Increase dedicated video RAM on a HP Pavilion P6 2133W

Hello, I need to know how to increase dedicated video memory, so I can play games that require a dedicated beyond 1 GB video memory. My current dedicated video RAM is 512 MB, my total video RAM is 4096 MB (4 GB).

Data sheet:

HP Pavilion P6-2133W

AMD Vision A6 Quad Core processor at 2.20 GHZ

AMD Radeon HD 6530d

Upgrade to 64 bit Windows 8 Pro

8 GB of system memory

BIOS v7.14

(If necessary) AAHD3-HB Hibiscus manufactured by Pegatron Motherboard



Unfortunately, there is no way to change the amount of video RAM.  It is what it is.

If you need more video horsepower, you can look into the purchase of a dedicated video card of PCIe x 16 with 1 GB or more of memory for your PC that works with your PC power.

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  • ProBook 4440 s: how to change the settings of the bios on my hp ProBook 4440 s to increase dedicated video ram

    How to change the settings of the bios on my hp ProBook 4440 dedicated to increase video ram?
    I want to increase to play better games.
    How to change through the bios I don't know.
    Help me pls.

    Thank you

    The days of being able to change RAM in BIOS went Bye Bye a few years ago. It was back in the day.

    You can't make changes to the video RAM settings in BIOS.

    You can reduce the resolution if you want to increase performance in a menu of own game options, but at a cost of resolution.

  • Increase the video RAM on a Satellite C660-1N6

    I tried to run a software for video editing (Cyberlink PowerDirector 8) on my Satellite C660-1N6, but it does not start.

    I was informed that 64 MB of ram of the laptop is not enough. My old laptop had a shared ram of with256Mb card SIS Mirage 3 and the program worked fine.
    I told myself I must increase the video ram 256 MB, but I don't know how this will affect the operation of the excellent laptop.

    Thanks a lot for your suggestions.


    I found some info that your laptop has graphics UMA (Unified Memory Architecture). This means that the GPU uses system RAM instead of having there own dedicated RAM. They are fine for the use of the web, watching movies and so forth, but don't not to play or using video graphics performance of publishing applications.

    As I know there is no way to manually set. Everything works automatically and depends on the RAM used in Notepad.

  • Add more dedicated video RAM?

    I was wondering if I can add more dedicated video RAM of my video card and if so, how? I have a HP Pavilion Slimline s5-1234. My graphics card is Intel(r) HD Graphics, model WDDM 1.1. My system says is 1696 MB total memory of avalible for my graphics card, but I only have 64 MB dedicated. Can someone please help?


    No, system will ASSIGN memory AVAILABLE for the graphics if necessary. No way to add more DEDICATED to onboard video memory. You need another card or an expansion card.

    Kind regards.

  • Mini-Tower OptiPlex 990 - dedicated video RAM?

    Hi all. I recently bought a refurbished Dell Optiplex 990 MT, and I tried to increase the dedicated video RAM. It is currently set at 64 MB, and it's way, WAY too low. It has 8 GB of RAM in it, and I thought I could juice upward without falling another 200-300 dollars for a discrete GPU.

    I visited most sites say that there is an option in the BIOS, but I have no luck. I upgraded to the latest firmware (A19), but nothing. Did I just waste my money buying this thing?

    You have the latest Intel Chipset and Intel Graphics drivers? Go to the Intel download site and that his assistant scan your system for the appropriate drivers.

    Most likely, you cannot increase the amount of RAM dedicated to video, and I only see the option listed in the BIOS according to the service Manual.

    Video expansion card must not be very expensive so that even than a "plain vanilla" card could increase performance.

  • How to increase dedicated video memory

    Mr President, I have Laptop Inspiron 15 3520 with intel core i5 3210 m CPU @ Ghz (4CPUs) 2.50 and 8 GB ram with dedicated 32 MB video memory and system memory shared 1632 MB. I can't yet be able to play games like euro truck simulator 2 at least at low without loving. I can not even able to install GTA 4 because of dedicated video memory is 32 MB was is 256 can u say any process to increase dedicated video memory.

    The only way to do this is by purchasing a laptop computer with a video chip dedicated or hybrid - there is no way to increase the video memory on your system.

  • Dedicated video RAM

    Hi all

    first I use hp pavilion g series

    so I checked today if my laptop can run GTA IV

    but his failure due to

    Dedicated video RAM

    This means my laptop cant run this game cause my video card is low?


    It doesn't have are deleted. A friend probably installed you the Intel HD graphics adapter update separately. He didn't know it would break the ability of the switchable graphics. No worries. It can be reinstalled.

    Download and run the latest AMD graphics adapter softpaq. When it asks you if you want to install or remove all, go ahead and select Remove all. When it finishes just run it again and tell him to install all including the Catalyst Control Center. It will install the software graphics for two adapters.

    Once this is done, you will have your rear switchable graphics and be able to run the game using the high performance AMD HD adapter.

  • HP Envy TouchSart Ultabook 4 dedicated video RAM

    Hi I was wondering if my laptop will automatically increase dedicated video memory when necessary. For example, I play a game and the only thing is that I need to dedicated video memory more and I have 32 MB and the needs of 256 MB dedicated video memory game will automatically increase or simply I can't play it. I already looked in the bios and can't find anything about the increase in ram. My shared memory is 1632 MB and display memory is 1634 and dedicated memory is 32, I found this in directx 11 under display devices.

    Thanks for replying and thank you

    The Intel HD Graphics 4000 can dynamically allocate up to 1.7 GB of shared memory available.

    "The Intel Graphics Driver Properties window has no configurable by the user control or setting to increase the amount of graphics memory used by a single application. The used graphics memory amount is allocated dynamically in order to balance the needs of the operating system and all applications' Source: Intel

    Your laptop supports up to 16 GB of memory installed. Source reference: Guide maintenance & Service for the TouchSmart HP envy Sleekbook 4. If you want to be able to use more memory, then you must upgrade to @8 GB of installed memory. Don't expect miracles. Your TouchSmart Sleekboook Eny isn't a cell phone game.

  • [HP Envy 17 t] Sort to increase dedicated memory ram (virtual memory)

    Many of the most demanding games require a certain amount of RAM is pretty much dedicated to your graphics card and after hours of trying to figure out how I came empty. On most desktop computers and some portable computers, you can go into the BIOS and change it, but not on the HP Envy 17 t (tried the BIOS update). I really don't know not how much difference it would make to the gameplay, but considering how I have an extra 11 GB of RAM when I use rarely more than 4 GB it would be nice to be able to put some of it to use. There are also a few games that I want to play that requires a minimum amount able to be launched in all the (COD: AW). The customer support has tried without success. After an hour in vain and didn't want the trouble to sit on the phone with them. Googling also didn't help much. If has any who still understood?

    OS: Windows 8.1

    Current dedicated video Ram: 0 MB


    Not really, for example at the beginning with a game, it takes only .5Gb and system has 1.5 GB free, System onlu allocate .5Gb for VRAM, it is a dynamic allocation is not fixed.

    Kind regards.

  • How can I increase my dedicated video RAM memory?


    My Pavilion dv6 303us have a video memory dedicated RAM of 64 MB, but I need at least 128 MB to run games like the Sims.  I've tried the pit of the BIOS, but I could not find any video options here.

    How to increase dedicated memory?

    Thanks in advance


    No, you can't. System is going to work this shared available system RAM automatically help to increase graphic RAM.

    Kind regards.

  • HP Pavilion P7-1241: change dedicated video Ram in BIO

    In recent weeks, I tried to change my dedicated video memory in the BIO, but in the Advanced section, it does not contain a place for video RAM, I tried other tutorials on Youtube, but they do not seem to work, nor is it possible to change my video RAM, because I want to play the latest games, and I'm always there is no video RAM , with my 512 MB of video RAM.

    Graphics card:

    AMD Radeon A10-5700 with HD graphics


    No, it is simply not available.

    Kind regards.

  • Satellite L50-B940 - how to increase dedicated video memory?


    My labtop is TOSHIBA L50-B940 with 8 GB RAM and AMD radeom with windows 8.1 graphics card, 64-bit

    the problem is that the dedicated video memory is 0MB and I could not increase it

    I asked my friends a guy TI and nobody could help me and I tried to increase it from the BIOS as my friend but my bios setting is limited, so I ask you to help me solve this problem, I can't play for example: unit of creed Assassin before solving this problem

    and please teach me how to solve this problem step by step

    Thank you

    Hi Sami

    As far as I know it works automatically and there is no option where you can set it manually.
    This option does not exist in the BIOS.

    You know it's always a problem with portable machines. Video more power means more heat and due to a specific design and cooling system which can be very risky for the portable machine etc. is all this a little... different.

  • HP ENVY 15-u010dx x 360: how to increase dedicated video memory of HP Envy?


    I tried to increase my video memory in the BiOS but I can't seem to figure out how do it or if it is still possible. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated, it is currently set at 128 MB and it's pretty useless for most games now adays. I read somewhere that games will run better if increase you it.

    When I do scans on my computer that the compatibility of games, video dedicated is always the only issue.

    Product name: HP ENVY 15 x 360 PC

    Product number: G6T84UA #ABA

    Graphics card: Intel HD Graphics 4400

    10 64-bit Windows Home


    Suffice it to say: you can not. System will automatically allocate/assign system available to the graphics up to max RAM supported. In addition, this machine is not a games machine. If you want to play games on your laptop, please cancel approximately $2,000.

    Kind regards.

  • Change dedicated video RAM


    I have a Dell laptop with an Intel i5 processor intel 4000 HD Graphics and 8 GB of RAM.

    I went into the BIOS to change the dedicated video memory, as it is currently 32 MB which is tiny for a system of 8 gb but I can't find any option to change it. Im running windows 8.

    Boot configuration options is F2 and Boot options is F12

    The 32G that you see is not the video RAM - it's a frame buffer.  The system allocates video RAM necessary - there is no way to manually change the assignment.

  • How can you increase dedicated video memory

    I have a hp computer office 314-110 and there only 32 of dedicated video memory and I need to buy more than 50 to run some games I have how to add dedicated video mem and what is shared memory?


    Suffice it to say: you can not. If you want to play games, you need a better machine current machine upgrade ypur GOLD.

    Kind regards.

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