Insert a picture into a Word table with report generation tool.

I was wondering if it is possible to use the report generation tool to place an image in the cell of a table in a Word document?



Yes, you can do this by using the Word change cell VI under reporting > specific word > Word tables in your diagram of function pallet blocks.  After you create a table, you can modify specific cells and send the file path of the image saved on your computer to that specific cell.  I have set up an example that I have attached here as well to help you with this.

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    Hi guys, I would like to know how I can insert several pictures into a word document (at the same time), which are located on individual lines in the folder "my pictures." I know that I can select several photos in a block by dragging my finger on the screen. But I want to know how I can insert photos 3 and 4 which are on separate lines in the folder "my pictures."

    Kind regards


    If you select a single photo icon, then hold SHIFT key and click on another, all of the intermediate images will be highlighted (and more of the two you have clicked on at the ends).  This allows you to select a solid range of icons.

    If you select a single photo icon, and then hold down Ctrl while you click on more images, each image you click is highlighted, allowing you to randomly select ad-hoc icons.

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    I want to create 'Form on a table with report' which would allow my users add records...

    Steps and questions
    I have created a table with a field named "TRACKING_NO" as a type of automatic numbering in MS Access and there is a primary key... I intended to use it to link the report to the form
    When I downloaded the array to Oracle, it changed the varchar2 type... can you please advice how to change back to automatic numbering...?
    and it'll work if my user adds a record to the table (using APEX built in option to create a record)...?

    Thanks in advance

    That's what I'd do.
    1. download the MS Access table, lets call it TAB_A
    2. using SQL-workshop get the DDL (SQL statement) for this table.
    3. change names or data types as required
    4. create a new table with the DOF, lets call it TAB_O
    5 copy the contents of TAB_A to TAB_O (TAB_O IN INSERT for example (id, colx, coly) SELECT TO_NUMBER (tracking_no), col1, col2 FROM TAB_A ;))
    6. create a sequence that begins with the last PK + 1 table TAB_A
    7 Add a trigger to TAB_O to use this sequence to fill his PK

    Furthermore, work with APEX requires a good understanding of the Oracle SQL and PL/SQL, no matter what anyone says, even Oracle.

    Regards Garry

  • How to use the report generation tool to get a list of bookmarks in a Word template

    I'm working on a project where I need to use the report generation tool to fill a fairly long Word template. MS Office report Express VI can have entries for a maximum of 17 bookmarks that is not close enough to what I need to do.

    I wonder if there is a way to use the lower level screws report generation to read the word template and return a list of the names of bookmark in the form of a table 1 d of string. The dialog box that allows you to implement the Express VI has this ability, but I'm not finding a way to scan the document programmatically.

    I'm sure I can't be the first person to encounter this problem and I hope someone out there has found a good solution.

    Found the answer to this one that I was looking for the forums. Apparently, you can do this directly through everything in the VI report tool, but there is a VI in Wordsub.llb do that.

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    Adobe Acrobat X Pro version 10.1.16 is installed. Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 version 14.0.7145.5000 (64-bit) is installed. In recent weeks, I am unable to insert a PDF file as an object into MS WORD. Here is the error message: "the program used to create this object is AcroExch. This program is either not installed or your computer, or it does not. To modify this object AcroExch facility or ensure that all the dialog boxes in AcroExch are closed. "The plugin AcroExch is not installed with Adobe Acrobat X Pro. I read all the discussions on this subject and none of them give a solution. I'm converting a PDF to JPEG in order to insert into MS WORD. However, I would like to insert the PDF without conversion to another format. How to find and install AcroExch?

    Hi valkwoman,

    Thank you for reporting the issue.

    This was noted as a bug and the engineering team is studying more on this subject.

    Kind regards


  • Insert the problem using a SELECT table with an index by TRUNC function

    I came across this problem when you try to insert a select query, select returns the correct results, but when you try to insert the results into a table, the results are different. I found a work around by forcing a selection order, but surely this is a bug in Oracle as how the value of select statements may differ from the insert?

    Platform: Windows Server 2008 R2
    11.2.3 Oracle Enterprise Edition
    (I've not tried to reproduce this on other versions)

    Here are the scripts to create the two tables and the data source:
    CREATE TABLE source_data
      ID                 NUMBER(2),
      COUNT_DATE       DATE
    INSERT INTO source_data VALUES (1, TO_DATE('20120101', 'YYYYMMDD'));
    INSERT INTO source_data VALUES (1, TO_DATE('20120102', 'YYYYMMDD'));
    INSERT INTO source_data VALUES (1, TO_DATE('20120103', 'YYYYMMDD'));
    INSERT INTO source_data VALUES (1, TO_DATE('20120201', 'YYYYMMDD'));
    INSERT INTO source_data VALUES (1, TO_DATE('20120202', 'YYYYMMDD'));
    INSERT INTO source_data VALUES (1, TO_DATE('20120203', 'YYYYMMDD'));
    INSERT INTO source_data VALUES (1, TO_DATE('20120301', 'YYYYMMDD'));
    INSERT INTO source_data VALUES (1, TO_DATE('20120302', 'YYYYMMDD'));
    INSERT INTO source_data VALUES (1, TO_DATE('20120303', 'YYYYMMDD'));
    CREATE TABLE result_data
      ID                 NUMBER(2),
      COUNT_DATE       DATE
    Now, execute the select statement:
    SELECT id, TRUNC(count_date, 'MM')
    FROM source_data
    GROUP BY id, TRUNC(count_date, 'MM')
    You should get the following:
    1     2012/02/01
    1     2012/03/01
    1     2012/01/01
    Now insert in the table of results:
    INSERT INTO result_data
    SELECT id, TRUNC(count_date, 'MM')
    FROM source_data
    GROUP BY id, TRUNC(count_date, 'MM');
    Select the table, and you get:
    1     2012/03/01
    1     2012/03/01
    1     2012/03/01
    The most recent month is repeated for each line.

    Truncate your table and insert the following statement and results should now be correct:
    INSERT INTO result_data
    SELECT id, TRUNC(count_date, 'MM')
    FROM source_data
    GROUP BY id, TRUNC(count_date, 'MM')
    ORDER BY 1, 2;
    If someone has encountered this problem before, could you please let me know, I don't see what I make a mistake because the selection results are correct, they should not be different from what is being inserted.

    Published by: user11285442 on May 13, 2013 05:16

    Published by: user11285442 on May 13, 2013 06:15

    Most likely a bug in I can reproduce on Red Hat Linux and AIX.

    You can perform a search on MOS to see if this is a known bug (very likely), if not then you have a pretty simple test box to open a SR with.


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    I have a requirement where the progress bar should indicate the percentage of completion to insert the data into the tables of database files in a given folder path. I found an article that explains how to get the progress indicator when downloading a file in I believe that I must first get the total number of files in the folder and then begin to compare with the number of files that are inserted into the table similar to what is done by downloading (getting the file size and download size), but I don't know how to do this. Can anyone help?

    May be that this example allows you to

    * 042.     Dynamically change the color of progress bar based on its current value *.

  • Insertion XMLAgg large output in a table with a CLOB column


    I need to fill a CLOB column in a table with the output of a query select using XMLAgg which returns a string length exceeds the maximum length of the SQL 32767octets.

    The table I ask has 300,000 lines I need to create an XML file. When I apply the query below (without XMLAgg) I get 300 000 lines that each of the 134 characters each. However, when I add the XMLAgg I can't select the results as XMLAgg concatenates my 300,000 lines in a single line, where a length of string is too long for SQL.

    SELECT (XMLElement ("line", XMLELEMENT ('cell', XMLATTRIBUTES ('XML_TAG_1' "colName"), attribute1)
    XMLELEMENT ('cell', XMLATTRIBUTES ('XML_TAG_2' "colName"), attribut2)
    XMLELEMENT ('cell', XMLATTRIBUTES ('XML_TAG_3' "colName"), attribut3))
    -Produces 300,000 lines like below
    < row > < cell colName = "XML_TAG_1" > 12345 < / cell > < cell colName = "XML_TAG_2" > abcdef < / cell > < cell colName = "XML_TAG_3" > 123xyz < / cell > < / row >

    With this in mind, I created a temporary table (TEMP_TAB_TEST) with a column called XML_ROW that is a CLOB. Applying XMLAgg in the above query, I would get 300,000 lines concatenated into a string. I need to get the single string output in the XML_ROW (CLOB) column XMLAgg while I can then convert them to the XML file.

    I don't see how I can use XMLAgg due to the length of the output it produces? Is there a way I can fill the column clob using the XMLAgg is the result of a PL/SQL package / block Anon?

    Thank you very much

    It works for me:

    insert into testclob (
    ) values (
      (SELECT XMLTYPE.getClobVal(XMLAGG( XMLElement("row", XMLELEMENT("cell", XMLATTRIBUTES('XML_TAG_1' COL1),attribute1)
                                        ,XMLELEMENT("cell", XMLATTRIBUTES('XML_TAG_2' COL2) ,attribute2)
                                        ,XMLELEMENT("cell", XMLATTRIBUTES('XML_TAG_3' COL3),attribute3))
         from (SELECT 'XXXXX' attribute1, 'xxxxxx' attribute2, 'yyyyyyy' attribute3 from dual connect by level<1000000)
    ID                     DBMS_LOB.GETLENGTH(DATA)
    ---------------------- ------------------------
    1                      118999881                
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    I do not answer

  • Strange behavior with Report Generation Toolkit. Table does not table.

    We use a Word 2003 (.doc) document as a template for a summary of the report.  It works fine on the development PC.  It fills the fields in the document and fills the chart correctly, as shown in the picture below.

    However, he cannot even on another station.  Although the 2D table is identical and so is the software to investigate the matter, the table does not get filled correctly.  I studied using Word 2010 (.docx) as a model, with the same results.

    I was not able to understand what is different between stations 2 and why it does not work on the 2nd station.  I googled similar questions on the Web site of NOR and was only this article in the knowledge base concerning the new lines in the cell, which is not my case.

    That's what I have on the 2nd machine:

    The table that is sent to the table contains the appropriate data :

    I just found out this is a known bug, which obviously has not yet been resolved (finally... at least until LV2012SP1).

    See these threads:


    I'll try the workarounds suggested and report back...

  • Problem when adding new column on table with report form


    I have a form on table (either emp) with report(select_empno,ename,job_from_emp).i have insert, update, delete operations on the table.

    Now I added a new column DOB for alteration report emp.i sql query to show the new column altered report.i insert process (Block anonymous plsql) to insert this column too all by creating a new row.but the problem is with update.i am not able to find how to upgrade this new column while doing the update to line level.

    pls let me know if you can give some ideas on this.

    Kind regards

    Well, sorry for sounding terse.

    I have a few questions.

    Have you added the item to the form page and associated with the database column?
    You use your own PL/SQL page process to update or do you use the 'row emp process' process produced auto?
    If it's your own please send the code with the word {noformat}

    {noformat} (with the curly brackets and in lower case) above and below it. Your code should be formatted like this once you've hit post message:




  • You can insert a picture into an image, you are editing?

    I'm retouching a picture & would like to add our logo on the photo, it is possible?

    Your commit would be greatly appreciated.

    See you soon...


    After inserting the image, you can use

    1. Magic Erasor tool: click to remove white background area. (if the areas you want to keep any white, clear the check box adjacent to the options bar and click on white (or any color) background area.
    2. Paint Bucket tool: from the options bar, select from drop-down Mode, - "clear." Contiguous check/uncheck depending on the color and click on the color to remove.
    3. Magic Extractor: go to Image > magic Extractor: Mark areas to protect and remove with not so refined and perfect features and click Preview to verify that you have achieved the desired results. You can erase and mark your fields, that you want to protect and remove until you have the right remote areas.  Once you are convinced by the results, click OK

    PS: Make sure you have the correct layer selected in the layer panel.

    In addition, please mark the answers as correct answers if they resolve your problems.

    See you soon,.

  • I copied a picture into Microsoft word how to copy - paste the image in Photoshop, so I can increase it to 500 pixcels?

    inactiveforumnotifier Amy_Wong Newsgroup_User Zoheir Debbie

    Select the Image in Word > right click and select Save as picture. Once saved, open the image in Photoshop.

    ~ David

  • form field check box control in word with report generation toolkit for Microsoft office

    Hi all

    Happy new year!

    In the word template, I insert the checkbox field. It has a bookmark name "Check1."

    Now, I try to checked or unchecked this field using the tool to generate report for Microsoft office and I couldn't. If someone now how to do? I'm using LabView 8.0

    Thanks in advance,


    Hi all

    After I posted the question I found how to do it.

    I use the macro feature to control the box.

    Here's the diagram:

    Thank you


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