If I join iTunes music are my free downloads?

If I join iTunes music are my free downloads? Also is there a way to put my Spotify music in iTunes?


If you want to say Apple music, Yes, they are free, but you must continue to subscribe to use.

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  • Music 'Show' hidden it reveals no Mac iTunes library but on iPhone music and currently visible downloads in the library are listed in iTunes 'Purchases hidden' - what?

    I'm maybe just confused as to how it works, but I noticed that there was an album or two in my "Hidden purchases" that were not in my library iTunes MacBook Pro, so I unhid them - now they are gone from my hidden purchases but do not show up in my library; but they do not go to my iPhone music app. What is everything?

    Also, several recent purchases, I've done from iTunes that are in my MacBook Pro iTunes library can be found simultaneously in the hidden buy - why they are supposed to be hidden if they are not hidden?

    Really, I just want those purchased earlier albums in my library that are not currently uploaded - I tried "Check for available downloads" and nothing happened-, it would seem that I their unhid into oblivion.

    Any ideas?

    Display, reveals your shopping list, it doesn't download again them. That you will have to do it yourself.

  • All my iTunes music is on a disk hard Ext. connected to my home network through a router. Is it possible that devices that are part of my home network share iTunes can access the music on this disc hard Ext. without my laptop being on?

    All my iTunes music is on a disk hard Ext. connected to my home network through a router. Is it possible that devices that are part of my home network share iTunes can access the music on this disc hard Ext. without my laptop being on?

    Additional information: the laptop is what I used to install all the music, via iTunes, which is located on the external hard drive connected through home network router.

    Is it possible that devices that are part of my home network share iTunes can access the music on this disc hard Ext. without my laptop being on?

    Laughing out loud

  • Defining what songs will be available in offline mode after joining apple music


    I have an itunes library that contains 20 GB of songs. I used to sync my library of music manually on my iphone so my iphone contained 14 GB of music.

    Now I joined apple music and all downloaded itunes my music library in the library of music to icloud and all songs appear on my iphone. The songs I used to sync with my iphone has a "local version" and the songs that I chose to not synchronize with the iphone are appearing as a 'cloud' with the symbol cloude version so that they not use my iphone storage.

    All of this is great. But - that's the problem: now, when I connect my iphone to my computer and enter in the music sync iphone settings, I can't change like before sync settings because I use the music to icloud service.

    Now what can I do if I want to change my songs will be available in offline mode (and use my iphone storage) and what songs will be available in their version of cloud? The only way I've found that I am able to do is to choose one song from the library on my iphone and press 'delete '. Then he turned to the version of cloud. But I have thousands of songs! I need to free up space on my iphone and its driving me crazy that I can't control accully of music that is on my iphone.

    Based on the iOS 9 (I have no iOS 10 in front of me)...

    On the device ' settings app > general > storage management > music '. You can select artists to remove or navigate to Albums & songs.

    I think that iOS 10 has also an option to delete in-app music...


    I don't know what will happen if you re-sync with iTunes, it's probably going to copy any return, so you will need change the settings for synchronization if you always connect to iTunes.

  • iTunes game NOT the DRM songs free download...

    Recently received Sonos speakers as a gift and discovered a large part of my purchased iTunes music could not be played. I bought an iTunes subscription Match and followed the instructions to remove and re - download purchased DRM-free music. It is that some albums are re - download WITH DRM. All help solve this appreciated.


    -Protected AAC files are NOT replaced with purchased AAC files

    -Music DO NOT update from 128 Kbps to 256 Kbps

    -Also on a handful of albums that other securities individual download as was not purchased and purchase date is removed. I guess this could cause me problems if/when my iTunes subscription game is cancelled?

    Once again the scenarios above affect only a few albums. Other download to the flow correct and FREE of DRM. Here are some of the albums concerned.

    -Frank Black: teenager of the year - 19/06/07 - bought the securities don't re - download as a 128 Kbps protected AAC files.

    -Ultra Lounge Volume 3: Space Capades - bought 07/02/06 - tracks does not re - download as a 128 Kbps protected AAC files.

    -Hugo Montenegro: all-time Greatest Movie Themes & tracks - purchased 10-20-06 - systems don't re - download as a 128 Kbps protected AAC files.

    -Esquivel: Cabaret Manana - Purchasesd 09/01/05 - tracks don't re - download as a 128 Kbps protected AAC files.

    -Ultra Lounge: Christmas Cocktails - purchased on 10/12/06 - Album downloads not only partially. Other titles show that bought, some as matched.

    I found that some of my recent purchases originally uploaded as copyrighted content, but when put in correspondence in the library, I was able to use the right click > delete the download option, and then use the cloud icon to download a new free version of DRM for the same.

    I used a separate library to release my DRM content, then added the tracks in my main library and to clean a deduping (windows only) script. Canned script ratings, play counts, playlist membership and since I tweaked for this project, also retains the date added information.


  • I can play most of the radio stations on my iPad or iPhone without joining Apple music. Is this for real?

    I used to be able to listen to different radio stations on my desk and my devices, now when I try, I keep getting asked to join Apple music. It's really unfortunate if you now join, because quite simply, it does not work for the lifestyle of each. I am a runner and a love downloading songs in the selections for the races, but with Apple music, the songs will not play on my iPod if I'm running... because not WiFi. So it is not simply to give meaning to join. really kind of *.

    Yes, it's true. You can always put the music on your iPod. Try to Radium from the App Store or Radium 3.1.3 of MacUpdate. *

    How to safely use MacUpdate to download malicious software free software: *

    This site has both free and paid members accounts. If you don't have then some software will be distributed in a wrapper for an installation that includes adware/malware, you can not. Such a download may appear on your computer as follows: Firefox installer.dmg. Remove the download and return to the main site where you will find a direct link to the Web site. Use this link to download the software.

    To avoid these downloads to MU simply create a free membership account. Sign in to your account before using the site. You can avoid the wrappers of the installer and download of adware or malware. I continue to use their site without any problems.

    If you prefer not to create a membership account and note that on the download page under the price area will be the link to the developer site. Use this link and download the software directly from the developer work around the use of MU altogether.

    * You simply establish a free subscription or paying to avoid problems getting adware with your download.

  • Papal how account join itune

    Papal how account join itune

    Which country are you? PayPal is accepted in some countries but not in others.


  • How to download itunes music gift by e-mail without reinstalling / repairing itunes?

    How to exchange a gift of music iTunes email?

    emailed iTunes music gift doesn't have a code. the redeem downloads "iTunes6464Setup.exe" button which will be either are-installation/repair ' or 'uninstall' iTunes.

    I have sent cheques, my e-mail ID apple on pc to my iphone email & it bought back to itunes on the iphone

  • Transfer iTunes Music to iTouch for MacPro

    I did a backup time machine my old Mac then Migration assisted everything for my new Mac. I have no more the old MacPro.

    Shock and horror: my iTunes music was not included in the backup. However, I have all my music on my iTouch. Question: How can I get off my iTouch in my new media folder [empty] iTunes on my new MacPro? I have auto-sync firmly as probably could synchronize my MacPro empty to my iTouch and then I would have lost everything.

    Just want to "sync" the other way, iTouch TO MacPro. "." Is this some kind of import function? I just make a backup of my iTouch while it is connected by USB to my new MacPro, perhaps we can access this backup and download it to my iTunes Media Yes folder?

    Thanks everyone - desperate situation!


    Your i-device was not designed for unique storage of your media. It is not that a transfer backup device and media has been planned with you keep a master copy of your media on a computer that is in itself independently supported against loss.  To use a device with a different configuration, you pass the old library from a computer or a backup directly in the new configuration, not the device to the library. Synchronization of media isn't a way, computer to the device, update the contents of the device to the content on the computer, update or restore the content on a computer. The exception is iTunes Store purchases that can be transferred to a computer.

    Redownload or transfer your iTunes Store purchases an iPhone, iPad or iPod to computer - https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201267 - 'this feature only works for content purchased from the iTunes Store. From iOS9 is more apps that now need to be re-downloaded directly from the store.

    To transfer other items from an i-device to a computer, you will need to use third-party commercial software.  See this document in turingtest2: recover your iTunes library from your iPod or device iOS - https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-3991 even this method can fully recover what you originally had in the library. For example, in order to save space during synchronization if you had converted music files at a lower rate, or photos at a lower resolution, it is these lower quality files that will pick you up.

    If you subscribe to the Apple music, titles that are not part of the content that you have purchased or downloaded may not be transferred and must be downloaded directly from iCloud.

  • iTunes music NOT bought on my QNAP TS-251 +.


    I just bought a QNAP TS-251 + to move my music and photos to an external storage and a server to share with all my currency. I moved my "ITunes music" folder to my QNAP and configure the iTunes server. I have most of my music, but not everything I have purchased from Apple. I am at a loss on what I got wrong or how to fix it.

    Someone has an answer to this query?

    Hello Jumpheron,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    In my view, there are problems with some of your music will not be transferred to an external HD. I recommend you review the following article to ensure he didn't no that whatever this is ignored when moving from your library.

    How to move your iTunes library to a new computer

    Best regards.

  • Where are told that music downloaded to the library iCloud music would be automatically downloaded to my phone?

    Question: Where I missed the part that [all] the songs downloaded to the iCloud music library would be * automatically * downloaded on my phone?

    That is my question. Now, I would very very much like to get this off my chest. I'll be very disappointed if this post is deleted.

    Being an IBM/PC man all my life, I started with Apple with the iPhone 3 g several years ago. I loved. The thing I liked most about the 3GS, was the iOS at the time and the user interface of the 3GS. It was big, boxy buttons, and I loved. Then I upgraded my phone to a 4 s, and the user interface has been completed changed. Everything was flat, blah buttons that does not really appeal to me anywhere near 3 g. But I had my reasons to go with the iPhone, so I stuck with them. I updated my iOS and phones to the course of the years, upgraded to a 5 s, which I thought was physically in shape and size perfectly and is currently using a 6 s iPhone and an iPad 2 Air. I love them both.

    Apple music allows you to use a "iCloud music library" which allows you to listen to all your music on any of your devices anywhere, anytime. I put actually using the musical library to iCloud for many, many months, because I was afraid that'd pass on my data plan, if I decided to use it. Then I subscribed only to Apple music, never using the part of the IML. But the other day I realized that I didn't have my collection of personal music on my phone in my pocket, and that's the reason why I try to get 64 GB iPhones, because my collection is about 40 GB, and what better way than to have your entire music collection in your Pocket? So last night, I put my music on my computer and added to iTunes. He wanted to download approximately 2200 songs from my collection of about 15,000. I didn't think it's a shame, it was better than having to download the 8 000 or 10,000, so I stayed voluntarily until at midnight to 05:00, which is when my satellite internet is free. I said, do it. Download the songs to the MDU. We're going to do. I stayed until 05:00 and had to suspend downloads iTunes, because it was not more free. So I woke up the next morning to find my phone was burst with emails and text messages from AT & T, update me on my use of the data, which passed and passed AGAIN in 5 minutes. Each ON costs me $15 on my next Bill, which is added as a "courtesy", lol. The point is, I put off using IML for several months because most of the time, I was worried to go over on my data. Last night I was fine using my internet satellite during free time, but then when I went to bed, music Apple decided to push all the songs that I downloaded, on my phone, my LTE since I had turned off the WiFi for the night. My phone has apparently downloaded 6.1 GB of music this morning, while I was asleep and oh so fast. Now I have about 1600 songs on my iPhone and must turn off practically all cell data for the next 2 weeks until what I reset. So, I ask again, where I missed the part that the personal tracks downloaded to MDU would be AUTOMATICALLY DOWNLOADED on my phone?

    Because I did not do for months because I was worried about going over on my data plan. Despite all my research and attempts to prevent this, I failed. And it cost me money. Sigh.

    I don't own an iPhone, I do not use music from Apple. However, I don't know that many people want things for them automatically and is technically challenged if they go and activate things like their music appearing magically in front of them.  So probably Apple has allowed many default things.  You must turn them off and change things such as what is done by service (dataplan vs wi - fi - I know that a lot of the iPhone of my wife looking over his shoulder).

  • move to hd mini itunes music files external usb3 hd

    I recently added a 3 TB WD ext hdd usb 3 for my mini course 2014 / 2.6 gHz core i5 / 8 GB memory / el cap 10.11.3

    When I added ext hd loc of itunes media, I changed again drive seems to work however there are more files to the mini that I would like to ext hdd

    How can I do this without duplication of files on the new disk as how compilations to view on itunes? (version 12.3.2)

    all the files that I can access my list of songs (9 k) display location/Volumes / My Book/ITunes music/media/name of the Song / My Book is the good ext hdd some files fail the expression (/ music /)

    You don't say how you have moved your front support. A lot of people do it the wrong way.

    Looks like you need to consolidate and organize all your content in the media on the external hard drive folder.  It's the location displayed in iTunes > Preferences > advanced.  iTunes will copy files to this place and after you check that everything went very well you can remove the originals from other places.

    12 iTunes for Mac: change where your files stored iTunes - http://support.apple.com/kb/PH19507 - unfortunately it is misnamed.  It should say "where your media files but not change where your library files are stored"-more information: https://discussions.apple.com/message/22026652#22026652 - and steps 5 to 8 in https://discussions.apple.com/message/24491967#24491967

    12/2015 https://discussions.apple.com/message/29475217#29475217 - "after you change the location of the iTunes Media folder to a different location, you must use the"consolidate library"command so that iTunes copy media files to the new location.  iTunes has to do, so that iTunes can keep track of where all the media files are stored.  It is a menu bar control->-> library-> organize the file library, and then consolidate the files (checkbox). "

  • Is no longer able to access my iTunes music on my iPhone

    I did a three-month trial of Apple's music, as well as a few months paid. Judging that I have use Apple music a lot, I saw not the need to continue paying $10 / month, etc. 29 January I signed in to my account (using iTunes on my Mac) and cancelled the service. I received notice confirming my subscription of Apple's music would be canceled at the end of the month...

    Now, when I select the "music" icon on my iDevices, rather than see my music, I get only the registration screen music Apple. The line "Go to my Music" at the bottom of this screen is not "interactive".

    On my Mac, I bought a song on iTunes on Saturday, but I can't see or play on my iPhone. I can't see or play ANY of my music.

    I've been a subscriber to Match iTunes since it was first offered. How can I regain access to my personal and previously purchased iTunes music?

    Thank you very much!


    Are you sure it's not "interactive"? It appears in light gray, but it should work if you type. You may need to tap several times on it to get rid of the splash screen. You can also make sure that you are somewhere where you have a good Wifi connection. Many posters with this problem have reported having a strong connection Wifi has solved the problem for them.

    See you soon,.


  • Why when I select a song to play iTunes Music folder only it disappears into the music folder?

    Why when I select a song to play from my iTunes Music folder only it disappears into the music folder?

    It does not play... but I have to remember to save it to my folder of music or its loss.

    Can you give us more details...?  What is the folder "iTunes Music"?  Are you you talk in your library iTunes music?

    I have to remember to save it to my folder of music or its loss.

    What do you do to "save her back? '

  • cleaning iTunes music files on my new PC for Windows 10

    Hello, I've been a customer for many years iTunes and that you have now more than 1500 music files in a variety of folders to iTunes on my PC Windows 10. In fact, the number of unique music files is about 750.  I moved all my mp3 and m4a files unique to a single folder.  I also removed the 01, 02, etc. in front of the file names. I would now like to load only the music files in this folder in iTunes.  I intend to do what follows to do this:

    1. Uninstall iTunes on my PC for Windows 10
    2. Delete all iTunes music files
    3. reinstall iTunes
    4. Use 'Add file to library' pointing to the unique music folder

    Please let me know if it will work.

    Also, I have an IPod Touch and an IPod.  I intend to delete all the music files on each, then resynchronize both after the above and expect that the number of music files on my PC and the IPod Touch will be exactly the same.

    Thanks, if you have any advice or I would need other information, it would be greatly appreciated.

    You don't need to uninstall/reinstall iTunes.  If you delete the folder structure (default location C:\Users\username\Music\iTunes) iTunes library then start iTunes it will create a new library and invite you to scan your PC for the media.  I suggest you answer "" at this prompt.  Make sure that the folder that contains the media you want to add are not in this folder structure.

    Then check the settings in Edit > Preferences > advanced and make sure that they are as follows:

    1. It's the location that iTunes will use when adding new media
    2. This imposes a canonical file and file naming schema, as follows:

      where your media files are systematically named - songname. ( prefix is provided only for the albums of multiple discs.
    3. This ensures that all the media is found in the structure such folders as specified in paragraph 1.

    Now use file > add folder to library... to add cleaned to iTunes support.

    Given that you have created a new iTunes library, existing media on each of your iDevices will be automatically erased and replaced by which it your new/updated library up to date.

    Once everything is done and you have checked the results, create a backup of your iTunes library - see your iTunes backup for Windows with SyncToy library for a method suitable/recommended - and regularly update in.  You can also remove the folders containing media files that you added using iTunes file > add folder to library...

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