In XP, when you try to click on Help and Support Center, the message to start the service

Windows XP Professional SP3 32-bit - my help and support center is missing. When I click, it says start the service named 'help and Support '. How do I do that?

* original title - lack of help and Support Center *.


Thanks for the help :) Also, when I open my computer or any other program like the trash, the bar on the left side of the screen with the options (i.e., in the trash, which allows me to empty the tray) isn't here... Is there anyway that I can get it? I thought it was something to do with the help and support center, but even after that I got help and assistance, that sidebar is not there...

For this bar, open desktop (or any other folder). Go to tools-> Folder Options and in the general tab, check the show common tasks in the option box of records under the tasks column. The bar appears.

I hope that helps!

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