iMac sleep

Mode "sleep" not to close the external media


Saving energy/preferences system - is put hard drives to sleep when possible checked?

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  • Wi - Fi pass drops after iMac sleep mode

    Help, please. I had a lot of Wi - Fi problems after upgrade to Yosemite. I know that many others have had similar problems and the Genius bar was not able to find a solution. I get the same "I never heard of this problem before" and then run simple diagnostic tests. Here are some features:

    -iMac 21.5 "2011 Office

    -OS X Yosemite 10.10.5

    -Have had problems with connectivity Wi - Fi based on the current version works, but the worst problems came with Yosemite

    -iPad 2, Asus computer laptop and HP printer work fine. I tested the Modem and the router, they work well

    The problem: after my iMac Sleep Mode wake up my network connection is interrupted. I have to physically click the Wi - Fi connection and wait it is the signal (it takes about 30 seconds). It is not a big problem, but it becomes very frustrating after what happens every time. I have other users in households who also have this problem and they are not very good with the iMacs.

    Someone had this problem and was able to remedy?

    Thank you in advance,


    Open Network preferences > click on the gear down > select set Service order > drag Wi - Fi to the top of the list of Service order > click OK > click on apply > close preferences

    If this does not help, go to > use Diagnostics wireless for you help to solve the problems of Wi-Fi on your Mac - Apple Support

  • Sierra on iMac sleep restart OS

    Select the day before leaving the iMac, or when sleep occurs when the value in energy saving; Sierra of OS - macOS 10.12 (A 16, 323), Darwin 16.0.0, system restarts on hitting escape to wake up.

    Hi SteveSJS,

    I see that you are having problems with your Mac restarts once you press the ESC key to wake your Mac from sleep. I understand you want to your Mac to wake up from its sleep without problem. I'll be happy to help you.

    The first thing I want you to do is a SMC reset, and then test the issue out by putting the Mac to sleep and wake it again.

    Reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac.

    If the problem is still there, please start Mac up in safe mode and then put your Mac to sleep and wake up then as you normally would. Check if the problem persists. So go ahead and restart your Mac to pick it up on your normal user account.

    Try safe mode if your Mac does not end commissioning

    Alternatively, you can test to see if this problem occurs in an another user account on your Mac. For more information on the implementation of a different user account, please see:

    How to test a question in another account on your Mac.

  • My iMac can't sleep; I have a request to someone who has an iMac sleeping properly.

    My iMac has constantly made call sleep and wakes up on the screen every 15 minutes approximately.  I ran the "journal of the pmset g" Terminal command and tries to interpret the results.

    May we with a Mac post well behave the terminal results in "Journal of the pmset g" so I can see what looks like a normal output?  It will help me to get a better idea of what's different in my results.

    Also, if someone does not know how to interpret the log, please let me know if you can clearly see problems with my system.  From journal here:

    2016-09-11 07:37:37-0500 sleep entering Sleep state due to 'Idle sleep': TCPKeepAlive = active using AC dry 331

    2016-09-11 07:37:39-0500 Wake queries [proc = mDNSResponder request = maintenance inDelta = 5885] [proc = UserEventAgent request = SleepService = 27897 info = ", vity" inDelta,] [proc = UserEventAgent request = TimerPlugin = 31886 info = ", vity" inDelta,] [proc = UserEventAgent request = SleepService inDelta = 27897 info = " Browsing.Update",] [* proc = UserEventAgent request = TimerPlugin inDelta = 3597 info = " Browsing.Update",] [proc = request NotificationCenter = maintenance inDelta = 48312 info = ""]

    2016-09-11 07:37:39-0500 PM Client delays Acks to notifications of sleep: [ is slow (2564 ms)]

    2016-09-11 07:43:05-0500 core customer delays Acks to notifications of sleep: [driver AppleThunderboltNHIType2 is slow (msg: WillChangeState to 2)(364 ms)] [BroadcomBluetoothHostControllerUSBTransport pilot is slow (msg: SetState to 1)(4014 ms)]

    2016-09-11 07:43:05-0500 assertions PID 91 (mDNSResponder) MaintenanceWake created "mDNSResponder:maintenance" 00:00:00 id: 0x0xd00000d44 [system: SRPrevSleep kCPU]

    2016-09-11 07:43:06-0500 assertions PID 91 (mDNSResponder) published MaintenanceWake "mDNSResponder:maintenance" 00:00:00 id: 0x0xd00000d44 [system: No. Assertions]

    2016-09-11 07:43:06-0500 assertions Kernel Idle sleeping antireflux: IODisplayWrangler

    2016-09-11 07:43:06-0500 display Notification is enabled

    2016-09-11 07:43:08-0500 Wake Wake of Normal sleep [CDNVA] due to XHC1/HID activity: using AC dry 646

    2016-09-11 07:43:08-0500 core customer delays Acks to wake notifications: [AirPort_Brcm4360 pilot is slow (msg: SetState to 2)(345 ms)] [AppleIntelMEClientController pilot is slow (msg: SetState to (1) 326 ms)] [PRT0 pilot is slow (msg: SetState (2) 1212 MS)] [AppleHDADriver driver is slow (msg: SetState to 1)(468 ms)] [AMDFramebufferVI driver is slow (msg: SetState to 2)(941 ms)] [en0 pilot is slow (msg (: DidChangeState à 2) (2015 ms)] [AMDFramebufferVI pilot is slow (msg: SetState to 2)(599 ms)]

    2016-09-11 07:43:38-0500 notification display is off

    2016-09-11 07:43:38-0500 assertions Kernel Idle sleeping antireflux: - none -.

    2016-09-11 07:53:39-0500 assertions PID 55 (powerd) InternalPreventSleep created "" 00:00:00 id: 0x0xd00000d65 [system: SRPrevSleep kCPU]

    2016-09-11 07:53:54-0500 assertions PID 55 (powerd) TimedOut InternalPreventSleep "" 00:00:15 id: 0x0xd00000d65 [system: SRPrevSleep kCPU]

    Sleep / wakes up from boot to the 2016-09-10 21:25:10-0500:0 Wake County dark in this sleep cycle: 0

    2016-09-11 07:53:54-0500 sleep entering Sleep state due to 'Idle sleep': TCPKeepAlive = active using AC dry 960

    Thanks in advance.

    My end result is below. I hope this helps. Sleep works very well for me on OS X 10.11.6. Let me know if oyu have any questions on other parameters.

    2016-09-11 11:09:02-0500: showing all currently detained IOKit assertions of power

    Systemic assertion status:

    BackgroundTask 0

    ApplePushServiceTask 0

    UserIsActive 1

    PreventUserIdleDisplaySleep 0

    PreventSystemSleep 0

    ExternalMedia 1

    PreventUserIdleSystemSleep 0

    NetworkClientActive 0

    Classified by process of owning:

    The NEST 99 (hidd): 00:09:47 [0x00004d1e000903c4] UserIsActive named: ' '.

    Timeout fires in 75 seconds Action = TimeoutActionRelease

    56 (powerd) PID: [0x000000180008012c] 05:38:25 ExternalMedia named: ' '.

    The Assertions of the kernel: 0x10c = USB, BT - HID, MAGICWAKE

    ID = 500 level = 0 x 255 4 = mod USB = 12/31/69, 18:00 description = owner = Hub keyboard

    ID = 501 level = 0 x 255 4 = mod USB = 12/31/69, 18:00 description = owner = Backup + Office M

    ID = 502 level 255 = 0 x 100 = MAGICWAKE mod = 12/31/69, 18:00 description = en0 owner = en0

    ID = 503 level = 0 x 255 8 = BT - HID mod = 12/31/69, 18:00 description = owner = BNBMouseDevice

    Idle sleep antireflux: IODisplayWrangler

  • IMac sleep update af 2016-004

    After that I applied yesterday the security fix for 2016-004 to my Imac (dec 2010 model) I can not enter the mode 'sleep'.  I tried to do a safe boot (found a note on the net, that it has solved the problem for some) but this isn't for me

    When I try to use mode 'sleep' - the screen turns white as usual and my external USB drive turn off - but I sounds like the fan in the Imac does not turn down. After a few minutes it back on the screen

    Until yesterday, everything worked very well - and the update of security is the only change that I made

    Any ideas?

    Carsten Fuhr


    Try resetting the SMC reset management system (SCM) controller on your Mac - Apple Support

  • My iMac sleep

    I have an iMac 27 "end 2015 a few weeks ago, and the sleep function worked fine. But all of a sudden yesterday, he refuses to go to sleep. I used to use the shortcut keyboard option + command + eject, but it does not work. The screen just turns off. Then I tried to choose "sleep" from the Apple menu, but the same thing. The screen turns off, but the drive never turns down. I know it's not instantaneous, but I leave 30 seconds and it will not turn it down. It continues to run until I have press a key or click the mouse. Already, I went through the evolution of the system preferences. Nothing is shared by the computer. "Wake for network access" is disabled. 'Allow Bluetooth wake up' is disabled. My keyboard is a USB Apple wired one. I quit all programs and applications and it will not sleep. I moved the cursor "display off" from 10 minutes to 1 and then back to 10 minutes. I left alone; the screen is off, but the disks never turned down after several hours. If I want to leave for a while, I let the music so he can't SLEEP. But for the last test, no music was played. I checked if something prevented from sleep in the activity monitor, but they are all the 'no '. Energy saving, "Prevent computer to sleep automatically when the screen is off" is not checked. "Put hard drives to sleep when possible" is checked. I use the same settings I used for on an another iMac. It's very frustrating because it was working fine the other day. I turned off the computer and unplugged it overnight and it will not sleep. Anyone know what is happening?

    Try the tips here:

    If your Mac does not sleep or wake up when expected - Apple supports


  • iMac, sleep, no downtime required password?

    I have an iMac (OS X El Capitan) and created a password to access the computer once awakened from his sleep. I was surprised that if I stop the computer I can boot and access it without a password. I wish I could do can be used with a password although arrested one iMac. Any suggestions? Thanks for any help.

    System preferences - security & Privacy - click the box named turn off automatic connection if this option is selected.

  • iMac, sleep and wake up too often

    I noticed the USB external climb the spinning very frequently on the occasions and I was wondering if anyone had some ideas.  Today, some bozo was trying to hack my ssh key access only and I saw it in the system.log

    20 Feb 11:02:20 imac kernel [0]: AppleBCM5701Ethernet [en0]: Wake reason: Enet.Service - attempt to connect with c0:c1:c0:cd:71:91 TCP to

    20 February 11:03:25 imac kernel [0]: AppleBCM5701Ethernet [en0]: Wake reason: Enet.Service - attempt to connect with c0:c1:c0:cd:71:91 TCP to

    20 February 11:04:31 imac kernel [0]: AppleBCM5701Ethernet [en0]: Wake reason: Enet.Service - attempt to connect with c0:c1:c0:cd:71:91 TCP to

    11:05:26 Feb 20 imac kernel [0]: AppleBCM5701Ethernet [en0]: Wake reason: Enet.Service - attempt to connect with c0:c1:c0:cd:71:91 TCP to

    20 Feb 11:06:24 imac kernel [0]: AppleBCM5701Ethernet [en0]: Wake reason: Enet.Service - attempt to connect with c0:c1:c0:cd:71:91 TCP to

    20 Feb 11:07:27 imac kernel [0]: AppleBCM5701Ethernet [en0]: Wake reason: Enet.Service - attempt to connect with c0:c1:c0:cd:71:91 TCP to

    20 Feb 11:08:27 imac kernel [0]: AppleBCM5701Ethernet [en0]: Wake reason: Enet.Service - attempt to connect with c0:c1:c0:cd:71:91 TCP to

    11:09:30 Feb 20 imac kernel [0]: AppleBCM5701Ethernet [en0]: Wake reason: Enet.Service - attempt to connect with c0:c1:c0:cd:71:91 TCP to

    20 Feb 11:10:30 imac kernel [0]: AppleBCM5701Ethernet [en0]: Wake reason: Enet.Service - attempt to connect with c0:c1:c0:cd:71:91 TCP to

    11:11:26 Feb 20 imac kernel [0]: AppleBCM5701Ethernet [en0]: Wake reason: Enet.Service - attempt to connect with c0:c1:c0:cd:71:91 TCP to

    11:12:26 Feb 20 imac kernel [0]: AppleBCM5701Ethernet [en0]: Wake reason: Enet.Service - attempt to connect with c0:c1:c0:cd:71:91 TCP to

    20 Feb 11:13:24 imac kernel [0]: AppleBCM5701Ethernet [en0]: Wake reason: Enet.Service - attempt to connect with c0:c1:c0:cd:71:91 TCP to

    20 February 11:14:26 imac kernel [0]: AppleBCM5701Ethernet [en0]: Wake reason: Enet.Service - attempt to connect with c0:c1:c0:cd:71:91 TCP to

    My question is why is go it mac sleep so fast and then wake up again when you access?  Power settings are:

    In use:

    standby mode 0

    Sleep on the power button 1

    womp 1

    halfdim 1


    PowerNap 0

    gpuswitch 2

    automatic restart 1

    networkoversleep 0

    disksleep 0

    Sleep 10

    autopoweroffdelay 14400

    hibernatemode 0

    autopoweroff 1

    ttyskeepawake 1

    displaysleep 10

    standbydelay 1

    A secondary question is why does have the external USB drive go upward because some accessible a network port?  Nothing on the disc has been consulted.

    Thank you!

    You will need to turn off the wake for network access in the energy saving settings.

  • Apple TV 3 sleep wake iMac every 10 minutes...

    A few days ago I updated my Apple TV 3 to the 7.2.1 latest firmware (I forgot to do this when it came out in February).

    My iMac only has never really sleeps since Apple TV sleep tries to connect to the library of the House shared iTunes on my iMac every 10-15 minutes waking the iMac... It didn't happen with 7.2 firmware.

    Konsole shows clearly that it is my sleep Apple TV to wake up the iMac.

    If the Apple TV is awake and I do not use my home shared library the iMac sleep well until the next alarm RTC...

    I tried without success to the following:

    -Restart Apple TV, iTunes, iMac and the router (TimeCapsule) several times and in several orders

    -Switching Apple TV, WiFi, Ethernet and vice versa

    -Disabling and enabling home sharing

    The iMac can't sleep (with the regular break of 2 hours of RTC alarm) If...

    -iTunes is closed or

    -Apple TV is on (not sleeping), off (without power supply) or not on the network

    -Sleep on access to the network on the iMac is off (which means Apple TV cannot wake up my iMac at all, not even if I want it...)

    I had a similar problem with this Apple TV... about 1 to 2 years ago he went with an Apple TV firmware update later.

    And now he is back with this latest firmware maybe never for this device...

    The problem is mentioned on the Internet by many people - but unfortunately no solution.

    No idea on how to solve this problem is very appreciated!

    Thanks in advance,


    The only other suggestion I have is to reset Apple TV. Forcing to do a clean install of the operating system. This means having to re-enter you well account information.

  • Keyboard fault after waking from sleep

    Sometimes, when my iMac sleep awakening and needing to log in, my wireless keyboard responds slowly and fills in more points than I have in my password. This leads to an inability to open a session in which is resolved only when I connect a wired keyboard.

    I know that this has been reported earlier, but it does not seem to have been fixed.  Does anyone know of a workaround?

    Try resetting the SMC, it may take 2 or 3 attempts. You can find instructions in iMac SMC and the PRAM reset

  • Sound constantly endangered on iMac

    I have an iMac when the sound came through a set of monitors Personus through an audio interface Focusrite.

    Everything worked perfectly since I installed for more than a year, but now I have a problem where the sound disappears across the system. So, if she's playing a melody via iTunes or play through Amplitube guitar sound just will. To remedy, I have to restart each time the iMac which is a pain closes I have currently open applications.

    I googled similar questions on the forum and google and I can not find a specific resolution for playing audio through external speakers.

    Any comments as to how to solve this persistent bug?

    I should advise that the sound does not disappear while I actively use the iMac, it will only ever if I wake up from sleep mode.

    See you soon

    Try this:

    • Disconnect 'Personus monitors via an audio interface Focusrite.
    • Ensure that the sound from the built-in speakers
    • Allow the iMac sleep
    • Wake up the iMac... is sound?

    If this problem is eliminated by using the speakers integrated, you know it has something to do with the "Personus monitors via an audio interface Focusrite" do not reactivate after your iMac sleep.

  • iMac restarts after sleep

    Problems lately with my iMac 27 "5 K. After putting to sleep, it is restarts after about 2 hours.  If I wake up it before that date, it is usually very good. But after 2 hours, it restarts. Sometimes, I find it just be stopped. Most of the time when it restarts itself, it crashes with this gray bar filled about 80% progress.  I have reset the PRAM and EMS, checked all the settings in power management (not set to restart after power failure for example).

    Another problem I 'bypassed' which may or may not be related (I'm including in case it is related) is that on El Capitan, my magic trackpad would randomly wake the iMac.  I had to disable the option to allow devices BT wake up the Mac. When I upgraded to Sierra, the iMac still wake up randomly due to an event of BT. After a lot of trial and error, activate the option "allow bluetooth to computer devices" back prevented the wake-ups at random and let me wake up the computer again deliberately with the trackpad.  Very strange.

    In any case, I'm usually pretty ingenious to resolve this sort of thing myself, but the Console to Sierra news is terrible. Or maybe it's the system logs that are terrible, because I can't find anything about the causes of previous judgment that might provide a clue as to what is happening here.

    So, any advice on how to solve the problem or at least to determine the causes of the previous stop would be greatly appreciated!

    Other information that might be relevant:

    Wired devices:

    USB: 2 external HDs (a WD and a Seagate) for backups TM

    Apple keyboard

    Thunderbolt: 27 "Thunderbolt Display (Apple)

    It's a DVD-ROM of Apple and a trendy optical audio dongle, both

    All 3rd party extensions you are running?

    EtreCheck is a simple little app to display the important details of your system configuration and allows you to copy this information to the Clipboard. It is intended to be used with Apple Support communities to help people to help you with your Mac. etrecheck

  • iMac 27 "mid-2011 - Intermittent problem with CPU fan running at full speed and sleep mode.


    My iMac 27 "has an intermittent problem with the CPU fan runs at full speed. Sometimes it happens at the time when I start it, sometimes only in my session, and sometimes only after a certain time. So does seem to be a problem of "heating".

    Second issue is with the mode 'sleep'. It may occur also at any time, at the start of the iMac, session, or after a certain time. But once he starts to go in mode 'sleep', when I wake up, it goes right back in mode after a few seconds and that it will continue indefinitely until I restart the computer.

    What could be?

    Please help me!


    Here is my model of iMac:

    iMac 27 "mid-2011 model 12.2

    Intel Core i7 3.4 GHz

    AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1024 MB

    OS X El Capitan 10.11.6
    SMC 1.72f2

    Boot ROM IM121.0047.B23

    reset the SMC

    Reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac - Apple Support

  • My iMac can't sleep

    Hello evryone

    Since the last download of the el capitan in an iMac mid-2011, my mac every moment of execution.

    Turn off it is the only solution to stop it.

    Any help on this pb?

    Thank you

    Greetings yoube,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support. It seems that you want the computer to go to sleep, but it's not.
    I recommend you to read this article, it may be able to help solve the problem.

    OS X El Capitan: If your Mac won't go or stay asleep

    Take care.

  • iMac no longer sleep with button / stop since 10.11.6 updated

    Hi people...

    Okay so Apple did all updated us to 10.11.6 yesterday we did. But now, none of our iMacs

    can be put to sleep by pressing the power button more.

    What is a temporary bug or a permanent part of the update?

    No idea how to say back to normal?

    How Apple did you update?  Apple does anyone update.  It is up to the user to decide if they want to update or upgrade.  Here, I'm still on Yosemite because I'm comfortable with it and have no reason to upgrade.  Do not fix what is not broken.

    If you are having trouble sleeping - reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac - Apple Support

    Have you tried to use the sleep in the Apple menu rather than the power button?

Maybe you are looking for

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