Impossible to download and install the latest versions to iCloud and iTunes. Whenever the download is finished, I get an error message and stops.

Whenever I try to download and install the latest versions to iCloud and iTunes I get error messages.  Just like the download ends, I get an error message and the Apple installer stops the download. Then it shows that the new versions are available for download just aif I had never tried to do it in the first place.

Try these direct links:

  • iTunes for Windows (32 bit) (Windows 7 or later) - iTunesSetup.exe (2015-12-10)
  • iTunes for Windows (64-bit) (Windows 7 or later) - iTunes6464Setup.exe (2015-12-10)
  • iTunes for Windows (64-bit-for older video cards) (Windows 7 or later) - iTunes64Setup.exe (2015-12-10)
  • iCloud for Windows (Windows 7 or later) - iCloudSetup.exe (2015-12-07)

For more tips, see troubleshooting problems with iTunes for updates of Windows .


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