the settings > iCloud > Photos on your iPhone?  Or "my photo stream?

    If you have iCloud library active on your and your iPhone photos sync iCloud and from there will to all your devices.

    If you do not want to synchronize on your iPhone photos, clear the iCloud photo library, but do not allow to delete photos from iCloud, or they will be removed the Mac as well.  With the removal of your iPhone, wait until all iCloud photo options have been disabled.

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    I have several videos on my iPhone 5s (latest IOS) that have been shared by my family with me. I try to free up space on my iphone and would like to get out and send them to my photo to icloud account. How can I accomplish this?


    Photos and videos that are shared with remain you by others via iCloud, photo sharing in iCloud, unless you chose to save it to your device. For more information on works iCloud, sharing photos, see this support article:

    With respect to the content that is stored on your iPhone, the following support article explains the difference between the storage (on your iPhone) device and iCloud and the relationship between them (you wouldn't move photos or videos off one and on the other to free a space):

    Finally, this article explains how iCloud photo library can be used in conjunction with your iPhone, including how optimize storage allows you to keep more small, size of the photos and videos on your iPhone so that all your original, full resolution are stored in iCloud:

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    When I was using Photos to store pictures taken with my camera, I tick the box that seems to allow Photos to remove these from the memory card. I don't want the pictures too much room on the card after downloading. How can I delete pictures piling up from the camera memory card?

    Import Photos to Mac Board is marked "Remove items after importing" below the toolbar. If you enable this, prior to import the items, it will be automatically deleted, once the import is complete.

    Or you can use your camera to erase the card after having imported the photos to Photos and verified, if the import was successful.

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    Delete photos from my camera do not roll after the update to 9.3.1 IOS iPhone 4s, also the photo has not saved when taken by camera

    Mhefzi86 wrote:

    Delete photos from my camera do not roll after the update to 9.3.1 IOS iPhone 4s, also the photo has not saved when taken by camera

    OK, thanks for sharing.

    Maybe you can provide clarification comments on what happens when you try and what troubleshooting steps you did.

  • Deleting photos to albums rather than iPhoto main library

    I've been deleting photos in albums rather than the main photo library! In any case to check what photos in the main library do not appear in an album? I am still using iPhoto. Thanks for your help

    Create a smart album with the rule 'Album isn't everything. "  Who will collect all the photos that are not in any standard album.

    File > new Smart Album.

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